How much do you value your vinyl collection?

If you have to save your most desirable possession from a burning building then what would it be? Don’t know about you but for a music connoisseur who owns a one of the best turntables in the market will leave everything to save that only. Though he may not own the most expensive turntables, but the Acutus Reference Turntable from Avid that sports a price tag of $24,000 also cannot be left back to get charred.

$24,000 Turntable

And it’s not a case of brains without beauty or vice versa, as such an outstanding engineering marvel with the most accurate sonic presentation can be ordered in Polished Chrome. Also the affluent music lovers can opt for a plated Gold one to add an oomph factor to this beauty. What ever the casing be, it is undeniably one of the most musical-sounding record players you can buy.

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