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'Tiny Dancer [Hold Me Closer]' Release Date 27/04/2009

'Tiny Dancer (Hold Me Closer)' is the brand new single that sees Ironik team up with fellow grime star Chipmunk and the legendary Sir Elton John for an April 27th release. Out via Asylum Records, the uber-catchy track which samples Elton John's classic original showcases the melodic flows of Top 5 artist Ironik with 18-year-old rising star – Chipmunk who bagged a Mobo last year for Best Newcomer. The result is eagerly anticipated and hailed on Radio 1's Switch as the 'Song of the summer'!! Sir Elton John has only cleared two other samples for rap artists before: "Tupac and Kanye West are two artists I've let sample my records – that says everything about how much I rate Ironik" says Sir Elton, adding: "It's good to be able to help young talent I believe in". The new arrangement of Sir Elton and Bernie Taupin's cult-classic was possible only with access to the original 'Tiny Dancer' master tapes and Elton's personal approval – an almost unprecedented honour which puts 21-year-old North Londoner Ironik, alongside his friend Chipmunk in exclusive and prestigious company. In turn the two MCs have put a distinctly 2009 spin on the 1971 recording. Last year Ironik's 'Stay With Me' stormed the UK Top 5 with minimal airplay going on to reside inside the Top 20 for nine weeks, heralding an entirely new mainstream sound and trail-blazing a path for his peers to follow… Chipmunk alongside other artists such as Tinchy Stryder and N-Dubz have now followed Ironik's lead into the mainstream. Chipmunk's effervescent 'Chip Diddy Chip' landed major media support and has become a hit on his own independent label. Ironik's album 'No Point In Wasting Tears' followed hot on the heels of his debut single, 'Stay With Me' and is full of culturally relevant lyrical themes and sing-along choruses. These two releases became a definitive moment in Black British music – the benchmark for what is now known as Post-Grime Pop (PGP): the brighter, bubblier, youthful sound of the British streets. 'No Point In Wasting Tears' draws a pool of talent from his friends in the scene including the central figures: ultra-hot MC Chipmunk; producer Bless Beats; rapper Tinchy Stryder; and 'Godfather of Grime' Wiley; whilst also unearthing outstanding new vocal talents.



'Fantasy Ride' Release Date 04/05/2009

Multi-platinum singer Ciara will team up with her RCA label mate Justin Timberlake on her new single 'Love Sex Magic' released on April 27th. Co-written by Timberlake and produced by The Y's, 'Love Sex Magic' is an electric, dance-friendly single that will be featured on Ciara's forthcoming album, 'Fantasy Ride'. 'Fantasy Ride' released on May 4th, will be 23-year old, Atlanta-based Ciara's third album and will follow in the R&B/hip-hop vibe of her last two albums. In addition to Justin Timberlake, Ciara is also collaborating with other top producers and artists including Tricky Stewart, Danja and T-Pain for the album.



'What Matters The Most' Release Date 04/05/2009

**BON JOVI FANS TAKE NOTE: The album features a guest appearance by Ritchie Sambora** Shannon Noll, Australia's 'leading male artist', is set to take his music global, with the release of 'What Matters The Most' his debut UK album, released by RCA on 4 May. His soaring rock track 'Shine' is the single release out on 27 April. Shannon Noll burst onto the Australian music scene just five years ago and has never looked back. He has forged a career that has re-written Australian chart history; a career born of necessity after personal tragedy. With the resounding chorus of his first UK single 'Shine' firmly ringing in his ears, proclaiming "this is the time, the day that we've been waiting for", Shannon Noll is now ready to take the UK by storm. 'What Matters The Most' is 12 tracks of genuine, uplifting and honest music with heart and soul. The album displays the full repertoire of Shannon's skills, demonstrating exactly why he is one of Australia's biggest selling artists, and already considered an icon in his home country.



'3CD' 3CD set Release Date 04/05/2009

This must-have collection includes 3 classic albums from John Mayer – Continuum, Heavier Things & Room For Squares. John Mayer continues to win over fans around the world with his electric live performances, legendary guitar skills, and heartfelt vocals. He has sold in excess of 13M units worldwide! This set includes hit tracks like 'Waiting On The World To Change', 'Gravity', 'Bigger Than My Body', 'Daughters', 'No Such Thing', 'Why Georgia', 'Your Body Is A Wonderland' & more.



'Crank: High Voltage OST' CD Release Date 04/05/2009

First feature film score written and performed by Mike Patton (Faith No More/Mr. Bungle), with new exclusive original songs. Picking up immediately after he hits the ground at the end of 'Crank', Chev Chelios [Jason Statham] is kidnapped by a gang of Chinese medics. On an operating table, they attempt to harvest his organs. But after they remove his heart and replace it with an electronic temporary one, Chev wakes up and kills the medics. He then has to chase after the gang who has stolen his heart. At the same time, he must keep shocking himself with regular jolts of electricity to keep himself alive.



'The Haunted Year – Spring' 2CD Release Date 04/05/2009

"A thing of considerable beauty" – The Word "…This beautifully sequenced album defies the iPod shuffle, and listening to it is a cinematically satisfying experience." – Sunday Times "Leven has carved out an enviable solo career and this is the latest engrossing instalment … (his) poetic sensibility and deeply expressive voice are in peerless form throughout … Adventurous, ornate and joyfully unpredictable." – Daily Mirror "The songs are built around stylish folk-blues settings, from the fingerpicking that carries Olivier's Blues to the languid folk-jazz touches imparting a Calexico flavour to The Dent in the Fender and the Wheel of Fate, and the blend of accordion, synth and electric sitar for the title track, on which guest vocalist Johnny Dowd applies his characteristic lurking menace." – The Independent Starting in 1994, the year of release of the groundbreaking 'The Mystery Of Love Is Greater Than The Mystery Of Death' album and running for a decade, Jackie Leven instigated 'The Haunted Valley', an appreciation society which published a quality quarterly magazine and released an annual album, mostly live in content, which was limited to members of the society. Sadly, 'The Haunted Valley' is no more, its existence slowly nibbled to death by the appetite of the internet, its content now to be found in cyberspace as the many superb monthly columns to be viewed at But the body of released work is artistically significant and certainly deserves to be heard by a wider audience. Happily for the entire world, the green shoots of recovery appear here first with the two Jackie live albums which comprise 'Spring' – Jackie was a school class mate of Prime Minister Gordon Brown's, so it seems probable that Gordon pressed his former teenage cider drinking mate to take this release action on behalf of us all… The first album, 'Man Bleeds In Glasgow' was recorded in 1998 at Water Rats Theatre, London, and features Jackie with The Celtic Soulmen: Michael Cosgrave [keyboards, vocals] and Stephan Hannigan [uillean pipes, percussion]. The album would be worth buying for the title track alone – one of Jackie's finest compositions, featuring stunning jazz piano from Michael. Once again, great stories are everywhere, including the infamous 'Fear In Bermondsey' and 'Erotic Football Results' (featuring Hamilton Academicals). 'Greetings From Milford' is culled from the 1999 'Haunted Valley' annual Christmas party, held in the British Legion club at Milford, Derbyshire. These were great fun affairs, and on this particular night, Jackie was joined on stage by The Stornoway Girls, comprising his old friend, Cherry Red recording artist Kevin Hewick [bass, guitar, vocals], Dan Britton [bass, guitar, vocals] and Lee Allatson [drums]. The record is mostly inspired covers of songs such as 'Madam George', 'Who Is He And What Is He To You?', 'I'm Waiting For The Man', 'Pale Blue Eyes' etc along with a generous helping of Leven songs rarely heard live, such as 'Walking In Argyll'. Humour also abounds, including Jackie mildly deriding Kevin's choice of bitter. These albums have had no previous commercial release, and profoundly illustrate what some of us already know – nobody in the music biz works harder to deliver first class goods every time than Jackie Leven.



'Erotic Moods' CD Release Date 11/05/2009

Get your loose joints and cheeba-cheeba ready for this smokin' record from Grammy Award winning guitarist George Benson. Best known for such hits as 'On Broadway', 'Give Me The Night', 'Lady Love Me (One More Time)', 'Turn Your Love Around', 'Breezin', and 'This Masquerade', among many others, Benson has sold millions of records and has played with all the biggest names, including the one and only Miles Davis. He also recorded the original version of 'Greatest Love of All' for the 1977 Muhammad Ali bio-pic, 'The Greatest', which was later recorded successfully as a cover by Whitney Houston. Benson, along with the Harlem Underground Band, released this album in 1978 on Paul Winley Records; its real origin remains a bit obscure and there are even copies of this album floating around that only refer to the Harlem Underground Band. Either way, this is a great piece of music, with 'Smokin Cheeba-Cheeba' being a club favorite. Players include Dave 'Baby' Cortez, Sterling McGee, Earl Williams, Willis Jackson, Reuben Wilson and Ann Winley.



'Sewn Together' Release Date 11/05/2009

In 2007, with the wayward absence of bassist Cris Kirkwood a hiccup since passed, the Meat Puppets simultaneously reformed and pledged a singular fervent purpose. Complete resurrection. That's no small order. This is, after all, a band that stands out as one of the most illuminous sparks highlighting the first, and most overtly accomplished, coming of American indie rock, those golden and precious years lying roughly between 1979 and 1985. An era so filled with purity, it reigns supreme to this day with an embarrassment of musical riches. Many of them straight from the fingers of Kirkwood/Kirkwood/ Bostrom. Always recognized as an extremely dexterous and deft live act, the Puppets used 2008 to continue to stretch out the new line up (with Ted Marcus now a full time replacement for founding drummer Derrick Bostrom). The band joined Built to Spill, and later, Stone Temple Pilots, for well received jaunts across the U.S. The Puppets also toured Europe, and took part in each of the three 2008 All Tomorrow's Parties festivals, performing Meat Puppets II as part of ATP's Dont Look Back series. By year's end, the shows were "almost" 100% acoustic. "Almost" because Curt was playing a Gibson Hummingbird plugged into his pedal board, allowing him to work his effects just like an electric guitar. The simplicity of the set up belied the sort of arresting dynamics that Muse and Radiohead aim to capture, albeit by spending tens of thousands of quid in arena production. Signed in early 2008 to ultra-artist friendly Megaforce Records, the Puppets found themselves once again at work exploring the vast creative landscape that has defined the band since it burst forth with its majestic debut for SST, Meat Puppets. In between last year's tour outings, the Puppets wrote and recorded a new album, Sewn Together, the trio's second full length in little less than two years. For the new album, Curt and Cris chose a home town studio that offered analog process. To help add purity. And with production helmed by Curt, creative freedom arrived du jour. The best friend of artistry – spontaneity – governed. Looking ahead, to May '09, the Puppets start the first leg of extensive road work celebrating the new record, but as with every Puppets' tour, the show will be certain to range over the course of performance afforded it by the Puppets' endearingly adventurous career.

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