Iron Maiden: New Album & Tour In 2010

Iron Maiden will hit the studio to record a brand new album in 2010 before heading out on the road once more later that year.

Speaking to Planet Rock’s Rob Birnie for an interview that’s due to air in a couple of weeks, Nicko McBrain says that the band will be having a rest following their 18 month trek around the world on their Somewhere Back In Time Tour but will reconvene later in the year.

“We’re gonna take the rest of this year off. We’re gonna write in November/December and then go to record the new album in January next year,” Nicko told Rob.

“After we finish the album we’ll more than likely go out on tour, I should imagine. Whether we go out sooner or later we don’t know. But the way we look at it is once you’ve made your album you don’t want to sit on it too long because you forget the stuff that you’ve recorded! Well I do anyway… You wanna go out and hit it while it’s hot so probably autumn time next year, maybe a little later.”

The new album will be the follow up to 2006’s A Matter Of Life And Death.

Rob’s interview with Nicko will air on planetrock 3 May from 8pm.

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