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'Eye Legacy' 2D =Release Date 11/05/2009

* The last recordings of late TLC member LISA "LEFT EYE" LOPES
* Guest appearances include: Chamillionaire, Bone Crusher, Missy Elliott, Bobby Valentino, hilli, T-Boz, Clyde McKnight, Wanya Morris, Lil Mama, Reigndrop Lopes, Free and Ryan Toby.
* A percentage of the proceeds from the album sales will go to the Lisa Lopes Foundation and her orphanage in Honduras. 'Eye Legacy' is a special project featuring the last recordings from legendary TLC tearaway Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. The album includes a bonus DVD of never before seen footage of Left Eye and an in depth documentary. The album booklet also contains fan messages that were collected through the Eye Legacy official MySpace page.



'Dawn Of The Damned' DVD Release Date 11/05/2009

Not many groups can claim to have started a whole musical genre, and certainly not one that has been as far reaching, influential and long-serving as The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. But had Iron Maiden not done what they did way back in 1976, a time when no one even knew there was an old wave, then we might never had have heard the likes of Metallica, Def Leppard or numerous other bands who were inspired enough by Maiden's independence, energy and craft to get up and form their own groups. This DVD is a fitting tribute to the band who moved Heavy Metal towards the global industry it is today, in a way no one else has even attempted. Telling their long and fascinating story from those early days when Steve Harris was a boy with a dream and a guitar, right up to their position today as universal rock superstars with more awards to their name than just about any other Rock group, this programme can't fail to delight every Maiden fan out there. Featuring; new interviews with the likes of Paul Di'Anno, Dennis Stratton, Garry Bushell and many others from the Maiden story; archive interviews with other Maiden members past and present; rare footage and photos; location shoots and many other features.



'The Dark Progression' DVD Release Date 18/05/2009

Thirty years into a quite extraordinary career, Depeche Mode remain the most successful electronic band ever, having to date sold over 100 million records worldwide. And as they continue to release new and challenging material on a regular basis and perform in front of crowds that can exceed 80,000 in a single night, the enormous popularity of these former Essex Boys illustrates how their resolute determination to stick with their original vision has repaid them handsomely in the long term. This brand new documentary film traces the almost surreal development of Depeche Mode from their flirtations with New Romanticism at the dawn of their career, through the urban industrial landscapes envisaged on 'Construction Time Again' and 'Some Great Reward' into the dark hollow of albums such as 'Black Celebration', 'Music For The Masses' and 'Violator' to conclude with the departure of Alan Wilder in 1995 – a point in their career at which they had achieved enormous commercial success but were now facing huge personal challenges. Featuring interviews with all the band members, contributions from friends, colleagues and contemporaries such as; Gary Numan, Thomas Dolby, OMD's Andy McCluskey, Daniel Miller, band biographer Jonathan Miller, Depeche producers Gareth Jones, Dave Bascombe, Phil Legg and Steve Lyon, and electronic music experts Mark Pendergast and David Stubbs. Also includes rare performances by Depeche Mode from across their career, archive footage, video clips, location shoots, news reports and much more.



'Captain Beefheart's Jukebox' CD Release Date 18/05/2009

If there's one contemporary composer whose influence is nigh impossible to ascertain, it's the artist once known as Don Van Vliet – more familiarly, Captain Beefheart. The music Beefheart released between his 1967 debut 'Safe A Milk' and his last album, recorded almost 30 years ago, 'Ice Cream For Crow', is so original, unique and, let's face it, 'out there', that any attempt to catalogue those who inspired its strictly organic creation, is a task few would relish. But, there are two central themes that do run through Beefheart's repertoire, two themes that were also, according to those closest to him, representative of the music he was most likely to listen to throughout the time he was recording and releasing music; these being Blues and Free Form Jazz. This compilation brings together the records it is known Captain Beefheart was listening to prior to making his own music [often in the company of school chum Frank Zappa] and throughout his musical career. Records that have been partly responsible, in their own way, for establishing a recording style whereby experimentation is de rigeur and following whatever came before is forbidden.



'Live At Soundstage' 2D OUT NOW!!

Live at Soundstage is a DVD + CD release of a legendary live show originally performed at Waukegan, IL's Genessee Theater and first broadcast that year as part of PBS' Soundstage program. Ringo and the Roundheads, led by Mark Hudson, play all the greatest hits that you know by heart, plus a couple of good new ones, like his George Harrison tribute 'Never Without You'. This is a show that's guaranteed to delight Ringo fans, and the package includes the full-length concert DVD plus a matching audio CD containing 14 great selections from the show.



'The Document' 2D OUT NOW!!

Now into the fourth decade of a quite remarkable carer in music, Prince Nelson Rodgers continues to release albums at a rate artists half his age can only dream of and performs shows with such passion and electricity he can fill seventeen nights in the UKs largest indoor venue with ease. This CD/DVD 2 disc set celebrates the astonishing longevity and extraordinary music of Prince, and features a full length DVD documentary covering his most important period in the 1980s, and a CD biography and interview disc revealing the true story of the man, much of it straight from the horse's mouth. Finished with poster, booklets, rare photos and a host of other features, this limited edition set is destines to become a Prince collectable of the first order as it delights every Prince fan across the globe.


Release Date 04/05/2009


* Bring Back The Beatles – 'Bring Back The Beatles' was as close to a commercial album as David Peel had ever generated up to that time. Where his previous satirical barbs at musical figures were incidental to his broader political messages, on this album he shifts his aim somewhat – his two-pronged message expresses an appreciation, even a level of respect, for the Liverpool group, but is also includes an implicit vicious swipe at the efforts in the mid-70s to remarket and repackage their music. Not quite everything here directly concerns the Beatles, and if Peel isn't quite as animated as he is when going after a political target, his songwriting ability isn't restricted at all, and in the relatively lush production he manages to come up with some surprisingly good (and excruciatingly funny) pop songs, including 'Coconut Grove'; he also turns in a rocking version of John Lennon's 'Imagine', reimagined as a punk piece. 'The Wonderful World of Abbey Road' shows Peel acknowledging their psychedelic period, especially 'Penny Lane', but he also works in a deconstruction of 'With a Little Help from My Friends' and some fresh barbs aimed at Paul McCartney.


* John Lennon For President – 469008 In view of subsequent events, this album and its title now possess an unintended eeriness. But in 1980, it was just part of the landscape. In case no one remembers, in 1980 the U.S. went nuts. Not that this hadn't happened before, even during some recent campaign years, but this was the first time it coincided with a presidential race in which two incompetents were running against each other, and politics became the medium through which a lot of that nutsiness was expressed. In that environment, how could David Peel, master satirist, topical songwriter, marijuana advocate, peace activist, and musician provocateur, possibly resist the impulse to join in? The result is more mixed media than is usual for Peel, alternating between music, interviews, and speeches, all of it focused, and assuming that one has the tolerance for absurdity necessary to appreciate it, it's a fine coda to Peel's earlier Lennon-produced and Beatles-inspired work.



'The Dark Side Of The Xmas Tree' CD OUT NOW!!

**We are aware it is an odd for Xmas albums, but check out the tracklisting



'Heartbreak Hotel' 3DVD/1CD [+ Book] OUT NOW!!

Come back to the beginning with some of the Kings closest friends and find out how ELVIS became one of the World's biggest icons! Legendary Elvis guitarist Scotty Moore, Elvis' long time drummer DJ Fontana and Elvis' loyal backing vocal quartet the Jordanaires come together for the first time in the inside story to unveil the events behind the scenes during the creation of classics like 'Hound Dog', 'Heartbreak Hotel' and 'Love Me Tender'. These are the leading musicians who actually worked with Elvis, shared the long term friendship and trust of the King. Also featured are rare interviews with Elvis himself, not to mention a comprehensive review of the music of the King, plus rare photographs in the 48 page book 'Elvis 1953-1977'! Along with this amazing 2 DVD & Book, the box set includes a DVD & CD pack, with unique collection of Elvis recordings from the Sun years! 'That's Alright', 'Baby Let's Play House', 'Blue Moon Of Kentucky', 'I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine', 'Good Rockin' Tonight', 'Milk Cow Blues Boogie', 'You're A Heart Breaker', 'I'm Left Your Right', 'Mystery Train', 'I Forgot To Remember To Forget', 'Don't Be Cruel', 'Hound Dog', 'Love Me Tender' and 'Reddy Teddy.



'Out Of Control' 2DVD [+ Book] OUT NOW!!

This is the definitive independent review of the Eagles on film, on record and in concert. Featuring a team of leading music critics and working musicians including acclaimed authors Peter Doggett and Johnny Rogan, this penetrating critical analysis draws on rare archive footage of the band live in concert. Also included; a 72-page full-colour book from veteran rock journalist Robert M. Corich with rare photographs and a track-by-track analysis of every album pre- Long Road Out Of Eden. To partner this Eagles DVD & book, this set includes the best of the Eagles live performances plus a rare Don Felder interview! Featuring complete live performances of: 'Peaceful Easy Feeling', 'Already Gone', 'Good Day In Hell', 'Silver Threads', 'Desperado', 'It Doesn't Matter Anymore', 'Midnight Flyer', 'Twenty One', 'Ol' 55', 'James Dean', 'Doolin' Dalton', 'Boys of Summer' and 'Sunset Grill'.

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'All Four One' / 'Little Robbers' 2-on-1 CD Release Date 04/05/2009

* Two US Top 30 albums from the early 1980s * 'All Four One' features the US Top 10 hit 'Only The Lonely', whilst 'Suddenly Last Summer' was also a Top 10 US hit from 'Little Robbers'



'Cielo e Terra' / 'Soaring Through A Dream' / 'Tirami Su' 2CD Release Date 04/05/2009

* Former Return To Forever guitarist Di Meola launched his solo career in 1975. Over the years, the jazz guitarist has played with the greats of jazz, though in the 1990s he turned in the direction of World Music * These three albums come from the mid to late '80s



'Bless The Child' CD EP Release Date 11/05/2009

Never before released in the UK, 'Bless The Child' is an eight-track outing, originally issued back in 2002 when the classic 'Century Child' album was in the stores. 'Bless The Child', the lead single from 'Century Child', is the featured track here, supported by a host of material that will have huge appeal for true Nightwish supporters: live tracks, tracks only available on Japanese versions of the albums ('The Wayfarer'), all manner of goodies that make this EP both desirable & collectible. For all those who've invested in the late 2007 Re-issues of the Nightwish catalogue, this 'Bless The Child' EP is an essential purchase.


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'Made Up Stories' CD / Deluxe CD Release Date 11/05/2009

Pop-rockers Go: Audio release their eagerly awaited debut album, 'Made Up Stories' on 11th May through Rubix Records, with a new single, 'Drive to the City', released on 20th April. Shortly after releasing their very first singles, 'She Left Me' and 'Made Up Stories', through Epic Records in late Summer 2008, Go: Audio parted company with the major label and made the decision to release their forthcoming releases completely independently. Since making that decision, Go: Audio have been nominated for Best Newcomers at the Kerrang! Awards 2008 and sold an unprecedented number of tickets for their live dates. They have just completed their 3rd successive 100% sell out UK headline tour making them arguably the biggest unsigned live act in the country. Produced by Andy Green [Keane] and the band themselves, 'Made Up Stories' is everything a thrill seeker could wish for. From the driving, pulse racer of the title song to the piano driven break-up punk of 'She Left Me', the album evokes a summer of living fast, loving tough and making the most of what you have got. New single 'Drive To The City' [written, recorded and produced by the band themselves] is a huge floorfiller of a track, merging the band's electro elements with their huge pop-rock template, whilst 'Brake! Brake!' is a full-on rock monster, retaining the agility of US bands like Fall Out Boy while aiming it's bull-horns at a harder, faster direction. 'Made Up Stories' is guaranteed to set your pulse racing and gear you up for a blitz of summer memories and beyond.



'Book Of The Dead' CD Release Date 11/05/2009

'Book of the Dead' is a conceptual work with 5 songs presented as chapters. With ideas and stories taken directly from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Ken Jaquess has weaved an intricate, ornate tale of Pharonic rule, death and their ultimate journey to the afterlife. Ken has long had a love and fascination with ancient Egypt, and 'Book of the Dead' showcases brilliant musicianship from guitar god Allan Holdsworth, Doug Sanborn on the drum kit, keyboards from Ryo Okumoto, of Spocks Beard fame, violin from classical virtuoso Yvette Devereaux, and the late, great Shaun Guerin on vocals who passed away shortly after finishing his vocals.



'Masters Of War' CD Release Date 11/05/2009

Although born in America, Julie's career started in London, England in the 60s when she was the first woman to have her own BBC television music programme, where she introduced the world for the first time to Led Zeppelin! This stunningly beautiful woman with an equally stunningly beautiful voice, has been associated with some of the world's most important musicians, Paul McCartney, Leonard Cohen and Jimmy Page just for a start! 'Masters of War' features Julie's stirring interpretations of 9 classic Dylan tracks, including 'Mr. Tambourine Man', 'Subterranean Homesick Blues', 'Hard Rain' & 'I Shall Be Released'. Also playing on the album are Kiki Dee, Danny Thompson, the John Renbourne String Quartet and John Paul Jones on mandolin!

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