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JAMES TAYLOR QUARTET 'A Few Useful Tips About Living Underground' CD



The James Taylor Quartet's final album for Acid Jazz, first issued in the summer of 1996, was a return to their roots with 11 tracks of straight-ahead Hammond instrumentals. It is the sound of the touring Quartet – which was a six-piece, plus a percussionist – doing what they did best: playing together. The music stretches from Lonnie Liston Smith-style jazz funk, through out-and-out funk, tinged in places with touches of Keith Emerson. To the album tracks have been added DJ Derek Dahlarge's remix of the album's single 'Creation' done under his Ceasefire moniker, the first time that this has been available on a JTQ album. We have also included the three cuts that were added to the US release of the album. These were intended to be part of the soundtrack to Mike Myers' first Austin Powers film, although only 'Austin's Theme' is heard anywhere in the film. It is the first time that the other two tracks – 'Man Of Mystery' and 'Theme From A Far Away Land' have been available outside the US.




18 sacred psychedelic suppositories from the laboratory of Mad Scientist and scalpel happy Pop-mutilator Jean-Pierre Massiera. Including the rarest and most sought after fuzz-Funk, spooked-Surf and interplanetary-Prog from "The French Joe Meek" and all his schizoid split-personalities and freakish friends – The Maledictus Sound, Chico Magnetic Band, Visitors, Human Egg, The Pirhana Sound and Jesus himself. Let us introduce you to some old friends of ours… Charlie Mike Sierra, Jean-Pierre Areisam, JPM and Co. Erik, The Horrific Child, Jesus, Les Maledictus Sound, Human Egg… This might sound like we're flicking through the imaginary LP racks in the record shop from 'A Clockwork Orange' or perhaps congratulating the runners up in a Halloweeen fancy dress competition but for the previously uninitiated you have just been ordained into the congregation of the many split personalities of one Mr. Jean-Pierre Bernard Massiera. Bow down to the 9 headed monster as he mutates and shape-shifts back through time to his humble beginnings in a Buenos Aireian province ravaging and pillaging the music of the European people for his own twisted benediction along the way. This might, as intended, sound a little bit dramatic but if there is one single ingredient that gives the eccentric JPM his distinct flavour it's a large dollop of drama. Add sprinklings of schizophrenia, shock, mirth and macabre and you are on the way to a B-Movie broth with an acquired taste, that has, like all the best cheese, taken aver 30 years to mature to perfection. Like all the best monsters, from the Centaur to the Minotaur to Dr. Jeckyl & Mister Hyde his split personality is the key to his infamy and the secret of his blood sucking success! This is why Jean-Pierre Massiera is (un)commonly known for two key periods in his career which, like a worm, can be split down the middle and thrive and flourish independently. To cut a long story short Massiera is, above all, a lover and purveyor of Musique Fantastique, and is willing and able to hijack whichever stylistic vehicle that passes him by in order to feed his lust. In the earlier part of his career he honed his sordid kraft amongst psychedelic circles in Nice and Quebec. From late 1972 onwards he moved to Antibes and started a Disco revolution and became an in demand cosmic record producer… For years Prog Rock obsessives and Disco aficionados have wondered if there was 2 unrelated freak merchants called Jean-Pierre Massiera, but, in this rare instance, exploito-maniacs from both sides of the cosmic coin are united by the work of this singular, single handed monstrous music manufactory!




She first came to public's attention in the Mickey Mouse Club but has since achieved the kind of success most can only dream about. And now, more than a decade into an extraordinary career, she is rightfully seen as a professional and serious artist performing material that appeals to an audience far greater than that of her original contemporaries. Christina Aguilera: The Lowdown is a 2 CD collection which features a set of fascinating interviews with the girl herself, during which she speaks openly about her life in music, her plans for the future and a host of other topics, and an audio biography which charts her career to date, telling the full story of this amazing woman. Completed with booklets, poster and rare photos, this limited edition package will prove a delight for every Christina fan and is certain to become top drawer collector's item.

BETTY PADGETT 'Betty Padgett' CD / LP


Release Date 20/04/2009

Who is Betty Padgett? An incredible voice behind one of the rarest and best sweet soul / disco / dirty funk / reggae albums you've never heard, that's who. Very few records encompass sweet soul / disco / dirty funk / reggae and more like 'Betty Padgett', which captures the eclectic essence of the Miami soul scene in the mid-1970s perfectly. And yet tracks like 'Sugar Daddy' sound amazingly contemporary, they could very easily be confused with a new Quantic Soul Orchestra or Orgone track. Betty Padgett and her family moved to Florida when she was in the 6th grade. She sang in her church choir and began to take performing seriously after graduating from high school. While checking out the bubbling local music scene she became particularly keen with the group called Joey Gilmore and the T.C.B. (Taking Care of Business) Express. In 1971 she auditioned for the band, scored the gig, and ended-up singing with them for the next 17 years. After a performance in Ft. Lauderdale, Padgett was approached by soul legend Milton Wright about a collaboration and solo record. Within a month she was co-writing and arranging with Wright, and the entire album was recorded in one evening at Criteria Studios in Miami. A 12" disco single of 'Sugar Daddy' was pressed up in support of the LP and it created quite a buzz, even featuring in a local Pepsi Cola TV and radio commercial.

BRAKES 'Touchdown' CD / LP


Release Date 20/04/2009

Brakes is comprised of members of British Sea Power, Electric Soft Parade, Restlesslist, Pipettes and Tenderfoot. 'Touchdown' was recorded at the legendary Glasgow studio Chem 19 by The Delgados' Paul Savage [Mogwai, Arab Strap, Malcolm Middleton] and mastered by the similarly legendary Alan Douches at West West Side, NY.

CAMERA OBSCURA 'My Maudlin Career' CD / LP


Release Date 20/04/2009

Camera Obscura's last album, 'Let's Get Out Of This Country' was to prove pivotal, taking them out of the shadows and to long-deserved new heights. "You might not find heartache as enchanting as this anywhere else," stated All Music Guide in a glowing review. The band had finally found the time and ears of discerning music fans worldwide. Nearly three years on from that release and Camera Obscura are ready to release the follow up, 'My Maudlin Career', their first for 4AD and fourth overall. After his successful touches on their last album, the band returned to Sweden to work again with producer Jari Haapalainen (Ed Harcourt, Peter, Bjorn & John, The Concretes). His wonderful understanding with the band continues to flourish, again fully realising not just the potential of lead singer Tracyanne Campbell's songs and remarkable voice, but also the ensemble musicianship of the group as a whole. Speaking about 'My Maudlin Career', Tracyanne Campbell commented, "Some people who have heard it say it's intense and quite dark. I suppose it is in a way. We were even more open and brave when making it than we were with the last record. I've never been so brutal when its come to writing lyrics. I wouldn't even call them lyrics. Just documentation of what was going on with me for a while. I truly believe it's the best we've done so far".



Release Date 20/04/2009

Fightstar are set to release their third album 'Be Human' on Search & Destroy Records. 'Be Human' is a great example of the band's trademark gift for darkness and ability to write killer hooks. It is their most ambitious album to date with rock / pop crossover potential. The album is co-produced by long time friend of the of the band, Laruso guitarist Carl Bown and the bulk of recording for took place at Treehouse Studios, Bown's private studio, just outside Chesterfield in Derbyshire. The album features a 16 piece orchestra recorded at the legendary AIR Studios in North London, with celebrated arranger Audrey Riley [Muse, Coldplay]. On 'War Machine', Rugby School's Sixth Form Choir provided the heartbreaking choral harmonies.



Release Date 20/04/2009

The Handsome Family is husband and wife team Brett Sparks [music] and Rennie Sparks [lyrics] from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Handsome Family have long considered their music to be Romantic in the 19th century sense of the word: full of an awed sense of emotion in the face of nature's mysteries and this has never before been clear than on their eighth album 'Honey Moon', a collection of songs written to celebrate their twentieth year of marriage. It is, according to Rennie Sparks, a love song to the world that takes place under bowed branches and deep within winding corn mazes. Musically, the brother duos of country [Delmore, Louvin, Monroe, Stanley, Everly] are always a big influence on Brett Sparks' use of harmony, while vocal groups such as The Mills Brothers, The Inkspots and The Platters became a primary motivating force. All such musical influences, combined with Rennie's lyrical exploration of all aspects of romance – be it spiritual or pastoral, animal, vegetable or mineral – result in an album of love songs like no other heard before.

HUNDRED REASONS 'Quick The Word Sharp The Action' Ltd CD


Release Date 20/04/2009

**Strictly Limited to 2000 Copies so Out Requests ONLY** Limited edition digipack includes the track 'Stalemate', from Gran Turismo [Playstation], and three other tracks never before released. Re-packaged and re-issued release of record number four by national rock treasures Hundred Reasons. Fans requested 'Stalemate' to be included as part of band website competition.



Release Date 20/04/2009

* 'Flick The Vs' CD / LP

King Creosote's new record finds the Fence Records boss back to his best with a wonderfully diverse record for the true King Creosote heads out there. Fans of the classic 'Kenny & Beth's Musickal Boat Rides' and his vintage work are in for a right treat. The Beta Band's Steve Mason and electronic wunderkind Jon Hopkins also join the great man on some truly stellar songs.

* 'Kenny & Beth's Musakal Boat Rides' CD

King Creosote's 'Kenny & Beth's Musakal Boat Rides' contains well known favourites and highlights such as 'Homeboy' and 'Friday Night In New York'. The album was originally available on Sketchbook Records but has since been out of print for years.

* 'Rocket DIY' CD / LP

"King Creosote puts the voice of a saint to songs so fine they can only have come from the devil" – Esquire From "the most original Scottish label since Postcard" (Uncut), Fence Records' founder and all round musical maverick Kenny Anderson aka King Creosote delivers a reissue of 'Rocket DIY', his first album proper.

MASCOTT 'Art Project' CD


Release Date 20/04/2009

"She turns folk-rock into stately pop, wrapping vulnerability and longing in quietly radiant arrangements." – New York Times. "Mascott's Kendall Meade isn't speaking directly to you – it just seems that way. The intimacy starts with chamber pop – choruses buttressed by string and piano. Lyrics aren't confessional, but rather built on mundane details that add up to profound joy or sadness." – Marie-Claire. "Sweet music – not to be confused with saccharin-sweet music." – Billboard. "Her best album yet…" – Spin Artist Of The Day. Kendall Jane Meade hails from New York and is a former member of Sparklehorse, Helium, and The Spinanes, plus she has previously worked with Jim O'Rourke and Joan As Police Woman. 'Art Project' is an indie-pop stunner with a down-at-home feel, intimate, relaxed and beautiful, a personal journal of sorts ruminating on city life and loves. Combining the enigmatic, '60s pop of cult favourite Margo Guryan with the mellow, modern pop of Camera Obscura, the new record reflects Kendall Meade's growth as a songwriter, and also as a performer. Written over the course of two years and recorded at The Fort in Brooklyn, Kendall and producer James Bentley reassembled longtime Mascott members Dave Derby, Margaret White and Jud Ehrbar to perform on the album. Stellar contributions were added from friends including Anders Parker [Gob Iron], Rainy Orteca [Dead Air, Joan As Police Woman], and Darren Jessee [Hotel Lights], as well as Anna Padgett [The Naysayer], who duets on the old Carter Family standard 'Wildwood Flower'.



Release Date 20/04/2009

'Von' (which translates as Hope) was the debut album from Sigur Rós, Iceland's most widely acclaimed band. Sigur Rós is Jón Þór (Jónsi) Birgisson (guitar and vocals), Georg Hólm (bass) and Ágúst Ævar Gunnarsson (drums). The band formed the group in Reykjavík in August 1994. In 1998 a remix collection named 'Von brigði'. The name is Icelandic wordplay 'Vonbrigði' means "disappointment", but 'Von brigði' means "variations on Von". The band was joined by Kjartan Sveinsson on keyboards in 1998. He is the only member of Sigur Rós with musical training, and therefore has contributed most of the orchestral and string arrangements for their later work.

BEN WATT 'Guinea Pig – Remixes' Ltd 12"


Release Date 20/04/2009

* 'Guinea Pig' was Ben Watt's first single on 'Buzzin' Fly' in three years. * It became the label's biggest selling single of the year and featured in several Best Of 2008 charts. * DJ Koze takes on the Vocal Variation whilst M.A.N.D.Y. & Smallboy take on the Musical Variation. * Collectors' artwork on the limited edition 12" (1000 copies).

THE BIG PINK 'Velvet' Ltd 7"


Release Date 20/04/2009

**PLEASE NOTE: This has been EBX'd due to the artwork** Self-produced by the band and mixed by Alan Moulder, The Big Pink release their first single of 2009, and their debut for 4AD. The results are breathtaking. Sure, The Big Pink's sound is haunted by ghosts of the past – Velvet Underground, Jesus And Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine – but 'Velvet' sees them kick on and achieve that rarest of things; a unique shape that sets them apart. After only one limited release single, 'Too Young To Love' / 'Crystal Visions', the band's reputation has grown through frenzied word of mouth and blistering live shows.



Release Date 20/04/2009

Christy Moore's new studio album 'Listen' is his first since 'Burning Times' in 2005, and is released in the UK on 20th April 2009. One of the most compelling and inspirational musicians Ireland has ever seen, Christy Moore has a universal fan base and still continues to entertain, cementing him as an Irish icon. It is his deep urge to connect with the listener and to transmit the meaning of the songs he sings that has endeared Christy to his audiences and helped to create and develop a faithful following that quite frankly eludes most other artists. Christy recorded his first album in 1969, which was followed by several albums with Planxty and Moving Hearts, and then an extensive solo career, making 2009 Christy's 40th year in recorded music. The album is preceded by the digital single 'The Ballad of Ruby Walsh', which will be available for download from Monday 23rd March 2009. Speaking on this song, Christy explains: "I have followed the geegees since boyhood. When I saw Jimmy Eddery on The Curragh in 1955 my future was sealed. Some time ago I was sweating on a treble in Ballybrit and Ruby did not let me down. The least I could do was sing a song for my fellow Lilly White. It is based upon the old ballad which Luke Kelly made his own". As well as first single, 'The Ballad of Ruby Walsh', album highlights include 'China Waltz', 'Listen', 'Rory is Gone' and 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond'. Christy says: "'Shine on…' feels like an old Sean-Nos song. It evokes memories of old friends past whose stars burned brightly, whose flames were quenched too soon. Just like The Yellow Bittern, it is beautiful to sing."

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