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'Mirrorball' CD – 468061 / LP – 468086 Release Date 04/05/09

John Foxx & Robin Guthrie's collaboration was an idea that began when the pair performed at a Harold Budd concert in May 2005. Layers of echoes and reverberations are explored on 'Mirrorball', so that Guthrie's unique playing merges with abstract, often improvised vocals courtesy of Foxx.

2 x BLACK LIGHT BURNS RELEASES: Release Date 04/05/09

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Wes Borland, the chameleonic lead guitarist for Limp Bizkit, sold over 30 million records worldwide with Limp Bizkit. For his next trick, he's putting on the guise of frontman, leading both a studio and live supergroup to even darker depths as Black Light Burns, and the new look suits him well.

* 'Cover Your Heart & Anvil Pants' [originally due out via Pinnacle] 2D

"We made Cover Your Heart for fun and to pay homage to our heroes by spreading their songs to our fans. This album was made completely out of love for music and love for art. It's for us and it's for you. It's for people who are already familiar with the artists, but mostly people who are not. If you like our versions of these songs, there's a great chance you'll love theirs. These are just a few of the bricks that built our house. Thanks for listening." "The companion film 'Anvil Pants', originated from some tour footage shot in 2007. Once we saw everything he captured on camera, we decided to have all the material into a full-length documentary. The movie shows a section of life on the road with us – the good and the bad. We also included a commentary track for the movie, all the music videos we have and a behind-the-scenes featurette from the 'Lie' shoot. Basically, everything we have on video is on the DVD for your viewing pleasure."

* Cruel Melody' 2D

'Cruel Melody' is an album that Limp Bizkit fans and fans of the new tendencies of heavy metal will love but it's also another original work featuring all the elements of Wes Borland musical genius. The record starts real aggressively, but toward the middle it gets a little more hurtful and hurting, lyrically, trying to express painful feelings, but still in an aggressive way. Then it kind of opens up in the end. That was the purpose; to attack, then explain, then release and be done with it. 'Cruel Melody' was originally going to be an esoteric, dirge-heavy solo project with a variety of singers, but as Borland started writing heavier material, he finally decided to take the reins behind the mic. It didn't hurt that he got inspiration not only from Lohner, who doubled as the album's producer, but Lohner's famous former employer. "I was talking to Trent Reznor, playing him these tracks in their infancy," Borland remembers. "And he said, 'You're singing like somebody's sleeping in the next room. You should try to open that up.' You know, it's really easy to do cool electronic music that's instrumental and put soft vocals over it, but it's a lot harder to write actual songs and have them hit people."



'Out Of Control' CD – 468083 Release Date 04/05/09

Russia's biggest pop star Valeriya is releasing her new album in the western market after over 100m album sales in her native Russia. "With record sales of 100 million and countless awards for her music, she is probably the best-selling star never to have topped the British charts…" The Independent on Sunday. "A slim, blonde singer with a vulnerable look and an involved history may be about to burst upon us, as Russia's biggest cultural export since Shostakovich." The Independent. She has sold millions of albums, regularly sells out stadiums and arenas and boasts the similar stardom status as the likes of Madonna and Celine Dion. The Valeriya Empire is continually expanding and we are excited to introduce her to the UK in 2009. It is the emergence of Eastern pop on to the Western music scene and she looks set to be one of the first solo artists to cross over and receive mainstream success in the west. 'Out of Control' topped the Russian charts in the first week of release giving Valeriya another number one record to add to her list of achievements. She has faced challenges, even as a super star, in her attempts to break the UK market, but this album acknowledges that she is serious about making her mark here in the West!



'Dreaming Of Dreaming' Ltd 12" Release Date 04/05/09

Super Limited edition coloured vinyl Import 12" from Secret Machines – limited to 300 copies worldwide Coloured Vinyl 12" comes with two tracks from the band's critically acclaimed third studio album – The Secret Machines – 'Dreaming Of Dreaming' and 'Daylight, Won't Be Long' As well as being their most ambitious album to date, the new album is a logical creative step for Secret Machines, over 'Now Here Is Nowhere' [2004] and 'Ten Silver Drops' [2006]. It builds upon the foundation established with those albums while showing that Secret Machines have solidified as a band, even in metamorphosis. It's a nod ahead of, yet not a complete departure from, the psychedelic space-rock that has helped make the Dallas-bred NYC transplants critical darlings in both the U.S. and Europe – not to mention favourites of U2's The Edge [who in August 2007 called 'Now Here…' "the last record I fell in love with"] and David Bowie. Going forward, the band sees nothing but open skies.



'Outer South' CD / LP Release Date 04/05/09

When Conor Oberst fled the mid-western winter for Tepoztlan, Mexico in early 2008, his plan was to record a collection of songs in beautiful surroundings with some friends. The band he put together for the recording sessions – all done in an adobe house half way up a mountain – was released last year as Conor Oberst, his first non-Bright Eyes release since 2001. The band then took to the road as Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band, named for Valle Místico where the recording took place. While touring in support of 'Conor Oberst', the talented 6-piece began to write new songs, each band member sharing their compositions and working them out on the road. Energized by the live performances, and eager to capture the synergy they felt onstage, Oberst took his musical compadres to Sonic Ranch Studios in Tornillo, Texas outside of El Paso to capture these gems on tape. In recording sessions in November & December '08 The Mystic Valley Band recorded 16 songs and this time they shared the songwriting. The result, the sparkling 'Outer South' is the first album credited to Conor Oberst And The Mystic Valley Band and features the fruits of their enticing musical symbiosis. Oberst's songwriting and delivery remain an engaging presence, but the addition of songs by Taylor Hollingsworth (guitar), Nik Freitas [guitar] and Jason Boesel [drums] make for a multi-textured and colorful collaboration. Along with Oberst, Hollingsworth, Freitas and Boesel, The Mystic Valley band includes Macey Taylor [bass] and Nathaniel Walcott [piano, keyboard].



'Entertainment' CD Release Date 04/05/09

Recorded over a two-year period with producer Jeff Saltzman (The Killers, The Sounds) the album has a depth and complexity rarely found in 'electronic pop' albums. This is perhaps not surprising given it's gestation, deliberately designed to stretch their creativity the album was written in its entirety, titles first and in an intimate and very modest way – in a carriage house in Brookyln rather than in expensive studios around the globe. Stylistically the album is as diverse as it is cohesive. There are 'electro' dance moves on the album but also the swirling electronic psychedelia of 'Amuse Bouche' full of "surprise flavours that enhance your perspective". Elsewhere you'll find the searing guitars of 'We Are Electric', the downtempo euro wiggle of 'Danse en France' and the fantastic rock pop gem 'To The Moon' which very nearly takes you there with it's pounding drums, soaring harmonies and pulsing organ. FS have always sought to blur the distinctions between art, music and performance so it was apt that they showed their "vibrantly trashy yet intricately choreographed" 'Get Confused' video installation at the aptly titled 'It's Not Only Rock And Roll Baby' exhibition in Brussels last year which also featured work by Eno, Laurie Anderson and Yoko Ono.


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'Grey Britain' CD – 468100 / 2D – 468102 Release Date 04/05/09

Welcome to Grey Britain. Welcome to the real Britain: a land of poverty, petty violence, bad diets, and bad attitudes. A land of dole queues, decay and dealers; ignorance and Jeremy Kyle DNA tests; of knives and gangs and ASBOs worn as badge of honour. Welcome to Gallows' new state of the nation address. 'Grey Britain' is Gallows second album. It was recorded in 2008 at London's RAK studios, alongside a 33-piece string section recorded at Air Studios and piano pieces at Abbey Road – with producer Garth 'GGGarth' Richardson [Rage Against The Machine, Biffy Clyro] at the controls. Gallows formed in Watford in 2005 from the ashes of two local bands. They arrived in 2006, tore 2007 a new arsehole and pretty much owned the best part 2008. The band have earned their reputation as the fiercest band around. Live, they were an all-out, five-pronged attack, lead from the front by Frank Carter. Slight of frame and covered in eye-catching ink, Frank arrived like an amalgamated offspring of a young John Lydon and a snarling Tim Roth in Made In Britain. Behind him, a wall of noise, flailing limbs and bare-knuckle riffs left crowds wondering whether to flee in terror or dive right on into the melee. Welcome to Gallows' grey and festering land. Their country needs them.



'Live In Ukraine' DVD / 3D  / TinBox Release Date 15/06/09

When it comes to taking on logic-defying challenges, Queen have never fought shy: think Hyde Park, Latin America, Live Aid. All these years later, Queen are still living adventurously. Here's the case in point: just weeks ahead of the start of the band's 2008 Queen + Paul Rodgers' 'The Cosmos Rocks' tour the band were approached to help Ukraine's AntiAids Foundation reach out to the youth of the country with the message "Don't Let Aids Ruin Your Life". In a country facing the highest rising rate of infection throughout Europe, it is a message which cannot wait. For Queen + Paul Rodgers – already well prepared for a tour opening with two nights at Moscow's SCO arena, it would mean some drastic rethinking. The venue on offer was Kharkov, Ukraine's, historic Freedom Square, a place so big that during World War II it was used to land planes. For the band and crew it meant "Everyone had to run very fast, very suddenly, but then most of the great and worthwhile things in your life are a little dangerous." Despite the seeming impossibility of it, Queen + Paul Rodgers made it to Freedom Square for the night of September 12, 2008. Over 350,000 Ukrainians came to see them play and more than 10million homes watched the show live on television. In all, more than 20 million took part in what the band recall as "an unforgettable experience…one of those rare things in life you know you will never forget. A meeting in Music, but also a coming together to fight a common enemy…"

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