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BEN KWELLER 'Changing Horses' Ltd LP [+ Bonus CD]

Release Date 13/04/2009


"Whatever's encouraged Kweller's more rustic approach, it's resulted in the Texan's strongest set of songs yet 8/10" – NME. "On Horses, he might just have found the style that suits him – it evokes sepia-tinted times past and gives new life to his career 4/5" – The Sun. "The fourth album from prodigy Ben is a beauty 4/5" – Daily Mirror. Limited Edition 180gm Vinyl LP Edition. Package includes double gatefold sleeve, CD & Poster. All-analogue recording – tracked to 2" tape, with very few overdubs. Over the course of his three studio albums, Ben Kweller has become known as a top-shelf purveyor of the powerhouse pop song. The arsenal of effortless melodies, surging refrains and agile harmonies he employs could come only from a kid raised on a steady diet of the Beatles, the Beach Boys and the Hollies. But on Kweller's new album, a straight-up country charmer entitled 'Changing Horses', the 27-year-old Greenville, TX, native has gone back to his roots, saying "Some of the first songs I wrote as a kid, before I got into punk rock and underground bands, were country songs." Changing Horses (whose title refers not only to taking on a new musical genre, but also to relocating his family to Austin, TX) reflects that period. For Kweller, who was influenced at a young age by the records his father's high-school buddy Nils Lofgren made with Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen, releasing a country album is the realisation of a long-held goal. "We recorded it in 11 days, but Changing Horses is 13 years in the making".

MILES DAVIS 'That's What Happened: Live In Germany 1987' DVD

Release Date 13/04/2009


rom the mid-fifties to his death in the early nineties, Miles Davis was universally recognised as one of the most innovative musicians working in Jazz. He was also one of the most popular with his albums regularly breaking into the pop charts and he picked up a total of eight Grammy Awards. He also launched the careers of many jazz musicians including Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Chick Corea, Billy Cobham, John McLaughlin and many more. This previously unreleased Miles Davis concert, filmed in Munich in 1987, followed the release of his Grammy Award winning album 'Tutu' and the set list features two tracks from that record, the title track and 'Portia', plus his unique arrangements of Michael Jackson's 'Human Nature' and Cyndi Lauper's 'Time After Time'.

THE ENEMY 'No Time For Tears' C5 – 466206 / 7" – 466208

Release Date 13/04/2009


The Enemy follow their all-conquering, chart-topping debut 'We'll Live And Die In These Towns' with the release of their bold new album 'Music For The People' on April 27th. Released on Warner Bros. Records, the album will be previewed with the April 13th release of the single 'No Time For Tears'. 'No Time For Tears' sees the band experimenting with delicate pianos, howling guitars yet contains a very real and direct message the listener will immediate identify with.

THE RIFLES 'Romeo & Julie' / 'The General' C5 / 7"

Release Date 13/04/2009


The Rifles are back on the scene, following the huge success of the album 'Great Escape' which reached the Top 30 in the UK album chart. Continuing the relentless barrage is this double A-side with standout epic, 'The General' and the infectiously energetic, radio friendly 'Romeo And Julie'.

ART BRUT 'Art Brut vs Satan' CD

Release Date 20/04/2009


Art Brut has announced it will be releasing its third studio album, Art Brut vs Satan on Monday 20th April. "We recorded the album in a punk-as-fuck two weeks in Salem, Oregon," explains lead singer Eddie Argos. "I don't always enjoy the recording process all that fiddling with guitars and drum sounds waiting for my turn to 'sing'. This time though, we did it just right. We spent a day getting the sound of the instruments perfect, then with all of us in the same room at the same time, with the amazing Black Francis conducting us, we pressed record, jumped around and played our songs. This is how I always thought albums were made and it's definitely how we're doing it from now on!" The first single to be released from the album will be Alcoholics Unanimous, on Monday 6th April.

THE SPECIALS 'Live At The Moonlight Club' CD

Release Date 20/04/2009


This classic live album is re-issued having been unavailable for approx 7 years. This gig was said to have been secretly recorded by Decca Records who had an office next door to the famous Moonlight Club in Hampstead, London and then somehow made its way into the hands of the bootleggers. More recently Horace Panter in his excellent account of his time with the Specials, 'Ska'd for Life', has stated that although the entire set was recorded, the track 'Longshot Kick De Bucket', which had been recently added to the bands set list, was scheduled to appear on a live Moonlight Club compilation but for whatever reason the planned album failed to materialise. Whatever its origins there is no doubting that it captures the band in top form and is a great example of a sound that was to quickly take the nation by storm. Recorded on the day before the British general elections of May 1979, the gig is also of significance in that Chrysalis A&R employee, Roy Eldridge, was one of the members of the audience. It was he who was instrumental in signing both the Specials and the whole 2 Tone apparatus to Chrysalis Records. He impressed The Specials manager Rick Rogers by being genuinely enthusiastic about the band, not like others who were only interested in making money as quickly as possible and cared little for the music. [Text courtesy of ]

LACUNA COIL 'Shallow Life' CD / Ltd CD / Ltd LP [+Bonus CD]

Release Date 20/04/2009


 There is no doubt that one of the most anticipated new releases of 2009 is 'Shallow Life', the eagerly awaited new studio album from Italian sensation Lacuna Coil. Recorded with acclaimed producer Don Gilmore [Avril Lavigne, Linkin Park, Pearl Jam] at the famed NRG Studios in Los Angeles, the first full-length studio album since the 2006 release 'Karmacode' is undeniably a huge step forward in the band's musical evolution, and promises to be well worth the wait.

LENNY KRAVITZ 'Let Love Rule [20th Anniversary Edition]' 2CD

Release Date 20/04/2009


This anniversary edition contains 6 bonus tracks on CD1. CD2 is a live concert disc recorded at the Paradise in Boston in 1990 and the Paradiso in Amsterdam in 1989. It comes in a digipak with a 24 page booklet.

BILLY RAY CYRUS 'Back To Tennessee' CD

Release Date 20/04/2009


'Back To Tennessee' debuted on the Billboard Country Chart at #3. Billy Ray Cyrus appears alongside daughter Miley in Hannah Montana the series. He is also a prominent character in Hannah Montana – The Movie, released nationwide in UK on May 1st. The title track is featured prominently in the Hannah Montana movie. Two tracks are exclusive to the European album.

CHANNEL 'Channel' CD

Release Date 20/04/2009


 They were signed to the giant Epic Records conglomerate. They only ever played two gigs in their entire existence. Their album was recorded at Pink Floyd's studio in London. Most of the band can't even remember who their manager was. Incredibly, some members are still unsure if they actually ever broke up. Meet Channel, central characters of one of the most fascinating melodic rock stories that you'll ever encounter… When it comes to high-tech mid eighties melodic AOR there are few better examples than Channel's sole album. Released in 1984, to virtually zero acclaim, except by a select few, the band featured a bevy a heavy hitters from the LA session world including guitarist Tony Berg, drummer Gary Ferguson, bassist Trey Thompson and top-top vocalist Robert Fleischman, a man who, at one time, had been plucked out of obscurity to join AOR super gods Journey before being cruelly sidelined in favour of a hastily auditioned Steve Perry. Together, they wrote and recorded one of the most coveted and revered melodic rock albums of the era, a record that set the bar about as high as is humanly possible. The main attraction, apart from the stylishly crafted songs and pin-point production [courtesy of Styx collaborator John Ryan] is undoubtedly the triumphant and hugely compelling vocal performance of Robert Fleischman – a man with an operatic range and a tone to die for. Arguably this is the performance of a life time and one that still sends shivers up the backs of AOR fans the world over. A truly colossal achievement.


Release Date 20/04/2009


The term 'pomp-rock' is an anachronism; a rarely used but useful way of vilifying any band with the audacity to incorporate overblown and grandiose musical ideas into their style. Back in the 1970's, however, particularly in North America, it was used to describe a musical renaissance; musicians pushing the songwriting envelope further than ever before. At its head were the twin bastions of Kansas and Styx, both genre defining icons, whilst below them were (sadly mostly forgotten) bands such as Angel, Axe, Trillion and Zon… and perhaps the most whimsical of all; Starcastle. Influenced by the musical showmanship of the early 1970's British Progressive Rock movement, and its wicked ability to pen songs of a uniquely melodic nature, Starcastle instantly connected with an audience hoping to hear the complexities of Yes fused with the ballistic fire-power of Boston. Indeed, in this quest, Starcastle took no prisoners, throwing all caution to the wind. 'Citadel', the band's third album originally released in 1977, satisfied on all counts. Arguably their greatest work, it promotes raging pomp-rock mayhem held in place by long keyboard driven passages and vocals to die for. Supremely melodic, yet surprisingly gutsy, this work of brilliance was produced by none other than Queen collaborator Roy Thomas Baker, a man unafraid to utilise all the technical tricks and know-how at his disposal. The results, on every level, are a truly breathtaking accomplishment.

NOFX 'Coaster' CD / LP –

Release Date 27/04/2009


**PLEASE NOTE: The LP version (when it arrives) may have the title 'Frisbee' due to the "playful jab" as mentioned in the salesnotes** After recently celebrating their 25th anniversary as a band, NOFX are still firing on all cylinders with the release of their 11th studio full-length, 'Coaster'. Boasting a title that takes a playful jab at the current direction of the music industry, 'Coaster' showcases NOFX's limitless proficiency in crafting songs that simultaneously electrify and entertain. As always, Fat Mike tackles a diverse range of topics including politics, drug abuse, religion, and of course, lesbians. All of which are adeptly fused with the fast, technical and melodic sound that NOFX spawned to create an entire genre of punk rock. In addition to the expected hallmarks of a NOFX album, the band keeps their latest material fresh by embracing the early LA punk rock sound on tracks like 'The Quitter' and 'We Called It America'. There is little question about what has separated NOFX as an enduring force in independent music, and more specifically, as an institution in the punk scene over the past 25 years and 'Coaster' is yet another credit to their legacy. With legions of die-hard fans continually anticipating every NOFX release, 'Coaster' is guaranteed to garner the recognition and success that accompanies every NOFX offering.


Release Date 18/05/2009


* 'The Gathering 2008 Part One' 2CD

* 'The Gathering 2008 Part Two' 2CD

* 'The Gathering 2008 Parts One & Two' 4CD

**The Box edition is Strictly Limited to 3000 Copies so Out Requests ONLY** 'The Gathering 2008' saw the original Killing Joke line up play live in London at two historic sold out concerts for the first time since 1982. This double CD packs the second part of the concert double bill. Both concerts are presented in full with no overdubs, professional recorded. The original tribal sound of Killing Joke that catapulted the band into the early 80s is heard here at its very best, and anyone who was lucky enough to a have attended will confirm these really were a truly one off set of concerts. With original drummer Big Paul Ferguson & Youth back on board, the first two classic albums 'Killing Joke' & 'What's This For!' are played for the first time EVER in their entirety. Also performed over the two nights are many rare tracks that have not been heard for the best part of 25 years!

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