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ROGER CHAPMAN 'Hide Go Seek' Release Date OUT NOW!!

2CD –
The double CD, close on 2 hours long, is very diverse, featuring a collection of previously unreleased songs, demo's and alternative versions of tracks already featured on other albums. Asking Roger about the work that had to be carried out to turn what was already 'in the can' into 'Hide Go Seek', he explained: "There were no 'Added Extras', just cleaning up stuff. i.e. 'topping & tailing' tracks. Being demos they would have all kinds of stuff on – beginnings & ends, count ins, rough fades, F'ing & blinding, piss takes etc. Then of course came the difficult job – the running order. Gee whizz, what a marathon trying to put 28 tracks in order, drove me mad. Played the real thing yesterday & still want to change it! The record company made me stop 'cos I was going on & on – as is my want of course. All the Cregan stuff, except for 'Devil & Wings' which we did a couple of years ago, we did together in L.A. about 14/15 years ago. Get this, we were trying to write a 'Family Theme' album, but then as managers moved on we moved on. 'Naked Hearts' was actually written for a movie about Loch Ness but missed the boat. We wrote it over the phone, London to LA, me humming & Jim writing. He then recorded the back track in his studio in LA, sent it to me where I recorded the vocals in London while recording the 'Wicked B's' & 'Bring me Your Love' demos. Anyway, it was a writing thing really, I went there for 3 weeks especially for that reason, to meet up with Jim for a serious writing session. As you'll know some came out on 'Kiss' & some on 'Stone'. The rest contain hours and years of me & Stevie in various studios and houses around London. There are also out takes from sessions as far back as 'Chappo'. Also obvious ones from 'Cat'. I just hope they're enough for people to enjoy & have an idea of what goes into our making music. It's not just write something, record it, wham bam, there's so much more to it. Whole life changes, thought processes & styles for people through so many years."


ROGER CHAPMAN 'Chappo' / 'Live In Hamburg' Release Date 11/05/2009

2CD –

First issued on the ill-fated Acrobat Records come two albums from ex-Family and Streetwalkers vocalist Roger Chapman. Digitally remastered and slip cased. Extensive new notes.


COLIN HAY 'Transcendental Highway' Release Date OUT NOW!!

CD –

Colin Hay first landed on American shores as the frontman and principal songwriter of the pop sensation Men at Work. With Hay's wry songs and burnished vocals leading the way, they were responsible for a series of massive hits, such as 'Down Under', 'Who Can It Be Now?' and 'Overkill', that defined pop music of the early eighties. Since Men at Work's demise, Hay has released a series of solo albums, reunited his old band with astonishing success, and watched as his songs continue to connect with new fans the world over through his musical appearances on the hit TV shows 'Scrubs', 'JAG' and 'The Larry Sanders Show'. Featured on this re-release of 1999's 'Transcendental Highway', the success of the Hay's 'I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You', which was used on the Garden State soundtrack and garnered extensive praise from all corners and all ages, proved that Hay's music has staying power. The album, produced by Dan Rothchild [Better Than Ezra] addresses everything from the ups and downs of Hay's musical career ['My Brilliant Feat'] to the force of the internet ['Transcendental Highway'] to the inspirational 'Freedom Calling' through catchy pop tunes and clever lyrics. Joined by Chad Fisher [drums], Robbie Kilgore [piano], Martin Tillmann [cello] and Rothchild on guitar/bass, Hay reminds us why his work continues to find its way into today's films and television, allowing old fans to rediscovering the man down under anda new fan base to grow.


QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE 'Castles In The Sand' Release Date 18/05/2009

CD –

One of the first studio sessions by Quicksilver's then new line-up of Dino Valente [vocals], John Cipollina [guitar], David Freiberg [bass & vocals], Greg Elmore [drums], with the British session pianist Nicky Hopkins. Mainly acoustic, it took place in Corte Madera, California in late 1969/early 1970. Most of the songs, a couple of them running for nearly nine minutes each, were never to appear on album, although they featured in the group's concerts. As well as working on new songs such as 'Subway' and the rarely-performed 'The Fool', the band run through several country, gospel and blues standards that they were familiar with, such as 'I Know You Rider', 'Walk In Jerusalem', Hank Williams' 'May You Never Be Alone' and Cindy Walker's 'Warm Red Wine'. The booklet's sleeves notes cover the group's circumstances at the time of the recordings and the featured songs.


JOAN BAEZ 'Gone From Danger [Collectors Edition]' Release Date 18/05/2009

2CD –

Following on from the success of 'Ring Them Bells' as a Collectors Edition, Joan Baez' 1997 album gets a welcome re-issue. * The 1st CD features Joan interpreting songs by Sinead Lohan, Dar Williams, Betty Elders and Richard Shindell along with a co-write of her own. * The bonus CD features live performances from 'Mountain Stage' along with the aforementioned songwriters, many songs from the then new release album, a never before released track and a beautiful duet, with Sinead Lohan, on Dylan's 'To Ramona'. The ability to serve as a lightning rod for artists whose talent complements – that is, completes, amplifies – your own unique abilities, that is a rare quality, indeed. It is a quality that came to Joan Baez early in her career and continues to this day. 'Gone With Danger' is a reminder of the complex musical roads that Joan Baez has travelled these past two decades or so, and the marvelously talented artists that she has mentored along the way, who have travelled on her 'bus' and then driven off to find their own pathways. As Joan's friend Dar Williams wrote "She turned round the corner with music around her. She gave me the language that keeps me alive…"


THE WONDER STUFF 'Eight-Legged Groove Machine' Release Date 18/05/2009

CD –

This 20th Anniversary edition of the album features extra tracks and B-sides from around the original release – all re-recorded to give a much fuller/contemporary sound. The album was recorded with original producer Pat Collier, whilst staying true to the original there are a number of tweaks bringing the album in to the 21st Century. Many radio producers and DJs have commented that the album is better than the original and the maturity of Miles Hunt's voice brings a stronger sound to the recording.


THE AMAZING BLONDEL 'Inspiration' Release Date 18/05/2009

CD –

Never had a CD release. Originally out 1975. Band has a cult status and this long awaited album will be greatly sought after. With the departure of John Gladwin in 1973, Eddie Baird and Terry Wincott decided to continue The Amazing Blondel. Eddie took up writing most of the material and whilst it was still of an acoustic-folk base it now had a slightly more commercial bent. 'Inspiration' came out in 1975 to critical acclaim and the band continued recording and playing for a further two albums after 'Inspiration'. Includes the classic hits 'The Lovers', 'On A Night Like This' and 'Love Song'.


DONNA DELORY 'Sanctuary' Release Date 18/05/2009

CD –

"I've always admired Donna's voice; her songwriting is poignant and heartfelt" – MADONNA Donna De Lory is a singer, songwriter, producer and musician whose voice and music transcends time and genre. Fans will be familiar with her from her years of touring with Madonna, but her music has its own compelling vision. Inspired by Indian devotional music and dance beats from around the globe as well as western pop, her songs blend diverse styles for a sound that is as natural as it is unique. Her new album is expansive yet intimate, multi layered and subtle, immediate yet ageless. Her clear, pure voice possesses an emotive power that can be enchanting, elegant and earthy; rich with emotional nuance and understated soul.


COCTEAU TWINS 'Garlands' Release Date 18/05/2009

LP –

**Strictly Limited to 5000 Copies ** Originally released in June 1982, 'Garlands' was the bands debut album and is considered far darker than some their later offerings, being influenced by Siouxsie and the Banshees, early Cure and The Birthday Party. Remastered from the original analogue tapes specially for this vinyl edition and pressed on 180gm vinyl. Limited edition of 5000 copies, with sleeve printed on heavyweight board and newly designed inner bag.


SPYRO GYRA 'Down The Wire' Release Date 25/05/2009

CD –

This contemporary jazz group have been producing successful albums for over three decades and are best known for their hit album 'Morning Dance'. The title track was a Top 40 single in the United States in 1979 and remains a radio favourite throughtout the world today. 'Down The Wire', like 'Morning Dance', was not recorded as one might expect in Manhattan. Instead the recording of their first and latest albums took place in the relaxed atmosphere of a studio in Buffalo, New York, an area which saxophonist Jay Beckenstein and keyboard player have long associations with. Highlights include the title track, a piece propelled by a semi-funky undercurrent established by bassist Scott Ambush and drummer Bonny B and the more laid back 'Unspoken', where percussionist Gerardo Velez, a former member of Spyro Gyra, makes a guest appearance. 'La Zona Rosa' is a high-energy Latin piece which spotlights Julio Fernandez's edgy virtuosity on electric guitar.

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