Guitar Wars – Ron versus Gary

Legendary guitarist Ronnie Montrose – of Montrose and Gamma fame – is suing fellow six-stringer Gary Moore.Right-img

The reason? Ronnie reckons Gal is in possession of a guitar of his that was nicked back in the early 1970s.

Ronnie claims he had his 1959 sunburst Gibson Les Paul stolen back in 1972 – two years before the release of Montrose’s seminal debut album (pictured left).

Ronnie was then a member of the Edgar Winter Group, and his guitar was half-inched from an EWG show in Dudley, Massachusetts.

Ronnie says he bought the guitar from J Geils, and used it to record the Edgar Winter Group album They Only Come Out at Night.

Ronnie says he has since hired private detectives to track down the guitar, but with no luck.

Until he saw Gary Moore’s guitar collection in a British guitar magazine. Ronnie is convinced that one of Moore’s pictured Les Pauls is his missing guitar.

Ronnie claims a photo showing a pin-sized hole in the back of the guitar is the proof, as he drills such holes in all of his guitars.

According to US court reports, Moore has not responded to Ronnie’s efforts to establish contact, so Ronnie is suing the Irish axepert. There is no suggestion Moore was behind any claimed theft in 1972.

Reached at his home in Brighton, England, Moore refused to discuss the matter, saying only that the “whole thing is a sham”.

Source: Classic

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