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One of the great things about talking to our regular customers is the huge depth of knowledge and enthusiasm they have for their favourite music.  The time they spend combing the internet for the latest news of the artists they’re passionate about is something we couldn’t hope to replicate and they can often pass on rumours and titbits of information about forthcoming releases long before we hear anything official from the label.

For example, on Thursday we discovered that Mariah Carey had announced via Twitter that her forthcoming album will be titled Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, the news reaching us by a dedicated fan and avid collector.  An autumn release date is expected, along with a lead single in August and tour dates in 2010, so the end of the year promises to be an exciting time for fans of the best-selling songstress.

So next time you hear some exciting news about your favourite artist, why not drop us a line?  We’re always happy to talk about all kinds of music and who knows?  Thanks to your tip off we might be able to hunt down all manner of rare promos…

Posted by Matt Bowden Sales Team

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