Monday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]


THE CAROLYN HESTER COALITION The Carolyn Hester Coalition [Released 1st June 2009] [CD]


THE CAROLYN HESTER COALITION Magazine [Released 1st June 2009]  [CD]

Though she's best known for her prominent role in the folk boom that swept America in the early 1960s, and her involvement with Bob Dylan, Carolyn Hester also recorded two superb albums of psychedelic folk-rock in 1969, along with her band, The Coalition. Sunbeam is delighted to announce their long-awaited authorised reissues, produced with Carolyn's full participation. Both come complete with booklets detailing the band's history and featuring rare photographs, and are sure to appeal to all fans of high-class US psychedelia.


UFO Making Contact [Released 1st June 2009] [CD]


UFO Misdemeanor [Released 1st June 2009] [CD]

Hard rock pioneers UFO are one of the UK's most prolific and influential rock bands – their musical influence can be seen across a host of modern metal groups and during the course of nearly four decades they have built up an extremely loyal and dedicated fan base. The latest stage of their album reissue campaign continues with Making Contact and Misdemeanour, adding to a series which has sold a combined 25k units OTC. The original albums have all been digitally remastered, now contain previously unreleased bonus material and are accompanied by 16-page booklets housing extensive liner notes, rare photos, press clippings and much more.

ILL WIND Flashes [Released 1st June 2009] [CD]

From Boston, but light years away from the excesses of the notorious 'Bosstown sound', Ill Wind are revered as one of America's best late 60s underground bands. Mixing taut acid rock with gorgeous ballads, and featuring outstanding guitar interplay and the beautiful vocals of Connie Devanney, Flashes is rightly regarded as one of the key artefacts of US psychedelia. Originally issued in the summer of 1968, and much bootlegged since, Sunbeam is delighted to announce its first proper reissue, prepared with the band's full participation. The original album is accompanied by a second disc containing a plethora of superb contemporary bonus material, as well as a booklet featuring rare photographs and historical notes by the band's founder and lead guitarist Ken Frankel, making the package truly essential for psych fans. 'West-Coasty hippie-psycher that has to rank as one of the best Airplane epigons from anywhere, with a solid rocking backbone most of their competition lacks great fluid guitar jams' The Acid Archives 'A fine album, whose sound is moulded by Conny Devanney's crystal-clear vocals. Strongly recommended' Fuzz, Acid & Flowers


PHOENIX Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix [Released 25th May 2009] [CD] [CD/DVD] [LP]

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is jaw-droppingly good, a veritable masterclass in sophisticated modern pop music… the kind of music that will make you glad to be alive and remind you that maybe the world isn't such a terrible place after all… Put simply, it's genius… While it's true that you can't force inspiration, you might be able to rent it for a few weeks at a time – or so goes the logic behind the peripatetic recording process of Phoenix's new studio album. To write their new album the Gallic quartet decamped to various locales away from their home studio in Versailles, searching for the stimulus necessary to transform the new material into a coherent LP. "We spent a long time waiting for the chemical reaction," says guitarist Laurent Brancowitz, "that moment when a song isn't just the sum of all of our parts, but it's something more. And the idea was to go someplace we'd never been." Actually, they went to a few: Brancowitz and his bandmates Thomas Mars (vocals), Christian Mazzalai (guitar), and Deck D'Arcy (bass) worked in the Parisian studio of 19th-century Romantic painter Théodore Géricault, chartered a houseboat on the Seine and stayed at the Bowery Hotel in New York City for a month, among others. As the guitarist explains with self-effacing humour, "It was like our Orson Welles moment." Fresh from performing 3 songs on Saturday Night Live in the US (where they were only the third act ever to be asked to perform three tracks, alongside U2 and Arcade Fire) the band managed to sell-out KOKO in just 10 days. After this Phoenix will then be returning to the UK for Festivals and then back to the Capital in October for a performance at Brixton Academy. With features across the board it looks like Phoenix will be the sound of the Summer.


ESCALA Escala [Released 25th May 2009] [CD]

ESCALA, the divine electric string quartet who caused a sensation in the final of ITV's Britain's Got Talent 2008, finally unleash their astonishing debut album on 25th May. Fusing contemporary sounds with classical instruments, ESCALA boast the freshest and most innovative sound of the year. Featuring the Chi Mai theme by Ennio Morricone, Craig Armstrong's haunting Finding Beauty, Led Zeppelin's Kashmir, Children, by the Swiss Italian DJ Robert Miles, Live and Let Die by Wings and ESCALA's signature tune, Palladio, the eclectic collection showcases the girls' wide-ranging love of modern music. The album has been produced by iconic, Grammy Award-winning British musician Trevor Horn, famed for his work with Cher, Seal, Paul McCartney, Pet Shop Boys, Charlotte Church, Mike Oldfield and many others. ESCALA are violinists Victoria Lyon and Izzy Johnston, 25. Chantal Leverton, a viola player aged 25 and cellist Tasya Hodges, 26 complete the line up. The ladies are deadly serious about their music, playing both acoustic and electric instruments and bringing stylish high-octane showmanship to their performances. With their unique formula of fun and integrity, the girls believe their approach will encourage many (in particular the young) to overcome prejudices about classical instruments. In 2007, ESCALA were performing at private functions across the country. Just a year later they were chosen to lead BSkyB's television promotional campaign for the Premiership football season (in succession to bands such as Simple Minds, Queen and Oasis) became ambassadors for the Red Cross and were recording their debut album, now ready for release. Simon Cowell was bowled over by the girls the moment he first heard them in the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent. He says: "They are completely original and they have got it all; remarkable dedication and training, looks, intelligence, the right attitude to make it big and music that has wide appeal. With their amazing stage presence as well, they are a very rare talent and I believe there will be a huge interest in them, particularly in America." Perhaps Izzy Johnston sums up the quartet best. "We all absolutely love performing and to do it with your closest friends is just the best thing you could imagine. I can only say that this feels like it was meant to be."


PINK P!nk [Released 25th May 2009] [4-CD]

P!nk is an international star and her last album 'Funhouse' has sold 715k in the UK alone. This April sees P!nk start her UK leg of her tour in Glasgow and ending in May at the O2 in London. This amazing boxset includes 4 of her brilliant albums in one easy CD package. The career spanning boxset is a real must have and includes tracks such as 'Get The Party Started', 'Just Like A Pill', 'Stupid Girls' & 'Who Knew'.


DAVE BRUBECK Time Out [Released 25th May 2009] [2-CD/DVD]

With Brubeck on piano, Paul Desmond on alto saxophone, bassist Eugene Wright, and drummer Joe Morello, TIME OUT is one of the best-loved records in jazz. Upon its release, the LP reached #2 on the U.S charts and stayed there for more than three years, becoming the first jazz album to sell a million copies. "Take Five," with its 5/4 "Take Five rhythm" – became an instrumental jazz staple and a surprise radio hit, entering the record books as the first million-selling jazz instrumental single on the Billboard Hot 100. "Blue Rondo à la Turk" also became an instant classic. Brubeck had enjoyed successes before – five years earlier he had been the first jazz musician to have his picture on the cover of Time magazine – but this project made everything else in his career seem like a mere warm-up. TIME OUT is one of the most rhythmically innovative albums in jazz history and is essential to every jazz collection. This year it turns FIFTY years old and to celebrate Legacy is releasing a beautiful Legacy Edition of this classic album. The 50th Anniversary Legacy Edition of Time Out features the original album, re-mastered, plus a full second CD of previously unreleased recordings from the Newport Jazz Festival 1961-1964, and rare photos, correspondence and clippings including a typed, signed description by Paul Desmond of his composition Take Five. In addition to the two audio CDs, the set comes with a 30 minute previously unreleased documentary featuring recent interviews with Dave Brubeck (seen illustrating selections from Time Out at the piano) and extensive historic performance footage.


MILES DAVIS Sketches Of Spain [Released 25th May 2009] [2-CD]

Sketches of Spain is one of Miles Davis' most enduring and innovative achievements. Recorded in November 1959, Davis teamed with Canadian arranger Gil Evans for the third time. Davis brought Evans the album's signature piece, "Concierto de Aranjuez," after hearing a classical version of it and set about to create an entire album of material around it. The result is a masterpiece of modern art. On the "Concierto," Evans ' arrangement provided an orchestra and jazz band the opportunity to record a classical work as it was. The piece is one of the most memorable works to come from popular culture in the 20th century. Davis' control over his instrument is singular, and Evans' conducting is flawless. Also notable are "Saeta," with one of the most amazing technical solos of Davis' career, and the album's closer, "Solea," based on an Andalusian folk song, about a woman who encounters the procession taking Christ to Calvary. This set includes the original album along with rehearsal and alternate takes previously heard only on the 1996 set Miles Davis & Gil Evans: The Complete Columbia Studio Recordings, plus the only piece ever performed live by Miles with Gil — "Concierto de Aranjuez" performed at Carnegie Hall on May 19, 1961. The package offers rare photos, correspondence, and clippings including the 1960 HiFi/Stereo Review article by Nat Hentoff describing the Nov. 15, 1959 recording session.


CHARLES MINGUS Mingus Ah Hum [Released 25th May 2009] [2-CD]

Charles Mingus' debut for Columbia, Mingus Ah Um – with its immediate accessibility and brilliantly sculpted individual tunes – is a stunning summation of the bassist's talents. Mingus' compositions and arrangements were always extremely focused and that approach reaches an ultra-tight zenith on Mingus Ah Um. The razor-sharp performances on the album tie together what may well be Mingus' greatest, most emotionally varied set of compositions. At least three became instant classics, starting with the spiritual exuberance of signature tune "Better Git It in Yo' Soul," punctuated by joyous gospel shouts. "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" is a slow, graceful elegy for Lester Young, who died not long before the sessions. "Boogie Stop Shuffle" is bursting with aggressive swing, and elsewhere there are tributes to Mingus' three most revered influences: "Open Letter to Duke" is a suite of three tunes; "Bird Calls" is inspired by Charlie Parker ; and "Jelly Roll" is an idiosyncratic yet affectionate nod to jazz's first great composer, Jelly Roll Morton. It simply isn't possible to single out one Mingus album as definitive, but Mingus Ah Um comes the closest. Mingus Ah Um made Charles Mingus an acclaimed leader in modern jazz. Perhaps that is why his Columbia follow-up, Mingus Dynasty, is often overlooked in his canon – it is lost in the shadow of its legendary predecessor. It is an excellent album, a testament to just how high a level Mingus was working on that an album of this caliber could have got lost in the shuffle. Many of the originals here were composed for film and television scores. On some pieces, Mingus refines and reworks territory he'd previously hit upon. "Slop" for example, is another gospel-inflected stormer, similar to "Better Git It In Your Soul." The bands that Mingus assembled at Columbia's 30th Street studio in May and November of 1959 consisted of the greatest exponents of his music to date. Featured sidemen include Jimmy Knepper, John Handy, Booker Ervin, Horace Parlan and Dannie Richmond. There was no stopping this incredible musical mind who'd found his voice as a bassist, composer and bandleader. This package contains MINGUS AH UM and its sequel MINGUS DYNASTY in their entirety plus four bonus tracks from the sessions and three alternate takes AND rare correspondence, and session records. All of the masters were beautifully remixed in 24 bit on a vintage Presto all-tube three-track tape machine

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