Motorhead At Top Shop!!

The fad for the fahisonistas and clubbers to adorn themselves in “classic rock chic” is one that has been escalating for the last 18 month or so. And I don't like it!


To be able to walk in to Top Shop or


s to find Guns N’ Roses, Motorhead, Zeppelin and AC/DC t shirts hanging next to slim fit jeans and cardigans. Bloody cardigans of all things, is as far from rock as I am from winning the Euro millions.


Next time you see someone wearing a “distressed” Led Zep t shirt who doesn’t look like they belong in it go and ask them what there favourite track is? Or is Bonham better than Moon? And see what kind of bemused look you get before they ponce off with a “Whatever!” trailing after them.


To these people Physical Graffiti is just energetic Vandalism.


There should be a test before these shirts are sold to ascertain the level of rock contained within the wearer.


You don’t like the music, you don’t like the fashion so don’t think you can put a few rhinestones around the AC/DC logo and it’s ok.


Fans of pop, dance and hippdy hop music are very fickle. Their favourite band is only their favourite until the next one comes along with the next lot of insipid ringtone fodder. Rock fans are different and treat their bands, albums, logos and image as almost sacrosanct and not something to be played around with.


Trust me, everyone will be looking at you thinking you’re a dick as you strop off with you cardy, low slung jeans (for god sake I don’t want to see your pants), and Lady GaGa or similar toss hissing out form your mobile phone. Which is another thing; it’s a phone. I do not want to have to put up with you using it like a non-personal stereo walking down the street or on the train thanks all the same.


Anyway enough said for this week.

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  1. Agree 100% – When the Ozzy Osbourne at home programme was on I had to tell several people he sang with Black Sabbath. They didn’t like him then!!!

    Keep rock t shirts for rockers!

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