Rumors that a “Macca Rarities” 4 CD box set is in the works for 2010

The fantastic Paul McCartney site run by Jorie Gracen the Macca Report recently ran the rumour of a 4 cd box set of McCartney rarities and outtakes possibly heading our way next year.

Obviously this is just a rumour at the moment but Jorie rarely gets it wrong. So keep your eyes peeled and checking back with 991. As soon as we have any confirmed details you will be of course the first to know.

Rumoured track lising for 3 of the discs

DISC ONE – 1969 – 1972
1. Goodbye
2. Maybe I'm Amazed -1st original mix by Chris Thomas
3. Every Night -take 1
4. Rode All Night -edit
5. A Love For You
6. Little Lamb Dragonfly -without strings
7. Get On The Right Thing -take 1
8. Monkberry Moon Delight -alternate vocal take
9. Sunshine Sometime
10. Big Barn Bed -complete Ram ukulele version
11. Dear Friend -w/o strings and horns
12. Some People Never Know -oboe version
13. Breakfast Blues -instrumental edit
14. Mary Had A Little Lamb -long version
15. Give Ireland Back To The Irish -slow version take 2
16. Tragedy
17. Thank You Darling
18. Soily -1972 studio version
19. Best Friend -studio version
20. The Mess -studio version
21. C-Moon Jam -with John Bonham
22. Lazy Dynamite -long version
23. Night Out -instrumental
24. Hi Hi Hi -slow version
25. Only One More Kiss -take 1

Hidden Bonus Track: Radio spot with untitled instrumental for Hi Hi Hi/C-Moon recorded at Abbey Road.

DISC TWO 1973 – 1978
1-Gotta Sing Gotta Dance (this is the studio version without crowd noise)
2-Why Am I Crying?
3-I Lie Around
4-Six O'clock (Paul vocal)
5-Bluebird (alternate)
6-Lets Love (April ' 74 version)
7-Send Me The Heart (take one)
9-One Hand Clapping Theme
10-Live and let Die (' 74 version)
11-Soily (' 74 version)
12-Love In Song (take One)
13-Rockshow (' 74 version)
15-Baby Face
16-The Note You Never Wrote (Paul and Denny's Everly version)
17-Silly Love Songs (fun version)
18-Must Do Something about it (Paul On Vocal)
19-She's My Baby (rock version)
21-One Woman
22-Girlfriend (first version)
23-Twelve Of The Clock
24-Did We Meet Somewhere Before?
25-Goodnight Tonight (original ' 78 version)

DISC THREE 1979 – 1986
1-Love Awake (Ranachan version)
2-Rockestra themes (Wings version)
4-Robbers Ball
5-Blue Sway
6-Attention (Paul's Guide vocal)
7-Ode To A Koala Bear (take one)
8-Rainclouds+ George Martins and Paul's moving dialogue about John
9-Blackpool 1981 version (Tug of War Sessions)
10-All The Love Is There (with Stewart Copeland on drums)
11-I'll Give You A Ring
12-No Values (1981 Montserrat version)
13-Tug Of War (first string arrangement version)
14-Stop You Don't Know Where She Came From (with great brass section)
15-The Long Winding Road-Ebony & Ivory Strawberry Jam with Stevie Wonder
16-Tug of War acoustic reprise
17-The Fool On The Hill (Broad Street outtake)
18-Martha My Dear/Gloriana Medieval guitar piece medley
19-Your School
22-Goodtimes Coming/Feel The Sun (long Version)
23-Angry Long Jam Version (with Townshend and Phil Collins)
24-Hey Diddle (Paul and Linda duet Chris Thomas 1986 version)

Hidden Bonus Track: the Juggler 1981 theme

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