The Beatles imake it to the iphone before itunes.

With The Beatles Rockband coming this Autumn along with the complete series of remastrred albums you'd be thinking that it will only be a matter of time before the Fab Four hit itunes. Well, don't hold your breath. However, until then why not console yourself with this brand new and official app for the iphone.

The Little Black Songbook Of The Beatles lets you download professionally transcribed music, lyrics and chord boxes to over 160 Beatles' songs…and that's not all! You also get audio-visual guitar chords at a touch… backing tracks to help you sing or play along, and even a few video lessons to help you learn the songs. 

The Little Black Songbook Of The Beatles is a legal and fully licensed product. All content is publication quality – an amazing bargain when you consider how much the print version of all these songs costs. Also the interactive elements are in the best tradition of iPhone music apps—simple, useful and really fast to access once downloaded. 

The Little Black Songbook Of The Beatles is available from and costs £3.99

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