The Good, The Bad and The really, really bad

Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back – Good!
Phantom Menace, Clone Wars – Bad!
Jaws – Good! Jaws 2, 3 and 4 Very bad!
Revolver – Good!Abbey Road – Good!
Unfinished Music No.1 – Bad! Ringorama -Bad!

Can you see a pattern forming here?  Someone has a great, sometimes earth shattering moment of genius and creates something of unparalleled quality that can never be bettered. That is usually followed by that same someone getting carried away with themselves and before you know it they have created a Frankenstein like catastrophe that the world could quite easily do without.

DJhero is today’s Frankenstein. So how is this nightmare going to unfold? Well, I suspect the little coloured buttons you see in the picture allow the wrecker of vinyl to match up the beats and other such noises similar to how the guitar hero controller works. It will also allow you to create "original mixes" of songs.


By all accounts the music genres being catered for at this current stage of developments are; hip-hop, R&B, Motown, electronica and dance.
Nothing for you two-step garage purists I'm afraid and we suspect that R&B mentioned is your bee in a tin kinda whiney, American, crotch grabbing type and not the cool culture defining 60's version.

No date has been set for its release but look out for the finished product around late summer for all major consoles.

You can register your interest here if you so wish.

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