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'Live From Madison Square Gardens' 2CD / 2DVD Release Date 18/05/2009

Rock legends Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood reunited for three extraordinary sold-out shows at New York's Madison Square Garden last year. These shows – the first full Winwood-Clapton concerts in forty years – are documented on the double CD / double DVD set 'Live From Madison Square Garden' that will be released by Reprise on May 18th. 'Live From Madison Square Garden' features a string of classic songs including 'Presence of the Lord' and 'Can't Find My Way Home' from the duo's legendary supergroup Blind Faith as well as Clapton's 'After Midnight' and 'Tell The Truth' and Winwood's 'Dear Mr. Fantasy' and 'Glad'. As well as two live CDs and one live DVD, 'Live From Madison Square Gardens' features a second DVD of extra material. It includes the exclusive documentary 'The Road To Madison Square Garden' that features new interviews with Clapton and Winwood illustrated with rare footage and photography of Cream, Traffic and Blind Faith. In addition, it also includes footage of the preparation for the three performances, highlighted by Clapton's acoustic soundcheck performance of the Robert Johnson standard 'Rambling On My Mind'. The DVD is completed three bonus Madison Square Gardens performances of 'Low Down', 'Kind Hearted Woman' and 'Crossroads'. Clapton and Winwood's musical paths connected in 1969 with the formation of Blind Faith, whose fusion of rock and blues resulted in a highly acclaimed eponymous debut album. The band's only brief tour commenced at Madison Square Garden on July 12th that same year and concluded in Hawaii on August 24th. Steve Winwood's most recent album was 2008's 'Nine Lives'. Released by Columbia Records, the album featured a guest appearance by Eric Clapton on the track 'Dirty City'. Eric Clapton's two-disc compilation 'Complete Clapton' was released in 2007 and peaked at #2 in the UK.



'Serenade' 2D Release Date 18/05/2009

For the first time as a CD and DVD package, Katherine Jenkins performs songs from her best selling album 'Serenade' with hits including '(Everything I Do) I Do It For You', 'O Mio Babbino Caro' and 'Nella Fantasia'. The DVD features stunning highlights from Katherine singing Live at the International Eisteddfod Concert in Llangollen, Wales.



'Live In Australia' 2D Release Date 18/05/2009

Among the many records Glenn Hughes has released recently, this was with no doubt one of the most original. His first acoustic concert recorded on his first ever solo show in Australia, on the 17th June 2006 at notorious Sydney venue 'The Basement'. With a song selection covering all phases of his career, Hughes brought his unique brand of Rock-Funk to a new audience within a live CD and DVD – a must have for all collectors of this great hard rock singer. The songs on the releases range across Glenn's career, taking in material from the beginning of his solo career like 'I Found A Woman' (from the rare Thrall/ Hughes album) to new masterpieces like 'Frail' or 'The Devine'. On top of that, Hughes returns to his legendary Deep Purple days for 'This Time Around', 'You Keep On Moving', an astonishing rendition of 'Mistreated' and a duet with celebrated Australian Rock front man Jimmy Barnes. Impressive are the two cover versions on the CD as well as on the DVD: Procol Harum's 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale' and Moody Blues 'Nights In White Satin'. This package is a paradigm of Glenn's soulful, distinctive voice, which is in top-notch condition throughout the show.



'Live At The Basement' 3CD Release Date 18/05/2009

The Hoochie Coochie Men, named after the Willie Dixon song 'I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man', were Bob Daisley [Rainbow, Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Moore, Uriah Heep] on bass, Tim Gaze on lead vocals and guitar, Rob Grosser on drums and Jim Conway on harmonica The band's life changed drastically when legendary founder member of Deep Purple, Jon Lord decided to join them for a concert at the famous 'Basement Club' in Sydney just after a few hours rehearsal. All musicians loved playing together and remained in contact. Many journalists and fans have already said the Hoochie Coochie Men is Jon Lord's return to rock music and thanks to the distinctive presence of his Hammond organ; louder and cooler than ever. This 3 CD Deluxe Limited Edition is documenting the show that started the Hoochie Coochie Men project feat. Jon Lord. A fantastic ride across blues and rock with an intense sense of joy and fun across the whole concert. The double CD was originally released by EMI (but in a very limited number of territories) and it has been deleted and not available for the last two years. The new earMUSIC edition is a 3CD digipack limited edition. It consists of 2 CDs with the complete 'Live At The Basement' Show plus a bonus CD that documents in essence the embryonic formation of how the 'Hoochie Coochie Men' came to record their first studio album with Jon Lord. and also includes 2 tracks that were originally sung by Tim Gaze as guide vocals for Jimmy Barnes & Ian Gillan (in total, 6 tracks for the first time on CD). 2 interviews with Jon Lord are also featured on the third CD which should please the most dedicated Deep Purple fans.



'Fresh Blood' 7" Release Date 18/05/2009

Vagrant Records will release EELS' seventh studio album Hombre Lobo on June 1st. EELS is the ever-changing project of singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mark Oliver Everett [aka E]. The band's first record since 2005's critically acclaimed 'Blinking Lights and Other Revelations', 'Hombre Lobo' was recorded entirely at E's studio in Los Angeles with Koool G Murder [bass, keyboards and guitar] and Knuckles [drums and percussion]. This is the album's first single, 'Fresh Blood,' backed with another track 'My Timing Is Off'.



'One Foot In The Grave' CD  / 2LP Release Date 25/05/2009

 XL are proud to release a deluxe version of a classic album from Beck. Features 13 previously unreleased tracks, along with 3 others only ever featured on ultra rare 7"s. Released barely four months after Beck's 1994 debut 'Mellow Gold', the minimalist mutant folk collection 'One Foot In The Grave' was a curveball that temporarily threw casual 'Loser' fans off Beck's scent while presaging myriad musical adventures to come in the form of 1996's multi-platinum breakthrough 'Odelay'. 'One Foot In The Grave' will be reissued in a deluxe format including 13 previously unreleased tracks from the original sessions and three more from an out of print 7" only release, including an early version of 'It's All In Your Mind' from 2002's 'Sea Change'. 'One Foot In The Grave' was originally released in June 1994 on K Records, and was recorded by Calvin Johnson, founder of the label and proprietor of Dub Narcotic Studios. Sessions began in the fall of 1993, a few months into the existence of Calvin's Olympia, WA basement studio on a reel to reel 8 track. Musicians from local bands such as Built to Spill, Spinanes and Love As Laughter made appearances backing up Beck on half of the original album's 16 tracks. Released with little to no initial promotion or fanfare, the record has grown from a cult favorite to one of the most highly regarded releases of the extensive Beck oeuvre, with tracks like 'Hollow Log', 'He's A Mighty Good Leader' and 'Asshole', which was covered by Tom Petty on his 'She's The One' album. "I'd never worked with anyone so focused, or whose creativity flowed so freely," Johnson recently recalled. "Songs altered structure and lyrics take to take, a fascinating process to witness".



'How To Cut And Paste: Country & Western Edition' CD Release Date 25/05/2009

One of the UK's favourite DJ's returns with another twist on his highly successfully Cut and Paste series. Devilish deck doyen DJ Yoda returns to the fray with the latest in his acclaimed Cut n Paste adventures. Following on from the '80s Edition', which saw him giving that most colourful of decades a boot into the future, the latest instalment of this legendary series covers the gamut of countrified cuts. Distilling the most potent musical moonshine, Yoda blows the barn doors off with his deft trickery taking you on a wild hayride into the heart of both types of music; Country and Western and their stylistic dalliances with Hip-Hop. From John Denver's supercharged 'Oh Thank God I'm A Country Boy' slipping into Dolly Parton's '9 to 5', DJ Yoda mixes up beats, banjos and Johnny Cash in what is his most startling mix yet.



'Rum & Coke' CD Release Date 25/05/2009

Dub Pistols and a sublime line-up of collaborators release the band's finest work to date, 'Rum & Coke' – the soundtrack to the summer of '09. Globally renowned for their unforgettable live performances and 3 great albums, Dub Pistols blend sundrenched dub, disco, hip hop and pop with a carnival atmosphere. 'Rum & Coke' follows 2007's critically acclaimed 'Speakers & Tweeters', featuring fantastic collaborations with Ashley Slater [Freakpower], Lindy Layton [Beats International], Gregory Isaacs, Justin Robertson, Rodney P and TK Lawrence.



'Digital Hearts' Ltd 7" Release Date 25/05/2009

**Strictly Limited to 400 Copies so Out Requests ONLY** "Howling Bells remind us that music can still be magical" – The Fly. "Accomplished, stunning and Beautiful" – Artrocker. "Prepare to be bewitched" – Clash. "They're on the verge of Unequivocal magnificence" – The Guardian. "Confident, well executed rock n roll music made by people who have studied long and hard at the altar" – NME. It's been a great start to 2009 for the Howling Bells. First they released their sophomore album 'Radio Wars' to widespread critical acclaim before heading out to complete a sell out UK tour. Now, with barely time to catch their collective breath the quartet of Juanita Stein, Joel Stein, Brendan Picchio and Glenn Moule are ready to unleash their singular charms on us all over again with the release of their second single 'Digital Hearts'. Howling Bells are painting with vivid colours now. Take new single 'Digital Hearts', it's a brilliant, uncomplicated, uptempo song. It's the sound of a band on top of their game and their ambitions to write widescreen pop songs of substance being audibly realised. However, like all the Bells output and all great pop songs before it there's a twist that cunningly belies its underling euphoria. Listen closely, 'Digital Hearts' might not be as sweet as you first thought.

3 x MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP REISSUES: Release Date 25/05/2009


After leaving UFO in 1978, legendary guitarist Michael Schenker returned briefly for a second stint in The Scorpions before deciding to form his own group – settling on a name that left no confusion about the creative force in the group! To date The Michael Schenker Group has released 12 studio albums, amassing two UK Top-10s, and 6 Top-40s in the process. The second batch of albums have now also received the remastering treatment, they come crammed with previously unreleased bonus material and feature extensive liner notes written by Classic Rock journalist Dave Ling.

* Assault Attack - The Michael Schenker Group's third studio album for Chrysalis Records, and following hot on the heels of the incendiary Top 10 double live 'One Night At Budokan', was the only album to feature the vocal talents of former Rainbow singer Graham Bonnet. Sadly the line-up played only one show, a warm-up gig in Sheffield, before imploding on 27th August, a mere two day's before a headlining appearance on Sunday night at the Reading Rock Festival. Original MSG vocalist Gary Barden was drafted back into the group in time for the festival date, and dispatched his duties admirably, but plans to replace Bonnet's contribution to the album with the reinstated Barden were shelved in order for the album to meet its October release date. As well as the single 'Dancer', the album is now completed by the single's b-side 'Girl From Up Town'.

* Built To Destroy – The Michael Schenker Group's fourth studio album, Built To Destroy, was released in 1983 on Chrysalis. Although it was originally produced by the band with engineer Louis Austin, when the band signed a new management contract with CCC, it was felt that the album was not right for the US market, and was promptly remixed for the American market by legendary US producer Jack Douglas [famed for his work with Aerosmith, John Lennon and Alice Cooper, among many others]. Derek St Holmes from Ted Nugent's band was added as rhythm guitarist, and even contributed lead vocals to the American remix version of 'Still Love That Little Devil'. This edition now features both the UK and US mixes in their entirety, together for the first time and in their original configurations.

* Rock Will Never Die -  'One Night At Budokan', MSG's first live LP/, recorded on the band's 1981 tour of Japan, was originally only meant for the Japanese market, but when import copies were going for £15 or more (a substantial amount for a new record in 1981), a UK release made perfect sense. Right from their debut tour in 1980, MSG were easily able to fill London's Hammersmith Odeon, so when a tour was booked for October 1983, it was considered the right time to not only record the concert for posterity, but also film it for the then burgeoning home video market. In order to fit the album onto two sides of 12" vinyl (and probably avoid too much repetition with the previous live LP), 'Rock Will Never Die' was released in 1984 as a single LP. This remastered edition of 'Rock Will Never Die' features no less than 6 bonus tracks, including Schenker's biggest hit, 'Armed And Ready'. The album is also notable for featuring Michael's brother Rudolf Schenker and Klaus Meine, from German hard rockers the Scorpions, on the UFO classic 'Doctor Doctor'.



'Killing Is My Business' CD Release Date 18/05/2009

Megadeth's classic debut album is now available as a limited LP replica (CD version in the style of the original gatefold LP version). Includes the infamous 'Mechanix' (a different and faster version of Metallica's 'The Four Horsemen' which was co-written by Dave Mustaine).



'Summer Love Songs' CD Release Date 18/05/2009

Summer is almost here and you know what that means – a new Beach Boys release! Summer Love Songs is a collection of 20 timeless Beach Boys Love Songs featuring six new stereo mixes and a rare Dennis Wilson Track – 'Fallin' In Love' Six new stereo mixes: * 2 new mixes: these songs were on 'Sounds of Summer' or 'The Warmth of the Sun', but not these mixes. * 4 new stereo mixes in addition to the lost tapes Includes 'Fallin' In Love', a song written and recorded by Dennis Wilson during the Beach Boys' 'Sunflower' album sessions in 1970. The track originally released as 'Lady' has long been out-of-print in the U.K. This track has also been mixed in stereo for the first time.



'The Singular Thomas Dolby' 2D Release Date 18/05/2009

Thomas Dolby became one of the most recognizable figures of the synth-pop movement of early '80s new wave, successfully harnessing the power of synthesizers and samplers, to make catchy pop and light electro-funk. This two disc (CD/DVD) collection features all of his singles and videos.



'Adventure Man' CD Release Date 18/05/2009

Ladies and gentlemen, Eg is about to release an album, 'Adventure Man'. Now, lots of albums come out every year by obscure singer-songwriters you have never heard of, so why should you care about this one? For one thing, you already know the songs of Eg White. He co-wrote two of last year's biggest, most soulful and universally loved pop hits, with Britain's shining new female stars: Duffy's classic 'Warwick Avenue' and Adele's sensational 'Chasing Pavements'. You will find Eg's name in the credits of songs by such chart staples as Will Young, James Morrison, James Blunt and Take That, along with female pop voices like Joss Stone, Pink, Kylie Minogue, Beverly Knight and Natalie Imbruglia, and emerging stars Sam Sparro and Daniel Merriweather. He won an Ivor Novello award [Best Song 2004] for his inescapable Will Young torch ballad 'Leave Right Now'. If you are beginning to detect a pattern, it is one Eg recognises. "There's a line of songs that I got lucky with over the last five years, in marked contrast to everything that has happened in my past, and I am delighted about it." So he agreed to make 'Adventure Man'. "I think everyone would have been happy with an album of almost-hits, songs that I liked but that weren't quite good enough to pass the drive-by test. But that's not what it became. As the record was made, those songs fell by the wayside, and the album started to become more ironic, sophisticated, interesting and plausible." There are songs of breakdown and regret ('Broken'), character assassination ('There's Gonna Be Someone'), drug addiction ('Whatever Makes You Sick'), surviving depression ('My People'), romantic apology ('But California'), wry autobiography ('Weird Friendless Kid'), the agony of obsessive love ('If You Run') and the joy of being an unreconstructed arsehole ('Pay Later'). And there is a beautiful, harrowing ballad of survival written and sung nearly completely by Alice Temple ('Pull Me Through'), which was a way of "closing the circle." 

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