Thursday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]


BLACK EYED PEAS The Lowdown [released 6th July 2009]


Black Eyed Peas The Lowdown is a deluxe 2 CD set which features a spoken word biography of the group and a second disc featuring interviews with all the group members recorded at different points throughout their career. Destined to become a collectors item of the first order, this set will prove an essential addition to the collections of every one of BEPs millions of fans right across the globe. Back at the top of the charts after almost 5 years away, Black Eyed Peas enormous success is continuing with abandon as they hit the number one spot all over again – and all over the world – with their latest material. Always a joy to listen to and a pure delight to watch, this group defy categorisation and provide a breath of fresh air in an era when truly great pop and soul music has all but disappeared from both the charts and the radio.


BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN The Lowdown [released 6th July 2009]


One of the most respected artists of the rock age, Bruce Springsteen has now notched up an incredible 40 years working as a professional musician. But unlike many of his contemporaries who carry on year after year, Bruce delivers astonishing new material with every new record he makes, and still has the energy to perform 3 hour spectaculars, 200 nights a year. This set celebrates the quality, integrity and longevity of Bruce Springsteen's music and performances and includes a CD audio biography, numerous interviews with the man himself plus posters, booklets featuring rare photos, memorabilia and a host of other features, which in completion make for a Bruce collectors item of the first order, certain to delight his millions of fans worldwide.


MICHAEL JACKSON Never Surrender [released 6th July 2009]


He's back like never before, and he's acting like hes never been away; Michael Jacksons run of 50 live dates in London will finally put the doubters to bed and prove that Jacko is still a force to be reckoned with. This DVD tells the full story of Michael Jackson from his entry into show-business at the tender age of 4, through his brilliant career to date as a performer of extraordinary talent and, via his trials and tribulations, to culminate in his emergence as an act who can attract over a million people to buy tickets for shows in a single city, after many had foolishly written him off as a has-been. Featuring previously unseen film footage, rare and exclusive interviews, contributions from those who have known him best and the finest broadcasters and journalists in the business, plus news reports, location shoots and a host of other features. * To the delight of his fans, Jackson recently scheduled 50 concert dates at the O2 Arena in London, which will see him perform to over one million people * The King of Pop has been inducted into the Rock and roll hall of fame twice, won 13 Grammys, had numerous no1 singles, and sold over 750 million units worldwide * The Thriller Musical continues to play to sold out crowds in Londons West End highlighting the popularity of the mans legendary music remains as strong as ever * Extras including the Michael Jackson interactive challenge, digital discography and lots more, this DVD will delight every Jacko fan across the globe as it enlightens, informs and entertains, and proves that Michael Jackson is an artist whose long career is as much ahead of him as behind him


KINGS OF LEON The Interview Sessions [released 13th July 2009]


They've been dubbed the best new American band since Nirvana and their ambition, talent and style certainly all suggest that Kings Of Leon have a long and successful musical career ahead of them. This disc contains a series of Interviews with all the band members recorded right across their career to date and during which the lads debate all manner of topics. From playing the European festival circuit to fighting rednecks in the U.S. Bible Belt, from their huge success in the UK to the development of their songwriting over 3 albums and their respect for other artists from Lily Allen to Oasis. With 8 tracks in all, clocking in at almost an hour of candid chat, this disc will prove a delight for the bands enormous army of fans across the globe. * The band released their last studio album Only By The Night late last year, which flew straight to the top of the UK album chart (selling 5 X Platinum status). It was officially the UKs third biggest selling album of 2008 * Kings Of Leon won the Best International Band and Best International Album at the Brit Awards earlier this year * The band are set to hit the UK to play the 02 Arena (London) and MEN Arena (Manchester) in June. They will also headline the Reading and Leeds festivals this summer


MORRISSEY From Where He Came To Where He Went [released 20th July 2009]


For millions hes not so much a hero, more a Godhead, and almost from the day he entered the public domain huge swathes of fans have identified with his philosophy, his lifestyle and, most crucially, his music. But prior to hitting it big he seemed the man least likely to indeed Manchester impresario Tony Wilson told him in the early 1980s he didnt have a chance in hell of getting signed. This double DVD set tells the entire story of Morrissey – his life and his career in music. From those early days as a bedroom dwelling New York Dolls fanatic writing to the NME on a regular basis, through the heady Smiths era when he barely put a foot wrong, and across his often quite staggering solo career to culminate at his position today as elder statesman of the indie generation. * The latest album from Morrissey Years Of Refusal was recently released, and has achieved impressive sales * Recent single Im Throwing My Arms Around Paris has been a huge smash hit * Morrissey is set to play numerous UK tour dates throughout May * Music magazine NME has described Morrissey as One of the most influential artists ever * Includes rare and classic footage, musical performances of the Smiths and Morrissey, exclusive and archive interviews, and lengthy contributions from the likes of; producers Stephen Street, John Porter, Mark Nevin and Kenny Jones, fifth Smith Craig Gannon, Factory Records Tony Wilson, Manchester journalists Paul Morley and John Robb, ex-NME writer Stuart Maconie, Durutti CoGeorge-Harrison-Beautiful-Strange-472208.jpglumns Vinni Reilly and many others

GEORGE HARRISON Beautiful Stranger [released 27th July 2009]


When George Harrison passed away in 2001, the grief and sadness felt by virtually everyone who had been touched by his songs, his life or his beliefs was staggering. The huge respect George attracted during his relatively short life was testament to a man whose talent and skill was equalled only by his decency and generosity. Beautiful Stranger is a film that traces the entire life of George Harrison, from the day he was born until the day he died. Featuring superb and previously unseen film footage, contributions from the likes of Sir George Martin, Sir Paul McCartney, Ravi Shankar, his close school friends and other colleagues from throughout his life, news reports, location shoots, and many archive interviews with George himself. * A new career spanning CD entitled Let It Roll: Songs By George Harrison is set for release in mid June * George Harrison achieved worldwide fame as lead guitarist in The Beatles and is listed number 21 in Rolling Stone Magazines list of 100 best guitarists of all time * Following the break up of the Beatles, Harrison had a successful career as a solo artist and later as part of the travelling Wilburys, and also as a film and record producer * Earlier this year, the Hollywood chamber of commerce awarded Harrison a star on the walk of fame in front of the Capitol Records building * Includes Extras such as interactive discography and digital biography of George Harrison


MAN Introspective [released 20th July 2009]


The Man band first came together as the Bystanders in 1964. The band were one of many pop bands in the sixties that were trying to climb the ladder of success and managed to release many singles during the period between 1964 and 1968. The band became Man when Deke Leonard from another Welsh band The Dream joined and the band signed to Pye records. The music that the Man band performed however was very much removed from the pop sensibilities of The Bystanders and more in keeping with the West Coast sound of American bands such as The Quicksilver Messenger Service. The band would record two albums for Pye (Revelation and 2ozs Of Plastic With A Hole In The Middle) before leaving the label to sign with the more progressively minded Liberty records in 1970 and were to remain with the label until 1976 when they signed with MCA. Following the deal with MCA the band released just one more studio album (The Welsh Connection) before announcing their decision to call it a day following one more tour that would be recorded and finally be released as All's Well That Ends Well. The band re formed in 1983 and have been a going concern since then regularly releasing albums and performing concerts. * This Introspective DVD release tells the story of Man by those that know the story best of all…The band. * The DVD features key interviews with Deke Leonard and Martin Ace and also later members such as George Jones. * Also includes exclusive live performances from the band including material from the album Diamonds and Coal


HAWKWIND USA Tour 1989-1990 [released 20th July 2009]


Filmed in America during the bands tour of 1989-90 this film finds Hawkwind in fantastic live form. The line up of Brock/Bainbridge/Davey/Chadwick power their way through a number of classics including, Down Through The Night, Hassan I Sabha, Needle Gun and Reefer Madness. Also includes some impromptu interviews and rehearsal footage.


RICK DANKO & RICHARD MANUEL Live At O'Tooles Tavern [released 20th July 2009]


Rick Danko and Richard Manuel were key members of the legendary group of musicians The band. In addition to being connected with Bob Dylan both recording a number of albums with him and performing at many concerts The Band also had a thriving career of their own. Opening their account with the groundbreaking album Music From Big Pink in 1968 The Band would go on to record a further six studio albums before calling it a day for the first time in late 1976 with a farewell performance at the Winterland which was filmed and recorded and subsequently released as The Last Waltz. During the eighties the various members busied themselves with sessions and albums of their own however they did reform as The Band without Robbie Robertson in 1983 and also performed occasionally in various groupings. This performance features Rick Danko and Richard Manuel captured during the late performance at O'Tooles Bar in Scranton PA on the 12th of December 1985(They also performed there on the 1st of December). The set list on this recording features the two artists in fine form throughout and also features The Band classics, Unfaithful Servant,King Harvest, and Chest Fever. As a document of two legendary musicians this recording is an important one. It was also recroded less than three months before the sad and untimely death of Richard Manuel. * Rick Danko and Richard Manuel were key members of the legendary group of musicians The band * This performance features Rick Danko and Richard Manuel captured during the late performance at O'Tooles Bar in Scranton PA on the 12th of December 1985 * Features The Band classics, Unfaithful Servant, King Harvest and Chest Fever


RICK DANKO At Dylan's Cafe: Washington DC December 8th 1987 [released 27th July 2009]


Richard Clare Rick Danko (December 29 1942, – December 10, 1999) was musician and singer from Simcoe, Ontario, probably best known as a member of The Band. Double Live album recorded at Dylans Cafe Washington DC 8, 1987

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