Tuesday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part II]


RAY CHARLES Blues Is My Middle Name [Released 1st June 2009]

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* Ray Charles proved that the best music crosses all boundaries and reaches all denominations; this double album highlights his early blues affections. * Breaking down the barriers between sacred and secular music in the process, Ray Charles, the innovative singer, pianist and bandleader, displayed his genius by combining elements of gospel and blues into a highspirited style that would come to be known as soul music. But he didn't stop there: over the decades his music absorbed elements of country & western and big-band jazz as well. * Charles was one of the greatest and most complete musical talents of the 20th century. * In his productive career, Ray Charles won 12 Grammys, earned three Emmy nominations, received eight honorary doctorates, scored the Kennedy Center Honors, the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, the National Medal of Arts and inductions into the Rock, Jazz and Rhythm and Blues halls of fame * Charles not only left behind a lengthy list of hits and awards, but also the musicians he influenced are as diverse in genre as the music he wrote, arranged, performed and recorded himself.

JULIE COVINGTON Plus… [Released 1st June 2009]

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If Julie Covington has suffered from any one thing throughout her distinguished career, it is the fact that she has never been an artist you can pigeonhole. And people do like to pigeon hole. No-one who has seen her work as a formidable and vibrant stage and television actress would argue is she was considered to this category and this category alone. Ok, so file her under 'Actress', then. Great actress – no question. BUT Julie's a great singer too! An interpreter of words, a woman with the ability to inject fresh and unexpected nuances into often well known lyrics. This album was originally released on Virgin Records in 1978 and produced by Joe Boyd and John Wood. It boasted a stellar line up including Richard Thompson, Neil Larson, Willie Weeks, Andy Newmark plus Steve Winwood, John Cale, Ray Cooper, John Kirkpatrick, Trevor Lucas, Simon Nicol, Chris Spedding Andy Fairweather -Low and Russ Titelman. This re-issue classic has been enhanced with two bonus tracks from 1977 including Only Women Bleed which was a Top 20 hit and it's Bside. She had already had a gigantic world wide hit with Don't Cry For Me Argentina from Evita, a version that has never been bettered.This album is a remarkable testament to Julie's special vocal talents. Her wonderfully pure and emotive voice, an interpretive skill and a musical line up to die for, all combine to make this a really special event!


KRAFTWERK/VARIOUS The Radioactive Tribute To Kraftwerk [Released 15th June 2009]

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Kraftwerk is an influential electronic music band from Düsseldorf, Germany. The signature Kraftwerk sound combines driving, repetitive rhythms with catchy melodies, mainly following a Western classical style of harmony, with a minimalistic and strictly electronic instrumentation. The group's simplified lyrics are at times sung through a vocoder or generated by computer – speech software. In the early to late 1970s and the early 1980s, Kraftwerk's distinctive sound was revolutionary for its time, and it has had a lasting impact across many genres of modern popular music This is a tribute to Kraftwerk by some of the most influential underground artists from the Japanese electro-circuit


GROUNDHOGS Live UK Tour 76 [Released 15th June 2009]

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* THE GROUNDHOGS recorded at The Kings Hall in Derby on 13th September 1976 for a live radio broadcast featuring over 65 minutes of high energy Classic British Rock. * Mastered direct from the Radio station original tape recordings. * Includes RARE previously un-released Live material inc. tracks from the 1976 Crosscut Saw album plus favourites from the Split and Solid albums inc: Cherry Red. * Includes a 12 page booklet with rare photos and liner notes from lead guitarist and vocalist-Tony McPhee who gives a track/track description. * Fully authorised by The Groundhogs The band re-formed in late 1975 to record their 8th album (Crosscut Saw) followed by a headline UK tour where this concert was recorded. They added a second lead guitarist-Dave Wellbelove to bolster the sound and allow Tony McPhee more space for his amazing guitar solos. Taken from the original Live Radio broadcast master tape, this set features many tracks from this mid-70`s period that have not been heard or released in a LIVE format before, inc. Corn Cob, Eleventh Hour and Crosscut Saw, plus there are earlier stage favourites Split Pt2 and a rousing 14 min encore of The Groundhog's classic 'Cherry Red'.


SCHENKER BARDEN In The Midst Of Beauty [Released 15th June 2009]

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* Like a phoenix from the ashes, Michael Schenker is back! Long awaited comeback album * The hallmark of great music in the 70s and 80s, when he was part of the Scorpions and UFO * The "legendary" Gary Barden joins Michael as the first MSG singer on "In The Midst Of Beauty" * Musicians (an international, star-studded line up of world class performers): o Don Airey (Deep Purple) – keyboards o Neil Murray (Whitesnake) – bass strings o Simon Phillips – drums * Schenker recovers his former strength with "In The Midst Of Beauty", resulting in a fine mixture throughout, reminiscent of Deep Purple or Rainbow in tracks such as "Nights To Remember" or "End Of The Line" * With "This Time", MSG even has a track which is chartworthy. A healthy dose of hard rock and plenty of lyrical melodies distinguish his new CD, which his loyal and devoted fans will love and which will also impress a wider audience


JULIE LONDON The Choicest Of Cole Porter [Released 15th June 2009]

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To many the beautiful Julie London is best remembered for the highly successful TV series Emergency. But there are those who also know Julie for her beautiful singing voice that was heard over the radio and in supper clubs for more over two decades during the 1960 and 70s. Her husband, Bobby Troup, who also played opposite her on Emergency, and was an incredible trumpet player, brought her to the attention of Liberty Records who they signed her to a long term contract. This compilation album made up exclusively of songs by the master, Cole Porter.


JUDY GARLAND & LIZA MINNELLI Live At The London Palladium [Released 25th May 2009]

2-CD: http://991.com/Buy/ProductInformation.aspx?StockNumber=470212

Almost 40 years to the date after Judy Garland's death, and 45 years after it was recorded, Judy Garland & Liza Minnelli: Live at the London Palladium is finally coming out on CD! Fans will recall that this album was slated for release back in 2002-in fact, we advertised it in our catalog- but it was pulled due to legal issues. Well, this was truly a case of a cloud having a silver lining, because now the album is coming out on our very own Collectors' Choice Music label! This is the complete, restored concert, remastered and annotated under the careful ears and eyes of Garland/Minnelli expert Scott Schechter. Bonus tracks include a phone interview with Jack Wagner from a promo LP! It's what every Judy and Liza fan has been waiting for!


BOB DYLAN Dylan's New York [Released 29th June 2009]

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In January 1961, Bob Dylan arrived at Greenwich Village, the very place for a folksinger-poet. The Village had already gained a reputation for Bohemian ways, and had given birth to a generation of beatniks, courtesy of a generation of beat poets, including Allen Ginsberg. It was in the Village s clubs that the early protest songs that became the anthems of the protest movements were written, and it was here that he honed his craft, playing alongside other legendary figures such as Dave Van Ronk and Tom Paxton. It was in New York that he was to change his name to Bob Dylan, and, after his conversion to the electric guitar, he was to remember New York in the bitter Positively Fourth Street. In this hit song, he replied to the friends that he'd made in the Fourth Street clubs who had become his most vituperative critics (Bob had also lived on Fourth Street). The Chelsea Hotel, the Carnegie Hall… these are just two further names without which no attempt to approach the life and times of Dylan would be complete. This is Positively Bob Dylan.


PINK FLOYD Pink Floyd's London & Cambridge [Released 29th June 2009]

2-DVD: http://991.com/Buy/ProductInformation.aspx?StockNumber=470216

A visual feast, linking one of the most beautiful cities of England, the magnificent medieval university town of Cambridge with the heartland of the British sixties musical revolution, London, in a 3 hour whirlwind tour of all the key locations associated with this group. Pink Floyd is one of a handful of barely more than a dozen who have sold more than a billion albums since records (and records) began.


THE PRETENDERS The Best Of / Break Up The Concrete [Released 25th May 2009]

2-CD: http://991.com/Buy/ProductInformation.aspx?StockNumber=470230

The Pretenders make their long-awaited return this summer with a double album consisting of a 22-track 'Best Of' CD packaged together with the new studio album 'Break Up The Concrete'. The new album 'Break Up The Concrete' is The Pretenders' 1st release in the UK since 2002 and sees Chrissie Hynde at her blistering best. Attacking from the off in mind-blowing fashion with the rockabilly stomper 'Boots Of Chinese Plastic', which sets the tone for the rest of the record. The 22 track Best Of disc contains a mountain of hits, which brings all the most memorable moments from their incredible 30-year career together. From the majestic 'Talk Of The Town' to the instantly recognisable opening bar of No.1 smash 'Back On The Chain Gang'. The hits come in thick and fast, featuring the ever popular 'Brass In Pocket', 'Don't Get Me Wrong', 'I'll Stand By You' and many, many more. The Pretenders will play a series of special shows, including London's Shepherd's Bush Empire, where they will be showcasing tracks from their new album and resplendent back catalogue. Preceding these shows is an appearance at Hyde Park's, Hard Rock Calling, June 27th. The Pretenders will appear as special guests on BBC2s Later With Jools Holland the week prior to release. Rock's great iconoclast, Neil Young, perfectly summed up what we all know about Chrissie Hynde: "She's a rock & roll woman. She's got it in her heart. She's gonna be rocking till she drops".


MICHAEL McDONALD The Ultimate Collection [Released 25th May 2009]

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The extraordinary soulful voice of Michael McDonald has captivated millions of fans over the years and this 19-track album showcases the biggest songs from this unique soul man. The album features hits including top 10 single 'Sweet Freedom', the Grammy Award winning single 'Yah Mo B There' and 'On My Own', a bittersweet Burt Bacharach ballad sung with R&B diva Patti LaBelle. Also included are 7 passionate and soulful songs taken from the Doobie Brothers era including the top 40 single 'What a Fool Believes' and 'Takin' It To The Streets' which became the title track for the Doobies 1976 LP. With his husky, soulful baritone, Michael McDonald became one of the most distinctive and popular vocalists to emerge from the laid-back California pop/rock scene of the late 70's. In 1975 McDonald began a long association with Steely Dan. Beginning with 'Katy Lied' and continuing through 'Royal Scam', 'Aja', and 'Gaucho', the unique McDonald timbre added substance to the difficult parts written by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker for songs like 'Peg' and 'Time Out Of Mind'. After a mere 2 days of rehearsal, the 24-year-old studio veteran made his debut with The Doobie Brothers, and in the years that followed, he and the Doobie Brothers enjoyed massive commercial and creative success.


AL JARREAU Jarreau [Released 25th May 2009]

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Al Jarreau's unique vocal style is one of the world's most precious treasures. His innovative musical expressions have made him one of the most exciting and critically acclaimed performers of our time with five Grammy Awards, scores of international music awards and popular accolades worldwide. Friday Music is extremely proud to announce the Al Jarreau Remaster Series as we kick things off with his platinum plus 'Jarreau' album from 1983. This fine release included his huge hit 'Mornin' as well as 'Trouble In Paradise' and 'Love Is Waiting' plus a plethora of the finest musicians and six more smokin' tracks. Out of print on CD for over a decade, Friday Music saves the day again with a stunning remaster from the original Warner vault tapes, plus all the care and packaging you expect from us. Enjoy!


T-BONE WALKER & FRIENDS Texas Guitar: From Dallas To LA [Released 25th May 2009]

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In 1972, for a very short time, Atlantic Records released this wonderful blues collection of super rare singles and unreleased tracks from T-Bone Walker, 'How Long Blues' and 'T-Bone Blues Special', as well as Walker's collaborations with his friends like RS Rankin on the smokin' 'You Don't Know What You're Doin", Al King, the phenomenal Lawyer Houston and the legendary Guitar Slim all get their due as well. Out of print for four decades, this serious blues collection is back! Remastered from the original mono Atlantic vault tapes by Joe Reagoso. First time remastered and available on CD. Original art elements, new liners and impeccable remastering from the original Atlantic mono vault tapes to assure a pristine recording.


CARLY SIMON No Secrets [Released 25th May 2009]

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Everybody's favourite Carly Simon album 'No Secrets' now receives the five star treatment as Friday Music rolls out the exclusive Carly Simon 180-Gram Audiophile Vinyl series. This 1972 platinum plus release forever etched the title 'Superstar' to her name, as numerous hit singles including the controversial 'You're So Vain' raced to the top of the charts. Includes help from friends Paul McCartney, Lowell George, James Taylor and oh…that mysterious background singer on 'You're So Vain'. Remastered from the original Elektra vault tapes impeccably by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios and at Capitol Mastering with Ron McMaster. First time remastered from original Elektra vault tapes to assure a pristine recording. Original art elements, lyric insert and poly lined sleeves to protect album and album cover.


KISS Kissology [Released 25th May 2009]

3-DVD: http://991.com/Buy/ProductInformation.aspx?StockNumber=470265

Kissology is the ultimate visual Kiss collection. Presented in chronological order it combines never before seen footage, full-length concerts and rare TV appearances from the Kiss archives. Volume 1 covers the bands early years from 1974 to 1977 and will be followed by further volumes through 2009. Features all their early classics including 'Firehouse', 'Black Diamond', 'Hotter Than Hell', 'Rock And Roll All Nite', 'Detroit Rock City' and many more – over 6 hours of music. Superbly packaged in a fold out digipak inside a slipcase, the set is completed by a lavishly illustrated 20 page booklet featuring notes on the performances from Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley plus a replica backstage pass from 1975. Bonus Features – Commentary by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley on selected sections. First of four volumes to be released which are packaged to make a matching set when complete. TECHNICAL: Screen Format: 4:3. Sound Formats: Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Stereo. Running Time: 6hrs 47 minutes approx. Certificate: E.

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