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'Live At The O2 Arena' CD / 2LP Release Date 18/05/2009

"She sings impeccably in her sultry but innocent way" – Mojo "A sunny, comforting, rain-banishing voice" – Q 'Live at the O2 Arena was recorded on 8th November 2008 during Katie's 'Pictures' world tour. In a live review of the concert The Times wrote "her voice was rarely short of astounding" and this live recording leaves the listener in no doubt as to what a unique and extraordinarily perfect voice Katie Melua has. Katie opened the concert, with just her electric guitar for accompaniment, singing 'Piece By Piece' – the title track of her second album – and 'Lilac Wine' before taking a seat at the grand piano to play the Georgian folk song 'Yellow Leaves' (or Qviteli Potlebi). The concert was a celebration of the remarkable success that Katie has enjoyed since the release of 'Call Off The Search' in 2003. Joined by her 6 piece band Katie weaved her way through her three multi-platinum selling albums including her debut single 'Closest Thing To Crazy', the international hit single 'Nine Million Bicycles' and the more recent singles from her third album 'Pictures'. After a mesmerising cover of Janis Joplin's 'Kosmic Blues' Katie closed the show as she began, unaccompanied, to sing the heartbreaking 'I Cried For You'.



'Carver City' CD Release Date 18/05/2009

Formed in Pennsylvania in 1998, CKY rose to notoriety as they shared their name with a series of skate and prank videos created by Bam Margera [brother of drummer Jess]. Their music went on to be featured in all 4 CKY videos and other related TV projects including Jackass, Viva La Bam and Haggard. Their music has also featured in numerous video games and movie soundtracks, including 'Resident Evil:Apocalypse'. So, what happens when four exceedingly different and distinct personalities come together to create heated, inspired music? Well, as CKY have shown over their ten plus years as a rock and roll force, it can lead to intelligent, provoking riffs and lyrics, meticulously detailed production combined with magical multi-textured melodies and heady drumming. 'Carver City' is CKY's first album of new material since 2005's 'An Answer Can Be Found', and the bands first studio offering since its split from Island Records in 2006. Thematically, 'Carver City' is part fantasy, part autobiography. To assist in the completion of the album, CKY concocted the fictional town of Carver City to help them. Miller and Ginsburg inhabited this imagined municipality with notoriously bad luck with dozens of illusory characters, and even created an elaborate history behind Carver. 'Carver City' [which features album art by Travis Smith] is perhaps CKY's most challenging and creatively gratifying endeavour to date. Conceiving 'Carver City' and its folklore helped the band complete what was becoming an exhaustive writing/recording process, at a time when they were still recovering from their near-meltdown. The band are back on solid ground again, back with a vengeance and a record that the band's allegiant fans will appreciate. As Ginsburg puts it "the world didn't end, CKY still exist and are better than ever". This summer, to coincide with the resurgence of CKY and the release of 'Carver City', Ginsburg, Miller, (drummer) Jess Margera and (bassist) Matt Deis will be hitting the road bringing the unique energy and atmosphere that only a CKY show can.



'Yours Truly The Commuter' CD / LP Release Date 18/05/2009

Grandaddy mastermind Jason Lytle returns with his first solo record. After 15 years at the helm of Grandaddy – the Modesto, California quintet whose celebrated five-album run started as a project in Lytle's bedroom and took him around the world – Jason Lytle returns with a new collection of songs that are at once a continuation of and elaboration on the musical and lyrical ideas he explored in that band. The title – 'Yours Truly, The Commuter' – tells it all: songs about the treks we all make, from one state to another, from inner lives to outer, and the tolls those travels take. Musically, the dreamy soundscapes mirror the dramatic environment of Lytle's newly-adopted Montana, where the record was written and recorded, while the twang of central California farmland remains in the inflection and phrasings of the Modesto native's unmistakable voice. Electronic flourishes collide with acoustic guitars and soulful piano parts, recreating Lytle's signature electro-lo-fi atmospheres. "I wrote all the songs, I engineered the whole thing, I recorded it, I played all the instruments – this is what I do" says Lytle, and we are glad he's taking passengers on this journey.



'Covered In Gas' CD Release Date 18/05/2009

Evil Cowards were born in New York City during the summer of 2008 by Tyler Spencer [Electric Six] and William Bates [Fall On Your Sword]. The duo created their debut, 'Covered In Gas', at Bates' Tribeca studio by working at a pace of their choosing. Unafraid to make songs that are catchy, repetitive and formulaic [because they get stuck in your head], Evil Cowards collaborated because they had something to say. Their first track came into being as the infectious album opener 'Love Pigs' and on the spot the two knew that they were on the right track. Several more months of labour intensive sessions ensued, and finally the debut was finished. Every song on 'Covered In Gas' is catchy while bathing in the majesty William Bates' unique production. Evil Cowards are here to stay.



'Play My Game' CD Release Date 18/05/2009

Tim 'Ripper' Owens is without doubt among the most important metal vocalists of the past ten years. When he succeeded Rob Halford, joining Judas Priest in May 1996, the press rubbed their eyes, surprised as well as impressed: Owens had previously been a fairly unknown quantity to international music journalists, but recorded his first Priest album, 'Jugulator' [1997] with more aplomb than even insiders had expected. Following successful tours with the British metal legends, the strong studio recording, 'Demolition' [2001], and the live recordings, 'Meltdown – 98 Live' [1998] and 'Live In London' [2003], Halford's return put an end to Owens' stint with Judas Priest. More or less immediately, he was enlisted by Jon Schaffer to team up with Iced Earth and sang on The Glorious Burdon in spring 2004. Three years later, Owens followed suit with the Iced Earth album, 'Framing Armageddon [Something Wicked Part 1]', which succeeded the self-titled debut by his own band, Beyond Fear. Spring 2008 saw Owens move on to join Yngwie Malmsteen, debuting with a sensational vocal performance on Perpetual Flame.



'Floodplain' CD Release Date 18/05/2009

Floodplain – Kronos Quartet draws together work from the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Eastern Europe – in particular from those nations whose external conflicts and internal divisions have, for many westerners, often overshadowed their rich musical legacies. With these twelve specially commissioned tracks, Kronos Quartet explore centuries-old traditions while also presenting adventurous new music by young composers who sample and reinterpret aspects of their indigenous cultures. Some of these pieces have been adapted from the religious, folk, classical and popular music of Egypt, Lebanon, Azerbaijan and Iraq, among other places. Others were written for Kronos Quartet by such contemporary artists as the Palestinian electronic / hip hop collective Ramallah Underground, who Kronos founder David Harrington discovered via myspace, and the Serbian composer Aleksandra Vrebalov. The arrangers and guest musicians working with Kronos gives 'Floodplain' a cross-cultural frisson: Modern composer Osvaldo Golijov, raised in Argentina by Eastern European Jewish parents, arranges 'Ya Habibi Ta'ala [My Love Come Quickly]', a song popularised in the forties by the glamorous young Egyptian star Asmahan. American trombonist and composer Jacob Garchik arranges Ramallah Underground's 'Tashweesh'. Tanzanian visual-conceptual artist Walter Kitundu creates special instruments combining record players and strings for a piece inspired by Ethiopian musician Alemu Aga, a master of the lyre-like instrument called the begena. For their rendition of 'Getme Getme [Don't Leave Don't Leave]', an Azerbaijani folkloric love song Kronos brought to their San Francisco home-base an improvisational ensemble led by the legendary Alim Qasimov, world-renowned performer of the Azerbaijani music known as mugham. After Kronos performed pieces from Floodplain at London's Barbican Centre last fall, the Evening Standard noted, "Kronos's ears have always been open to extraordinary sounds of the world".



'Winterland 1973: The Complete Recordings' 9CD BX Release Date 18/05/2009

The Grateful Dead's complete three-night run in a nine-disc box set that features every note remastered in HDCD. The monumental space of San Francisco's Winterland Arena hosted countless landmark musical events, including celebrated shows from world-renowned artists such as The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Ramones and Bruce Springsteen. Winterland provided the stage for The Band's 'Last Waltz' as well as the infamous final performance from the original Sex Pistols lineup. But all these legendary performers were only visitors to the arena; Winterland was the home court of the Grateful Dead. The Dead were, first and foremost, a San Francisco band and their Winterland gigs were not just events, they created an institution. The band played Winterland more than any other artist, including the venue's final show. In this naturally comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, the Dead regularly stretched their musical dynamics and improvisation to spectacular heights. 'Winterland 1973: The Complete Recordings' offers a detailed portfolio of the Grateful Dead achieving a triumphant high-water mark on stage while playing in front of the hometown crowd. Like Winterland's phenomenal predecessor, the limited edition box set 'Fillmore West 1969: The Complete Recordings' that sold out almost instantaneously in 2005, this nine-disc collection presents the band's music not in the form of a set or a night, but of an entire concert run-capturing every mind-bending note recorded at Winterland during its three night residency on November 9th, 10th & 11th, 1973. 'Winterland 1973: The Complete Recordings' is presented in HDCD, mastered from the original two-track board tapes. Undoubtedly, this is likely to be the best-sounding, two-track recording that Dead Heads, new and old, will ever hear due to a cutting-edge audio engineering process never before applied to a standard Dead master tape. Wonderfully packaged in a custom archival box, the set contains 72 previously unreleased tracks as well as a 28-page, full colour booklet featuring an extensive essay by Dennis McNally and rare photos. The box will also include two cool surprise goodies from the Winterland era. "The Dead ruled Winterland, it was their kingdom," says longtime Dead Head Hale Milgrim, who was in attendance for all of the 1973 shows. "Friends and family members would line up for hours before the doors even opened. They knew they'd be seeing something incredibly special with this great positive energy that developed and changed every night". Milgrim recalls "watching the shows from the front of the Winterland balcony, overlooking as the teeming masses rushed to the front of the stage of the old, dank building. The sound was just phenomenal, as clean as you could get, and you could distinctively hear every single instrument perfectly. Winterland was truly one of the best places in the world to see the Dead". Winterland 1973 is not based on a classic live album, but rather a period of exceptional performances – a period that archivist David Lemieux argues is among the finest sustained seasons in Dead history. And importantly, this is the modern Dead. Most of the songs presented here ('China Cat Sunflower' and 'Dark Star' are obvious exceptions) date back no more than two or three years before the autumn of 1973, and they are tunes that the band would return to throughout its history. At the time of the Winterland recordings, the band included Jerry Garcia (lead guitar, vocals), Donna Jean Godchaux (vocals), Keith Godchaux (keyboards), Bill Kreutzmann (drums), Phil Lesh (electric bass, vocals), and Bob Weir (rhythm guitar, vocals).


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'Live At Montreux 1993' DVD / Blu-Ray – Release Date 18/05/2009

B.B. King is the greatest living exponent of the blues and considered by many to be the most influential guitarist of the latter part of the 20th century. His career dates back to the late forties and despite now being in his eighties he remains a vibrant and charismatic live performer. B.B. King has been a frequent visitor to the Montreux festival, appearing nearly 20 times, so choosing one performance was no easy task. This 1993 concert will surely rank as one of his finest at any venue. With a superb backing band and a great set list it's a must for any blues fan. Tracklisting includes his classics 'Since I Met You Baby', 'Chains Of Love', 'Caldonia', 'Rock Me Baby' and the worldwide hit that has become his signature tune 'The Thrill Is Gone'.



'Arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-geddon' Ltd C5 / Ltd 7" pic disc Release Date 18/05/2009

**Strictly Limited to 3500 & 1500 Copies respectively so Out Requests ONLY** The biggest rock superstar on the planet is BACK with his forthcoming seventh studio album on May 25th. The album will be preceded by this, Manson's official first single 'Arma… geddon' on May 18th. In the vein of all Manson classic singles, 'Arma…geddon' is typically provocative, with the lyrical punch to match. It's a stomping rock anthem in waiting, with the swagger of previous smashes such as 'mOBSCENE', 'Tainted Love' and 'Disposable Teens'. The commercial single is on CD backed with the electro glamour of the Teddybears Remix, itself picking up great support in club and at specialist radio. The 7" Picture Disc is sealed and comes backed with an Alternative Version of the single as well. Both formats are limited to 1 week only, ensuring the fans will be encouraged to get their mitts on them week of release. The forthcoming video is going to be as memorable as ever, with a scathing, apocalyptic treatment that will no doubt be unforgettable. Stay tuned, this is coming soon. Manson's new lineup including Ramirez [for the first time in close to a decade], plus keyboardist Chris Vrenna, and dummer Ginger Fish, will close the main stage at the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, this July through August. Manson will also be performing at Download at Donington Park this June. Produced by Manson, Vrenna,and Twiggy, 'The High End of Low' was recorded in his Hollywood Hills studio and also features the track, 'I Want to Kill You Like They Do In The Movies.' Manson says of the new album, "I think my life definitely ended and began. The record sounds very final, but it's almost optimistic – though that feels like a strange word to use. It's a phoenix from the fire and a redemption resurrection." The High End of Low begins now.



'The World We Live In' Ltd 7" Release Date 18/05/2009

**Strictly Limited to 2500 Copies so Out Requests ONLY**



'Relapse' CD Release Date 18/05/2009

Guess Who's Having A Relapse? On 5th March 2009 – Eminem, the biggest selling music artist of the decade, officially announced the release date of his eagerly awaited new album – his first original studio album in over four years. With the announcement of the release date for 'Relapse 'also comes confirmation of something that had been rumoured in recent weeks: Eminem is already working on a follow-up album, 'Relapse 2', that fans can expect in the second half of 2009. "A lot of people were expecting Relapse to drop last year," said Eminem. "I was one of them. Then Dre and I went back in the studio in September for a few days, and that turned into six months. We were on such a roll; we wound up with a ton of new music produced by Dre. Putting out Relapse 2 will let everyone get all of the best stuff."



'Abnormally Attracted To Sin' CD/ 2D Release Date 18/05/2009

"I wanted to make a treasure, something people will value", says Tori Amos on her stunning new album 'Abnormally Attracted To Sin' – released on her new label Island Records, on May 18th. 'AATS' is indeed a treasure. An elaborate feast made from home-grown stock, offered up to a generation fed on small meals made with cheap ingredients. 'AATS' is Amos at her most passionate and most comfortable. The album has a typically detailed and wide sound, dominated by dark, rich reds and hints of silver ("I want to make audio mescaline" Tori said). The mood is dark but charged, like a late night conversation (or confession) held over several bottles of wine. 'AATS' (the title is taken from a line in 'Guys & Dolls' spoken by the character Sarah Brown) is the work of someone who knows, with fierce certainty, what she believes in. Anybody, whether it's a newcomer or a lifelong member of Tori's phenomenal fanbase, will feel that certainty. The 18 tracks on 'AATS' were recorded in Cornwall by Tori's husband Mark Hawley and his partner Marcel Van Limbeek. A single, 'Welcome To England' – taken from the album – will be released on May 25th. There will be a covetable deluxe edition of the album which features a bonus DVD containing 16 "visualettes" directed by Christian Lamb [who filmed Tori and her band during the 'American Doll Posse' tour].



'Four Winds' CD Release Date 18/05/2009

The Lightning Seeds return with their 6th studio album 'Four Winds'. Ian Broudie has become the unsung hero of the UK music scene. A consistently innovative and inspiring songwriter, musician and producer his depth of knowledge and experience has stretched to all areas of the industry. After taking a few years working away in a behind-the-scenes role, Ian's back with a new album. Using personal life expereinces and reflecting on childhood memories, 'Four Winds' is a delicate, insightful and honest piece of work. The album consists of 10 brand new tracks. It's instantly recognisable as 'Lightning Seeds' – exquisite pop melodies, now with an additional dose of heartfelt sentiment.


Release Date 18/05/2009

* Continental


'Continental' was a Japanese only compilation of Saint Etienne's non-album singles, cover versions and new material that was recorded in 1996-97 inbetween working on other projects. The album, which features 'He's On The Phone', their biggest ever hit single, now receives it's first ever release outside of Japan and has been remastered and expanded to 2 discs, including 4 previously unreleased tracks. The release is packaged in the luxurious Deluxe Edition style and comes with a booklet packed with brand new sleevenotes, images and memorabilia.

* Foxbase Alpha


Foxbase Alpha is Saint Etienne's debut album. Released in 1991 it was nominated for the inaugural Mercury Music Prize (won by Primal Scream) and is now cited as one of the classic albums of the era. The album is home to the timeless 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart' (the best ever cover version?!) and 'Nothing Can Stop Us'. The album has now been remastered with a second disc featuring b-sides, mixes and five previously unreleased tracks. The album is luxuriously packaged in the Universal Deluxe Edition style and comes with a booklet packed with brand new sleevenotes, images and memorabilia.

2 x STATUS QUO REISSUES: Release Date 18/05/2009

* 'Picturesque Matchstickable Messages From The Status Quo' 2CD


'Picturesque Matchstickable Messages from the Status Quo' is the 1968 debut album by the British psychedelic rock group, Status Quo. The album covers a number of songs, including 'Green Tambourine' by The Lemon Pipers. The album was released on 27 September 1968, and reached #12 in the UK album charts. The lead single was originally intended to be 'Gentleman Joe's Sidewalk Café', with the original Francis Rossi composition 'Pictures of Matchstick Men' as the b-side, but these songs were eventually swapped round. It reached #7 in the UK, and remains the band's only major hit single in the United States where it reached #12. It also reached #8 in Canada. A second single, Rossi's 'Black Veils of Melancholy' [with organist Roy Lynes' non-album track 'To Be Free' as the b-side], flopped and has even been called "a carbon copy of 'Pictures of Matchstick Men'".The third single, 'Ice in the Sun', written for the band by Marty Wilde and Ronnie Scott [with the Francis Rossi/Rick Parfitt composition 'When My Mind Is Not Live' as the b-side] reached #8 in the UK Singles Chart, and #29 in Canada. The band released a fourth single from the album – 'Technicolour Dreams' by Anthony King backed with the Wilde/Scott composition 'Paradise Flat' – but this was withdrawn after a few days in favour of a non-album single release early the following year. This deluxe 2-cd edition comes re-mastered with a bonus disc of unreleased material, new notes by David Wells and a booklet full of rare photos and memorbilia.

* 'Spare Parts' 2CD


Spare Parts is the second album by the English rock band Status Quo, and the final one in the psychedelic vein. It is also the first in which the group's roadie Bob Young began writing and co-writing songs for and with the band. The album was released in September 1969. The album covers a number of songs by Carole King, including 'You're Just What I Was Looking for Today' and 'Velvet Curtains'. Following the disappointment of the album, the band released a non-album single – the Everly Brothers' 'The Price of Love', also released in September 1969, with the Francis Rossi & Rick Parfitt composition "Little Miss Nothing" as the b-side – which was also a commercial failure. This deluxe 2-cd edition comes re-mastered with a bonus disc of unreleased material, new notes by David Wells and a booklet full of rare photos and memorbilia.



'Tom Tom Club' 2CD Release Date 18/05/2009

*The Tom Tom Club are ex-Talking Heads husband and wife team Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth. * The band's stunning debut album from 1981 has been digitally remastered and expanded with 5 Bonus remixes, including the Top 10 hit 'Wordy Rappinghood'. * The second disc contains, for the first time on CD, the band's second album 'Close To The Bone' which features the club hit, 'The Man With The 4-Way Hips' and has also been expanded with 4 Bonus remixes.



'Roadsinger [To Warm You Through The Night]' LP Release Date 18/05/2009

With his reintroduction to the pop world behind him, renowned singer-songwriter Yusuf [the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens] is ready to once again strike up an intimate relationship with his audience. After retreating from the pop stage following classic '70s multi-platinum albums such as 'Tea For The Tillerman' and 'Teaser And The Firecat' and acclaimed hits such as 'Wild World', 'Peace Train', 'Moonshadow', 'Morning Has Broken' and 'Father And Son', Yusuf returned in late 2006 with his first pop album in 28 years. Now a second album, 'Roadsinger (To Warm You Through The Night)', is set to be released May 4th, 2009. "I was absent from my audience for so long," Yusuf says, "people thought another album would never come. The 2006 album, 'An Other Cup', was a surprise. With this new album, the distance is much less. I'm back to doing what I do best – painting pictures with music and storytelling on a very human, personal, intuitive level through lyrics and song, so I can help people feel good again. I guess in some ways the new album picks up where the Cat Stevens the public knows left off." The album, 'Roadsinger', was produced by the now singularly named Yusuf with help from Martin Terefe [James Morrison, Jason Mraz, Martha Wainwright], and recorded in London, Los Angeles and Nashville. Guests include James Morrison, Michelle Branch, and Holly Williams [granddaughter of Hank Williams, Sr.]. "The new album is a response to the way 'An Other Cup' was received," Yusuf explains. "Fans said they wanted to hear more of me with a guitar. So this album is much more folk-tale oriented. Also, apart from one track, all of it was recorded live. I listened to a lot of '70s L.A. music, such as Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Carole King, and it inspired me to go back into that intimate style of recording. The songs are somewhat autobiographical but abstract enough so everyone can relate to them and connect them to their own lives." The title track, 'Roadsinger,' unfolds the tale of an outcast who revisits his old hometown; along the empty street a child peeks from behind a store window and gives an innocent smile out of the shadows of prejudice. "The theme of a journey has always been big with me," says Yusuf. "There are plenty people who sing, but not enough who have walked the walk," he says. "But, unfortunately, I'm still often misunderstood. I embraced an unexpected spiritual path that was confusing for many (converting to Islam in 1977) and since then people have concocted their own ideas about it. Maybe because of subsequent world-shaking events, people wanted to put me into their own one-sided view, but I don't fit those limitations. My world is still borderless and wide. The removal of conflict and establishment of peace has always been my global objective. It's sad that lot of people, including some Muslims, forget that the name Islam actually comes from the word 'Peace' in Arabic." The forthcoming album also showcases some songs from my forthcoming musical 'Moonshadow.' One, 'This Glass World,' is a reflection of our split society of haves and have-nots. The story takes place on a dismal planet of perpetual night where only the moon's shine lights the darkness; it is about a boy's meeting with his Moonshadow and adventurous search for the lost world of the sun and happiness. Yusuf's return to his guitar came about when his teenage artist-musician son, Muhammad [aka Yoriyos], brought one home. One morning, Yusuf was alone in the lounge when he looked over and felt a draw of curiosity overtake him. He slowly picked it up. "I put my fingers on the fretboard to make a 'C' chord," he remembers, "and surprised myself, It's still there!. It felt right. So I started playing again." On the forthcoming album, Yusuf even plays electric guitar on a couple of tracks, along with keyboards. "This part of my career feels similar in one sense to when I began," Yusuf reflects. "I had to get past the songs on Mona Bone Jakon before I could move on to 'Tea For The Tillerman', etc. This time around it was the same story: I had to lay the groundwork with my debut album, An Other Cup, before a bunch of new songs arrived. I had quite a few in my back pocket and again it was my son who sparked the next step. He said, 'Isn't it time to start recording a new album?' And it was." For one of music's most extraordinary artists, the journey continues. The new album will be available on CD and a deluxe cd/dvd hardcover album book from the 4th May. the deluxe package features 4 bits of extra content including the Boots And Sand Video, Peacetrain Blues audio with image slideshow, A conversation with Yusuf and Alun Davies, and the Roadsinger Van Makeover.

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