Wednesday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]


GWAR Phallus In Wonderland [released 8th June 2009]


Gwar, the world's most disturbingly repulsive rock 'n' roll band is in trouble. Representatives of the government, the clergy, and the health care communities have banded together to censor Gwar's activities in America. Their covert organization, the self-appointed morality squad has captured Gwar "member" The Cuttlefish of Cthulu and put it on trial for obscenity. Witness the capture and initiation of a Gwar slave as he follows them from their home in Antarctica on a mission of death and destruction to save their compatriot. Watch as Gwar embraces the decadent lifestyle under the leadership of management Sleazy P. Martini and inadvertently unleash untold horrors on capitalist America in the name of freedom of sexpression.


THE UNDERTONES Hypnotised [released 8th June 2009]


`Sit down and cancel all engagements it's never too late to enjoy dumb entertainment.' The opening lines to More Songs About Chocolate And Girls (a spoof on Sire label mates Talking Heads `More Songs About Buildings And Food') set the tone for the 'Tones second LP. As critically acclaimed as their debut LP, Hypnotised sold better than its predecessor and gave them their biggest hit single with My Perfect Cousin. The album showed a wider range of repertoire from their debut with both the classic 3 minute pop punk of its predecessor (check My Perfect Cousin, There Goes Norman and Whizz Kids) whilst highlighting a new found maturity and sensitivity with tracks like the plaintive Wednesday Week and stately The Way Girls Talk. The critics loved it with Sounds newspaper declaring that the Undertones were `probably the best pop group in the English speaking world', David Hepworth nicknaming their music `Bash Street Pop…the soundtrack to a simpler, altogether less squalid world' and Patrick Humphries wondering `how can anyone not like the Undertones' 30 years later Hypnotised still sounds as fresh as a daisy and our release presents the complete Hypnotised package with a selection of B Sides, Peel Sessions, the video to My Perfect Cousin and a 20 page full colour booklet with bassist Michael Bradley's humorous essay on life in The Undertones in addition to the original glorious album in its original artwork.


GREEN DAY The Lowdown [released 8th June 2009]


There are few bands that can maintain the level of respect and adoration that Green Day have over a career spanning more than 20 years. And with their recent albums selling just as well as those they released two decades ago, this astonishing group seem barely able to put a foot wrong. This 2 Disc set celebrates the incredible achievements and staggering longevity of Green Day. Featuring a stunning disc of exclusive interviews with all the band members, and a disc of audio biography which tells GD's complete story on a spoken word talking book, this package is an ideal companion to the Green Day catalogue. Completed with booklets, rare photos, inner digi-packs and a host of other features, the beautifully presented Green Day – The Lowdown is destined to become a collector's item of the first order.


PINK A Life Less Ordinary [released 8th June 2009]


True female icons are hard to come by in the modern music industry, and for every Patti Smith or Madonna there are 100 starlets whose strengths and talents don't live up to the hype. But Pink has all the pieces in place and has forged a career that has allowed her to rise above the competition and attract critical acclaim from all quarters of the media. This DVD is a review and critique of Pink's incredible career and exceptional music across the past 10 years. Featuring rare and classic footage of Pink, video clips and live performances, exclusive interviews from those who've known her best plus the finest critics and broadcasters, this documentary review contains everything any fan would wish to know about the girl from Pennsylvania who got the party started.


VOIVOD Infini [released 15th June 2009]


Not many bands deserve to be labelled "legends", but VOIVOD are definitely one of those bands. The Canadian's from Montreal never had their commercial breakthrough but influenced legions of metal bands with a sound that no band was ever able to copy. VOIVOD are one of the bands which both fans and musicians have great respect for. Their 14th album (and first for Nuclear Blast in 2006), "Katorz" was finished under tragical circumstances: Piggy, legendary guitar player and founding member died of colon cancer in 2005 during the recording process. But it was his wish that "Katorz" would see the light of day. His guitar parts were already recorded on his laptop. So the album was mainly put together around Piggy's guitar parts. 3 years later, "Infini" is released and features another share of his legacy. All original demo guitar tracks appear as they were recorded – no re-amping, no overdubs, just Piggy as he played the tracks he envisioned in his small apartment. Capturing his performance on the laptop given to him by Jason Newsted. There were many discussions as to how to complete these recordings of songs that had never been actually performed with the whole band. Away went into a studio in Montreal and tracked his drum parts, and Jason waited anxiously to get the tracks and add his bass which he recorded at Fantasy Studios in San Francisco, then Snake tracked his vocals afterwards. Jason mixed the record in San Francisco over the holidays and Infini was born. Truly a collaborative record that came together from a belief that these final VOIVOD songs deserved to be heard. In light of this sentiment the band agreed to play some summer festivals in 08 with original bass player Blacky and fellow Montrealer Dan Mongrain of the band Martyr, playing all classic era VOIVOD material. It was a risky move, but the fans and the band were happy with the outcome so much so that this lineup will play more live shows this summer.


YNGWIE MALMSTEEN Angels Of Love [released 27th July 2009]


Grammy award winner Yngwie Malmsteen is a Swedish guitarist, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and bandleader. Malmsteen became notable in the mid-1980s for his technical fluency and neo-classical metal compositions, often incorporating high speed picking and arpeggios. Four of his albums, from 1984 to 1988, Rising Force, Marching Out, Trilogy, and Odyssey, ranked in the top 100 for sales! Angels of Love is an all-acoustic all-instrumental studio album by Yngwie Malmsteen. The album features nine all-new acoustic renditions of previously released material, as well as a previously unreleased track. Malmsteen re-arranged all the compositions by himself and he is also the only performer on the album, playing acoustic, steel and classical guitars, keyboards, guitar synthesizer and cello, as well as few electric guitar fills.


FOO FIGHTERS No Distance Left To Run [Out Now]


More than 15 years since Dave Grohl was forced to form a group of his own, Foo Fighters remain one of America's very top rock bands, in an age when real talent is so readily dismissed. This documentary film not only traces the rise and rise of Foo Fighters over this period, it equally reveals the full story of Grohl, from his days drumming with some of Washington DC's very hardest hard-corp acts, through his pivotal role in grunge's top attraction and via his carefully considered route to re-invigorating his career once his former band's enforced split. Includes hugely are footage of Grohl playing in bands like Scream in the mid-1980s, Nirvana and Foos archive, interviews with the man himself and those who now him best, contributions from the likes of Nirvana biographer Charles Cross, producer Jack Endino and 'DC Punk expert Mark Anderson, previously unseen photographs [many from private collections], location shoots, news clips and a host of other features.


PROCOL HARUM Procol Harum [Out Now]


* The most authoritative reissue of Procol's highly influential debut album yet – produced with significant input from founding members and key songwriters Gary Brooker and Keith Reid * Augmented by 11 bonus tracks (5 previously unreleased), including the worldwide smash A Whiter Shade Of Pale and the follow-up Top Ten UK hit Homburg * Beautifully remastered from the original master tapes by Nick Robbins at Sound Mastering for magnificent sound quality * Stylish packaging features previously unseen photographs by Robert Davidson, plus extensive sleevenotes by Procol archivist Henry Scott-Irvine Their music was a particularly majestic hybrid. Keith Reid's expansive, highly cinematic lyrics crowned an instantly identifiable sound. Strong R 'n' B influences were integrated with classical themes. Gary Brooker's blue-eyed soul vocals were accompanied by a hallmark dual keyboard sound (a Steinway grand piano and a Hammond organ), bluesy guitar playing, rock-inspired percussion and melodic bass lines, forming the essence of a uniquely British ensemble. Salvo, in association with Fly Records, have enlisted the assistance of songwriters and band mainstays Gary Brooker and Keith Reid in presenting the Procol Harum's early albums as a part of their meticulously produced 40th Anniversary Series. Procol's classic recordings are to be collated chronologically for the first time accompanied by copious bonus tracks – including previously unreleased masters – and generous, highly detailed booklets. A wonderful album that built on the lavish promise of their first two singles, which weren't originally included, and proved very influential in its own right, Procol Harum's eponymous long-playing debut is here augmented by the inclusion of the timeless A Whiter Shade of Pale, the follow-up smash Homburg and a variety of rare and previously unreleased cuts selected by Gary Brooker.


PROCOL HARUM Shine On Brightly [Out Now]


* The most authoritative reissue yet of Procol's highly influential 2nd album – produced with significant input from founding members and key songwriters Gary Brooker and Keith Reid * 11 bonus tracks (5 previously unreleased), including the instrumental Robe Of Silk, a track that Procol fans have been longing for many years * Beautifully remastered from the original master tapes by Nick Robbins at Sound Mastering for the finest sound quality * Stylish packaging features previously unseen photographs and memorabilia plus extensive sleevenotes by Procol archivist Henry Scott-Irvine Salvo, in association with Fly Records, have enlisted the assistance of songwriters and band mainstays Gary Brooker and Keith Reid in presenting Procol Harum's early albums as a part of their meticulously produced 40th Anniversary Series. Procol's classic recordings are to be collated chronologically for the first time accompanied by copious bonus tracks – including previously unreleased masters – and highly detailed booklets. In 1968, with their reputation in the ascendant, it was decided that the band's second album should be released in the States a good six months before the UK.


PETE DOHERTY The Lowdown [Out Now]


With more headlines than hits over the past couple of years, it's easy to forget that Pete Doherty first came to our attention as one half of a band so original and inspiring they equalled the kind of hero-worship the Smiths garnered during their heyday, and was the face of indie during the first few years of the new millennium. But one listen to our Pete's debut solo album is enough for most to regain their confidence in the man's songwriting and performance abilities and to appreciate again that Doherty is a major musical talent, whether or not he's partnered with a certain Carl Barat, and has much, much more to offer than the red tops would have us believe. This 2 Disc set tells the full story of Pete Doherty's life and career to date, through his time with The Libertines, as a Babyshamble, or as a serious solo artist. With interview material throughout, and including booklets, posters, rare photographs and more, this collection is destined to delight every Pete Doherty and Libertine fan around as it forms part of collections around the world.


PEARL JAM The Lowdown [Out Now]


Although they were originally labelled 'everyone's second favourite grunge band', Pearl Jam carved out a niche of their own in no time at all, and across numerous studio albums and almost two decades have come to be seen as one of America's very finest rock groups, respected by critics and musicians alike. This 2 CD set celebrates the longevity and ongoing quality of Pearl Jam's music and career. Featuring an audio biography telling their true story and a set of rare and previously unheard interviews with all the band members on which the boys tell it the way it happened, and finished with poster, booklets, rare photos and much more besides, this package is a must-have item for their millions of fans across the globe.

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