Zakk Wylde offers his opinions to the world

Zakk Wylde – the always outspoken Black Label Society and Ozzy Osbourne guitarist – is shooting his mouth off again, and this time he’s got Aerosmith and Metallica in his sights.

In an interview with, Wylde criticises Aerosmith for using outside songwriters and Metallica for hiring counsellors, or ‘life coaches’, as seen in the band’s Some Kind Of Monster movie.

Wylde fumes: “I laugh when I go into a music store and there’s a title called How To Write Songs. You can’t teach someone how to write a song.

“Angus Young didn’t need books to learn to write Hell’s Bells. The musicians I grew up on and loved – like Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix – it’s their names on their songs. That’s the beauty of buying a record by a real artist.

“Appetite for Destruction was written by Guns N’ Roses, not some weak-asses like those lame songwriters on Aerosmith. Aerosmith wrote great songs like Dream On and Back In The Saddle when they were on booze and drugs.

“Next thing you know, they get sober and bring songwriters in, and then it’s the most watered-down shit. If you can’t write songs you’re as phony as Britney Spears. You don’t have any business making records.”

Wylde also takes a swipe at Metallica’s reclining-on-the-coach, soul-baring tactics.

“Who needs a psychiatrist? I’ve been married 24 years. I’m gonna get in fights with the wife and that’s life – you got the highs and the lows.

“You’re in a band, you’re gonna fight, you’re gonna get over it or it wasn’t meant to be any more. Tough times don’t last – tough people do. I’ve got no time for weak-willed bullshit. Get tough or get out.”

Okay slow down there ya Red-necked buffoon.

First up didn't the first few Led Zep Lps have an occasional writing partner or indeed contain a cover?Also weren't a couple of Jimi's biggest tracks 'Hey Joe and '…watchtower' written by other people.

Now then let me think abut the great Zakk Wylde's back catalogue of classic hits and million selling albums. There, that didn't take long did it.

I think Zakk's guitar playing is exceptional and I have to admit to owning Pride & Glory's eponymous debut and I enjoyed their live set at Donington in 1994 but other than Zakk's solo on Ozzy's No More Tears and his vocals on a cover if Stevie Wonder's 'I Wish' form the CPR album I would struggle to name a tune he has played a part in.

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