Friday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]


THE FALL 'Last Night At The Palais: Live At Hammersmith Palais April 1st 2007' [Release Date 24/08/2009]

CD/DVD: Historic live recording from The Fall's Reformation Post TLC tour of 2007. * Adds a DVD of the complete concert documenting the final show at London's famous Hammersmith Palais. * DVD adds the Bonus 'Reformation' Video. * Sleeve notes by Fall expert Daryl Easlea On January 21st 2007, the Hammersmith Palais, one of London's most historic music venues was condemned to suffer the fate of other prestigious halls in the capital and in the name of homogenous urban progress, close its doors to be converted into an office complex and restaurant. By a strange quirk of fate, the last band to ever play there was The Fall. Their Hammersmith gig on 1st April had been booked as part of their 20 date UK spring tour to promote the release of their 27th album, 'Reformation Post TLC'. Never one to play a greatest hits set, Smith with this seven-piece though short-lived line-up which mixed the US and UK wings of the band (supporting Smith and his keyboard-playing wife Elena, were guitarists Tim Presley and Pete Greenway, bassists Rob Barbato and Dave "The Eagle" Spurr and the ever-smiling Opheo McCord on drums) delivered a mainly recent, forthcoming and unreleased set of songs to the capacity crowd. The only concessions to The Fall's 80's & 90's repertoire being 'Right Place, Wrong Time' and 'White Lightning'. Whilst not quite the sending-off that some die-hard Palais supporters had visualised (one stage invader ralied against the lack of recognition to the occasion from Smith and co.), it was certainly a memorable one which is thankfully captured here in The Fall's inimitable way!


BLOC PARTY 'Intimacy' [Release Date 24/08/2009]

CD: 24th of August sees the release of a new CD version of Bloc Party's Intimacy album. The new format will include the new single 'One More Chance' and will feature new artwork.


BEYONCE KNOWLES 'Sweet Dreams' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

C5 I 12": Brilliant new single from the double platinum selling 'Sasha Fierce' album. The CD single features an instrumental. The very Ltd 12" vinyl features mixes from Dave Spoon, Steve Piltron & Max Sanna, Olli Collins & Fred Portelli.


CALVIN HARRIS 'Ready For The Weekend' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

C5 I 12" I 12": Brilliant & massive new single and follow up to 2 #1 hits, 'I'm Not Alone' & 'Dance With Me'.


CALVIN HARRIS 'Ready For The Weekend' [Release Date 17/08/2009]

CD I 2LP: Calvin Harris is on a roll. He's just had huge success with two number 1 singles, 'I'm Not Alone' and 'Dance with Me' and with his stunning second album 'Ready For The weekend' which not alone boasts three hit singles but also the sound track for Coca Cola's forthcoming national Radio and TV add campaign.


MEW 'No More Stories…' [Release Date 24/08/2009]

CD: Mew are a band like none other, a creative trio who help shape and define the Scandinavian underground art and music scene not only with their unique breed of music but with their inspirational audio visuals and animation. Mew's 2003 European release of 'Frengers', caught the ears of profound music lovers and tastemakers, while 2006's release of, 'And the Glass Handed Kites' cemented the bands cult status and won over critics on both sides of the Atlantic. Their latest offering, 'No more stories' is again – nothing short of spectacular. Recorded during the summer of 2008 in Brooklyn, NY with renowned producer Rich Costey [Muse, Glasvegas, NIN], Mew had spent the last year between Brooklyn and Copenhagen perfecting the album and creating the animation and audio-visuals for their upcoming live performances. Most of this has been documented along the way by the band and can be seen and heard in a selection of beautifully shot diary entries on the bands MySpace: The timeline leading up to the August release will include an EP, 'No More Stories', out on that will include 2 new tracks from the upcoming album along with 3 b-sides and will be available on the band's tour dates, at indie retail and on all DSPs [with a complete my album option starting August 24th on iTunes]. The band is also filming a cinematic series of 3 videos based around 3 album tracks 'Introducing Palace Players', 'Repeaterbeater' and 'Beach' with award winning director, Martin de Thurah, who is known for his work with Fever Ray, Glasvegas, and Royskopp.




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