Friday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]


PETE DOHERTY 'Broken Love Song' [Release Date 03/08/2009]

7": New single 'Broken Love Song' out August 2nd on limited edition 7" single. Peter Doherty releases the second single, 'Broken Love Song' from his recent album 'Grace/Wastelands'. The video for the track has been unveiled exclusively on independent web and mobile TV service Babelgum on June 29th. New track 'Ballad Of Grimaldi' will feature as the single b-side.


RANDY BACHMAN 'Survivor' [Release Date 03/08/2009]

CD: As a founding member of Guess Who and the Bachman Turner Overdrive, Randy Bachman pedigree is one of hit-writing extraordinaire penning legendary tunes such as 'American Woman' and 'You Aint Seen Nothing Yet', amongst many others!


LANDSCAPE 'From The Tea Rooms Of Mars….To The Hell Holes Of Uranus' [Release Date 03/08/2009]

CD: A long overdue re-press for this innovative and timeless album by electro pop pioneers, Landscape. Originally released in 1981 on RCA Records, the album enjoyed both commercial and critical success with a string of chart hits. The band's over-riding achievement was the way technology was used to create such a mainstream but also unusual sound. The CD features the 10 original tracks from the 'From The Tea Rooms Of Mars….To The Hell Holes Of Uranus' album including the hit singles 'Einstein A Go-Go', 'European Man' and 'Norman Bates' plus bonus tracks include the singles 'Eastern Girls', 'So Good So Pure So Kind', 'It's Not My Name' and 'You Know How To Hurt Me'. The booklet includes original artwork, sleeve notes and a complete discography of the band, incorporating some of the original sleeves


MICHEL LEGRAND 'Castles In Spain' [Release Date 03/08/2009]

CD: Legrand is most famous as the first European to collaborate with Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis and John Coltrane and his enormously successful early film scores which included such international hits as 'The Umbrellas of Cherbourg' and 'The Thomas Crown Affair' and its famous theme-song 'Windmills Of Your Mind'.


VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Moonage Timequake' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

CD: A lunar excursion of exceedingly groovy sounds. To celebrate the lunar landing in 69, Righteous delves back to a decade earlier when America was in fear of alien invasions and in awe of moon-powered romanticism. 27 tracks featuring: Vintage rockabilly, tales of lunar activity, Spaced out jazz, Theremin-wafted moon madness, Exploratory early electronics Sound effect-addled ballads, Haunting ethereal strangeness and quirky tales of strange planets. Compiled and masterminded by Dave Henderson from MOJO magazine


MOOSE '..XYZ' [Release Date 17/08/2009]

CD: Moose 'XYZ' is one of the great lost records of the 90s. 'XYZ' is an ambitious album, instead of looking at their shoes like so many of their contemporaries – Moose looked west. The album is full of country tinged pop gems. The guitar sound is at times dreamy and distorted whilst the songs are not born out of head down jam sessions, but have been crafted on an acoustic guitar and arranged with a great deal of skill and affection. Moose were ahead of their time, if 'XYZ' had been used as the blue print for Britpop then the musical landscape could have been a lot more beautiful. This reissue includes the tracks from the excellent import mini album 'Sonny and Sam', a great round up of the bands early EPs.


DAVE & TONI ARTHUR 'Morning Stands On Tiptoe' [Release Date 17/08/2009]

CD: Though Toni Arthur is probably most widely remembered these days as the vivacious presenter of 1970s childrens TV shows Playschool and Playaway, she and her husband Dave first came to prominence during the 1960s British folksong revival. Released by the Transatlantic label in 1967, Dave and Toni Arthurs debut LP Morning Stands On Tiptoe remains a cornerstone album of the genre, a work of astonishing power and vitality that introduced a whole raft of traditional songs to the thriving British folk club scene.


BONNIE TYLER 'Natural Force' [Release Date 17/08/2009]

CD: Bonnie Tyler's second studio album, originally released in 1978 (and a Top 5 hit in Sweden and Norway), gets a much welcome CD revamp.


BONNIE TYLER 'The World Starts Tonight' [Release Date 17/08/2009]

CD: Long overdue CD revamp of the debut album by Bonnie Tyler, originally released by RCA in 1977 and a No.2 hit in Sweden.


ANOTHER SUNNY DAY 'London Weekend' [Release Date 17/08/2009]

CD: Legendary Sarah band Another Sunny Day was in reality the labour of one man, Harvey Williams. He produced a clutch of brilliant indie pop singles for the legendary Bristol label. The album is packed with beautiful examples of lovelorn indie classics such as 'Im In Love With A Girl Who Doesnt Even Know That I Exist' and 'I Don't Suppose I'll Get A Second Chance'. The tracks feature assistance from various members of the Sarah records alumni and is engineered by Ian Catt. 'London Weekend' is a fantastic indie album and a brilliant example of the much-missed Sarah Records. This Reissue includes six bonus tracks selected by Harvey Williams himself.


ANIMOTION 'Strange Behaviour' [Release Date 17/08/2009]

CD: A much needed CD revamp for the second studio album by Animotion which hit the Top 75 in America and No. 19 in Germany when originally released in 1986.


ANIMOTION 'Animotion' [Release Date 17/08/2009]

CD: Long overdue UK CD release for the debut album by Animotion which hit No.28 in the American charts when first released in 1984.


TEARS FOR FEARS 'Raoul And The Kings Of Spain' [Release Date 17/08/2009]

CD: 'Raoul and the Kings of Spain' is the fifth album by the British pop-rock band Tears for Fears. Like the prior album, 'Elemental', it is essentially a solo effort by Roland Orzabal. The album was originally scheduled to be released by Mercury records but the project was cancelled after Tears For Fears left the label to sign with Sony. This new issue contains 7 bonus tracks and a sleeve note by Malcolm Dome which includes a new interview with Roland Orzabal and a track by track run-down.


THE MAJORITY 'The Decca Years 1965 – 68' [Release Date 31/08/2009]

CD: Moving to London from their native Hull in 1965, the Majority became one of the top live attractions of Swinging London, starting with their residency at the famed Playboy Club as well as celebrated stints at top clubs like The Revolution, The Speakeasy and Blaises. This collection compiles almost all of the tracks they recorded as singles for Decca Records between 1965 and 1968. * Many of these recordings are making their first appearance on CD * Includes the blistering 'One Third', which is now hailed as a classic example of prime 60s freakbeat * Also features the adventurous beat of their debut 'Pretty Little Girl' (which features Jimmy Page on lead guitar) and 'A Little Bit of Sunlight', a superb song written by Ray Davies but never recorded by his group, the Kinks.


EARTH AND FIRE 'Song Of The Marching Children' [Release Date 31/08/2009]

CD: Earth and Fire are legends of the Dutch rock scene, first making an impression with their debut single in 1969. They quickly established themselves as an international act thanks to the excellence of their material and the powerful vocals of Jerney Kaagman. In 1971 the band released arguably their finest work, 'Song of the Marching Children', a Mellotron soaked masterpiece that was a major selling album throughout Europe. This Esoteric Recordings release has been newly re-mastered and includes six bonus tracks, including the European smash hit Memories, fully restored artwork and a new essay.


EARTH AND FIRE 'Earth And Fire' [Release Date 31/08/2009]

CD: Earth and Fire are legends of the Dutch rock scene, first making an impression with their debut single in 1969. They quickly established themselves as an international act thanks to the excellence of their material and the powerful vocals of Jerney Kaagman. Released in the UK on the highly collectable Nepentha label in 1971 with a sleeve designed by Roger Dean, the bands eponymous debut was a superb collection of material with a progressive edge. This Esoteric Recording has been newly re-mastered and includes two bonus tracks, fully restored artwork and a new essay.


SPARKS 'No. 1 Songs In Heaven – A Sparks Biography' [Release Date 31/08/2009]

BOOK: 'No 1 Songs In Heaven' is the first ever biography of one of the most remarkable bands in rock history. Since the moment they emerged into the mainstream in 1974, armed with the hit 'This Town Aint Big Enough For Both Of Us', Sparks brothers Ron and Russell Mael have endeared themselves to successive generations of fans, not only with their wry humour and offbeat quirkiness, but also with a lyrical and musical inventiveness that sees them numbered among the most influential acts ever. Morrissey, Siouxsie Sioux, the Pet Shop Boys and many more are numbered among Sparks most loyal disciples, while the groups following is truly international. Celebrating forty years of this incredible act [the band originally formed in 1969] and 35 years of hits, 'No.1 Songs' is the ultimate guide to the history and the mystery of Sparks. Exclusive interviews and insights trace the group from its earliest strivings in California, all the way up to their so-successful present, while author Dave Thompsons unique eye for period detail and context reveals just how intelligently Sparks have predicted the course of popular music over the past quarter century.


DAVE BERRY 'This Strange Effect: The Decca Sessions Volume One' [Release Date 31/08/2009]

2-CD: First-ever collection of the Sheffield singers complete early recordings for Decca from 1963 to 1966. * Includes the No. 1 smash 'The Crying Game' (later immortalised in Neil Jordans hit film) as well as other hits 'Memphis Tennessee', 'My Baby Left Me', 'Baby Its You' and 'One Heart Between Two'. * Kicks off with two previously unissued pre-Decca demos by Berry with Joe Browns Bruvvers, produced by Mickie Most in 1963! * Sleeve-notes include new quotes from Dave * Great value with 57 varieties taken from two albums, two scarce EPs, a raft of singles and some rare Decca compilation LPs * Named after Dave's recording of an exclusive Kinks composition, 'This Strange Effect', a No. 1 hit in Holland and Belgium


THE APPLETREE THEATRE 'Playback' [Release Date 31/08/2009]

CD: RevOla proudly presents the first CD release of one of the most enigmatic pop albums of the 1960s…'Playback' by The Appletree Theatre. The project was set up by brothers Terry and John Boylan. Essentially a loosely-woven concept album, divided into three acts. Its an inventive pop album with great songs, strange sound effects, comedy bits and trippy dialogue comprising a collage of interlaced vocal narratives, sound effects, and song fragments, recalling the Golden Age of radio, and prefiguring the antics of The Firesign Theatre, along with top quality pop songs such as 'Hightower Square' and 'I Wonder If Louise Is Home', with its distorted megaphone vocals and soaring horns. Some of the tracks suggest the boys may have indulged in too many psychedelic drugs. It's not for us to say. In 1968, John Lennon referred to 'Playback' as one of his favourite albums. Fans of Friends-era Beach Boys, Family Tree, the Smoke and the Millennium will really love this record even though it has more of a downbeat mood than the before mentioned sunshine pop classics. In the wake of the set's commercial failure Terry went solo, releasing three albums as a singer/songwriter, while John turned his attention to production, initially with Linda Ronstadt and became deeply involved in the formation of The Eagles.


ALQUIN 'The Mountain Queen' [Release Date 31/08/2009]

CD: Alquin were one of the most innovative bands to burst forth on the Dutch Progressive Rock scene of the early 1970s. Adopting a Jazz influenced Progressive rock approach and attaining a sound unique from their contemporaries, the band soon found an appreciative audience throughout Europe with their debut album. British DJ Bob Harris declared himself an admirer and with the release of 'The Mountain Queen' on the Polydor label in 1973, the band appeared on the classic UK TV show The Old Grey Whistle Test. Perhaps the bands finest album, this Esoteric Recordings reissue has been re-mastered from the original tapes and also fully restores artwork and features a new essay and joins a reissue of the bands debut album 'Marks' this month.


ALQUIN 'Marks' [Release Date 31/08/2009]

CD: Alquin were one of the most innovative bands to burst forth on the Dutch Progressive Rock scene of the early 1970s. Adopting a Jazz influenced Progressive rock approach and attaining a sound unique from their contemporaries, the band soon found an appreciative audience throughout Europe with their debut album. Originally released on the Polydor label in 1972, this Esoteric Recordings release features the entire album on CD for the first time (as Mr. Barnum Jnrs Magnificent and Fabulous City was omitted from a previous CD issue). The new edition also includes the bonus track Hard Royce and fully restores artwork and features a new essay.


THUNDERCLAP NEWMAN 'Hollywood Dream' [Release Date 31/08/2009]

CD: The single 'Something in the Air', released in 1969, was an international chart topping hit that seemed to sum up the mood of the times. Its inclusion in a poignant scene in the film 'The Magic Christian' made the song even more legendary and heralded the arrival of Thunderclap Newman. The band was a trio fronted by John Speedy Keene, Jimmy McCulloch and Andy Thunderclap Newman, assembled by Who guitarist Pete Townshend to serve as a vehicle for the songs of Speedy Keene. The bands sole album, produced by Townshend, was a wonderful slice of melodic whimsy, as English as anything by the Small Faces or The Kinks, but failed to the enjoy chart success of the bands debut single. Now re-mastered, this Esoteric Recordings edition adds six bonus tracks taken from the bands three singles and serves as a reminder of the excellence of Thunderclap Newman and their album Hollywood Dream.


MICHAEL JACKSON 'The Stripped Mixes' [Release Date 27/07/2009]

CD: Michael Jackson 'The Stripped Mixes' is an album of new mixes of early Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 classics. Utilizing the original Motown session tapes, these new mixes strip away certain instruments and studio frills to instead focus on the essence of the spectacular recordings – Michael's vocals and the harmonies provided by his brothers. The recordings on Michael Jackson: The Stripped Mixes shine a fresh light on Michael Jackson's early career and are proof that his music will live forever.


MICHAEL JACKSON 'Hello World: The Motown Solo Collection' [Release Date 21/07/2009]

3-CD: His classic albums and several bonus tracks in one amazing 3-CD package! "Michael Jackson could make you forget he was so young." So writes Suzee Ikeda, a Motown artist and A&R assistant who was a creative confidante of a teenaged Michael, in her introductory essay to 'Hello World: The Motown Solo Collection', a new 3-CD set that features every MJ recording released from 1971 to 1975, plus the Motown-era songs that were released after he left the company. At the height of the Jackson 5 mania in 1970-71, a solo career for young Michael was not a given. But when Donny Osmond went solo while staying in the Osmonds family group, Michael went solo as well, and was given material that made him sound more mature. 'Got To Be There,' his first solo hit, featured a stunning, declamatory phrase that provided the name of this collection. The LP 'Got To Be There', released in January 1972, was followed by 'Ben', after the No. 1 hit title song from a film about a pet rat. 'Ben' was first issued with a cover featuring lurid artwork from the film, which was quickly replaced by a simpler image of MJ; our package reproduces both covers in the 48-page booklet. 'Music And Me' was next, featuring a few Adult Contemporary covers, followed by 'Forever, Michael', which had a harder dance age; it included the now-classic hits 'We're Almost There' and 'Just A Little Bit Of You.' Although MJ and the J5 left Motown in 1975 to go to Epic Records, that wasn't the end of the story. 'One Day In Your Life,' released in the aftermath of MJ's solo 'Off The Wall', turned into a No. 1 hit in the U.K. and top 40 AC in the U.S. Following the crazy ride of 'Thriller', Motown released 'Farewell My Summer Love', a batch of songs from the vault with contemporary overdubs; the title song went top 10 R&B. There's more: in 1986 Motown issued 'Looking Back To Yesterday', a collection of more vault masters-some with the J5-that contained further unexpected gems. 'Hello World' has all of that and these extra gems: all nine songs from 'Farewell My Summer Love' are included in their original, undubbed mixes. Plus, we unearthed the original mix of 'Twenty-Five Miles' – Michael's cover of the Edwin Starr hit that has previously been available only in a 1987 vault collection. It's all in a splendid, hard-backed 8" x 5.5" package with an introductory essay by Motown's Suzee Ikeda, a main essay by Mark Anthony Neal, pages of annotations, rare photos and repros of the LP jackets. It's deserving of the one of the greatest performers the world has ever known, at any age.


PETE YORN & SCARLETT JOHANSSON 'Breaking Up' [Release Date 07/09/2009]

CD: Includes eight original compositions by Pete / Scarlett in the spirit of Serge Gainsbourg's recording with Brigitte Bardot * The album re-enacts the tempestuous course of a love affair on the rocks. * Featuring an interpretation of the art-rock classic 'I Am The Cosmos' by the late Chris Bell co-founder of Big Star. The album had its genesis in the aftermath of a breakup in 2006. After Yorn was unable to sleep for a week, he finally dozed off, only to wake with a start just minutes later. What had awakened him was a dream. "I sat up in bed, and the whole thing was in my head, fully formed," Yorn says, sounding as if he still doesn't quite believe it. "I suddenly felt like I really needed to make a record in the style of Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot. Not that it had to sound like that, but it had to be a guy-and-girl conceptual thing. So then I asked myself, 'Who's Brigitte Bardot today? It's Scarlett Johansson.'" Yorn gave Johansson a call. Intrigued by his out-of-the-blue invitation, she decided to go for it. "Pete told me that he'd had a dream that we recorded an album together," she recalls, "and with that momentum, he had written eight songs that he'd wanted to record pretty low-key. I've always loved Pete's voice and have been friends with him for some time. It sounded like an interesting little adventure. He used the Serge and Brigitte recordings as reference for the ambiance he was trying to capture. He liked the idea of two people vocalizing their relationship through duets."


LIZA MINNELLI 'Finest' [Release Date 03/08/2009]

2-CD: Includes the 3 sensational original 1960s Capitol albums: 'Liza! Liza!', 'It Amazes Me' and 'There Is A Time'; plus versions of singles previously unavailable on CD; rare and unreleased recordings from 'Judy & Liza Live at the London Palladium', and tracks from the 'New York, New York' film soundtrack. All tracks digitally re-mastered at Capitol Studios L.A in 2009 from the original analogue master tapes. Booklet includes sleeve notes by Will Friedwald and rare photos. 

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