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Genesis Live Box Set Coming Soon: Following the hugely successful trio of career spanning album box sets, Genesis are to release a brand new live box set on 14 September.

Live 1973-2007 compiles the band’s four live albums prior to 2007’s Live Over Europe (although the box does include a space so that it will house the album), and includes brand new live album, Live At The Rainbow 1973 – available only in the box set.

The four albums, Genesis Live, Seconds Out, Three Sides Live and The Way We Walk have been remastered and are some are presented as 5.1 versions for the first time.

1992’s The Way We Walk has been resequenced from two separate albums (Vol 1: The Shorts and Vol 2: The Longs) into one album which now reflects the original setlist. 
Thunder Schedule Last Ever Show: Thunder have added a final UK show to their last ever tour, headlining the Bohemia Stage at this year’s Sonisphere Festival. 

The band will headline the festival’s third stage on Saturday 1 August, the same day that Linkin Park top the main stage. It follows the band’s final show at their last headlining tour at the Hammersmith Apollo this Saturday. 

Frontman Danny Bowes says: “Our final 6 months have been incredible, with sell out shows and brilliant festival appearances all over. It’s somehow quite fitting that we’ll play our last show in the UK, and having gone there as kids to see the Stones and Led Zeppelin, to do it at Knebworth will be a real thrill. Bring it on….”  
Deep Purple Fined For Playing Deep Purple Songs: Deep Purple have apparently received a slap on the wrist and have been fined for playing their own songs during a live show in Russia.

According to Russia Today, the band were fined for allegedly failing to obtain a license to play their own songs at a show in Rostov-on-Don on 19 October 2008. 

Russian law apparently says that musicians that perform in the country need to apply to the "all-Russian NGO" – essentially the "Russian Authors’ Society" – to perform certain songs. According to Russia Today the Russian NGO protects the rights of foreign performers in the country and does not require performers to give the NGO permission to represent them.

Reports suggest that Deep Purple could have been fined up to 30,000 roubles per song that they played “without permission”. The money is then passed onto the songs’ authors – which in this case, would be themselves. 

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