Tuesday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]


ALISON KRAUSS 'Essential Alison Krauss' [Release Date 27/07/09]

CD: 'Essential Alison Krauss' is a brand new collection that Alison has put together for Decca. From the artist who has sold over 10 million albums and won 26 Grammy awards, it is an inspired selection of songs which displays her development as a vocalist, fiddle player and producer; from her early signing to Rounder Records at 14 years old, up to the present day. The tracks are drawn from her extensive back catalogue, truly representing Alison's commitment to Bluegrass and American traditional music styles, combined with her unique ability to contemporise the sound and take it to a very wide mainstream audience. She has a unique talent to select contemporary songs and sing them in a traditional style. It was all of these factors which drew Robert Plant into collaborating with Alison in the American roots world and the massive worldwide success of 'Raising Sand'. There is no other star quite like Alison Krauss in terms of purity, artistic integrity and star quality, combined with huge unsung commercial success.


CHICANE 'The Best Of: 1996 – 2008' [Release Date 27/07/09]

CD: In the past he has been dubbed "the godfather of the Ibiza anthem" but Chicane mastermind Nick Bracegirdle has come a long way since the sun drenched Balearic shores first throbbed to the sound of what is now recognised by many as the archetypal chill out classic 'Offshore'. With over 15 Top 10's, a No.1 with Bryan Adams and with over 2 million compilations under his belt – there are not many dance artists who can claim to have hits over a 10 year period. Chicane was later cast further into the public consciousness in 1999 with the release of the epic ' Saltwater' which featured Maire Brennan of Clannad. Then in 2000 with the number 1 smash hit 'Don't Give Up' featuring the gravely vocal tones of legendary rocker Bryan Adams, Nick found himself a regular fixture on radio. The release of his second album 'Behind the Sun' followed reaching the Top 10 and becoming a major success across Europe. For years Chicane has tended to be pigeon holed as a dance act, however the current live show and new material confirm that Chicane is far more diverse with the band continuing to push the boundaries of electronic music live. Over the years the Chicane live experience has travelled far and wide, from the relative sanity of London's Islington Academy, to the vastness of Moscow's Red Square. An appearance at the The World Trade Centre in Manila in 2006 was a similarly bizarre experience. "It was a great gig" Nick reminisces. "Thousands of fans watching us become dehydrated and shrivelling into little more than cornflakes on stage in the unbearable heat". With the summer here Chicane are back with thier new single 'Poppiholla' and it's set to be one of the biggest dance anthems of the year when it is released on July 13th, already a big track in clubland. It makes use of the seminal classic 'Hoppípolla'by Sigur Ros which was originally released in 2005 and is now playlisted on Radio 1.


MICHAEL JACKSON 'Gold' [Release Date 27/07/09]

2-CD: For many people, it took Michael Jackson's tragic passing at the end of June 2009 to realise what a talent he truly was. His music's stampede on the UK charts has shown the appetite the public have for his work – not since Elvis Presley or John Lennon's departures has their been such an outpouring of grief. Available in the US last year, Motown have listened to fans' requests and made Michael Jackson 'Gold' available for the first time in the UK. 'Gold' is worthy addition to Universal's critically-acclaimed and best selling series. Doing exactly what it says in its title, 'Gold' offers the best recordings that Jackson made when he was signed to Motown records in the early 70s. From the vibrancy and joy of 'Rockin' Robin' to the emotion of 'Got To Be There' to the social commentary of 'People Make The World Go Round', this is premium Jackson. And to think he was barely in his teens while recording it makes it all the more poignant. Although not yet writing his own material, the path to 'Thriller' is clearly signposted by his work here. This 32-track collection is certainly pretty remarkable indeed.


BEVERLEY CRAVEN 'Close To Home' [Release Date 03/08/09]

CD: Beverley's 4th studio album (and her first in 10 years).. Includes the single 'Rainbows'…


SON VOLT 'American Central Dust' [Release Date 27/07/09]

CD: Formed by frontman Jay Farrar following his split from alt-country pioneers Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt provided Farrar [and fellow band members, drawn from musical stablemates Wilco] with a vehicle for his songwriting and over the course of 6 albums the band has carved a niche for itself as one of America's most critically acclaimed acts. Son Volt's sound world is drawn from elements of the Rolling Stones' 'Exile On Main Street', early period REM, The Byrds and Little Feat, sprinkled with Farrar's own southern story telling. 'American Central Dust' is another great work from one of America's great songwriters.


STEVE MARTIN 'The Crow' [Release Date 27/07/09]

CD: Comedian, actor, author, and banjo player Steve Martin releases his first musical recording since 1978's number 1 hit 'King Tut'. This is no novelty record though. It's some of the best banjo music to come down the pike in a long time. 'The Crow' features able assistance from some of Steve's pals, including Dolly Parton, Vince Gill, Earl Scruggs, Bela Fleck, Tim O'Brien and Mary Black. Martin wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on this album, creating a new body of work that will stand alongside the classics for years to come.


THE LEISURE SOCIETY 'The Sleeper' [Release Date 03/08/09]

CD: Debut album from The Leisure Society featuring the Ivor Novello-nominated track 'The Last Of The Melting Snow'. * 'The Sleeper' is the debut album from The Leisure Society. * A beautiful mix of folk-pop with dreamlike harmonies, Guy Garvey from Elbow counts among their fans. * Album track 'The Last Of The Melting Snow' was nominated in the Best Song category at the 2009 Ivor Novello awards.


LIGHTNING DUST 'Infinite Light' [Release Date 03/08/09]

CD I LP: Lightning Dust are Amber Webber and Josh Wells, two fifths of critically acclaimed prog and spiritual pioneers, Black Mountain. 'Infinite Light', Lightning Dust's sophomore album for Jagjaguwar, finds duo Amber Webber and Joshua Wells [both of Black Mountain] calling upon the powers of classic pop arrangements and making the most of five days with a Steinway Grand piano, Lightning Dust have delivered a cosmic record about the adventure in finding love and the journey in losing and rediscovering "the light". While 'Infinite Light' is definitely more layered and lush than previous efforts, Lightning Dust's minimal aesthetic works well in the economy of musical theatre, an influence for the record, wherein each song's movements aim to be more inspiring than the one before it. And this is suiting in that the album is a nod to "the light of inspiration" that inspires us to keep dancing, creating and loving in spite of an encroaching darkness. It's a reminder that what makes the mountains so very, very black is a distant light somewhere on the other side. The beautiful album artwork is by Jeremy Schmidt [of Black Mountain], known for his Hipgnosis-like covers for Black Mountain and Pink Mountaintops.


LITTLE PHIL AND THE NIGHTSHADOWS 'Patriarchs Of Garage Rock' [Release Date 03/08/09]

CD I LP: "This 12-track '64-'67 collection is quality incarnate. This is definitely a must own for each and every garage hound!" – Jon "Mojo" Mills (Shindig Magazine). A stunning re-release by one of the most heralded and pioneering groups of the US 60's Garage Scene. An essential piece for any garage rock collection. Boombox / Penniman throws caution to the winds and releases, for the very first time, a full LP of Little Phil And The Nightshadows. A whopping LP given over to these Georgia wild men who stooped to conquer the wildest, wackiest and coolest parties of the time and were lionized for their incandescent live act. 'Patriarchs of Garage Rock' contains all their official singles, including the classics of the time such as '60 Second Swinger' and 'In The Air', as well as impossible to find 45's self-released by the group independently plus heaps of rarities – including two previously unreleased tracks- recorded by this Atlanta band during their 64-67 heyday. This is the first LP brought out by Penniman, a feast of garage, punk, R&B and soul from top to bottom and a weighty chunk of 180-gram vinyl, luscious packaging with a full colour sleeve both front and back and never seen before pics, all with a first class sound. Included are liner notes by band leader Aleck Janoulis and comments by Greg Prevost, leader of the Chesterfield Kings and fan numero uno of the Night Shadows.


ROBERT WYATT 'Box Set' [Release Date 03/08/09]

14-CD: Strictly Limited to 500 Copies so Out Requests ONLY !! Domino are extremely proud to release the landmark recordings of Robert Wyatt, one of the most distinguished, visionary, influential and singular catalogues in contemporary music, as a box set. The box contains all nine of Robert's studio albums plus the 'EPs' set. 'Rock Bottom' [1974]: Continually, and rightly, regarded as an emotionally charged masterpiece 'Rock Bottom', like all truly great records, defines its own moonlit world. Defiantly graceful, listening to this album is like being invited into another person's consciousness: fluid, deep, mesmerising and utterly unique. 'Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard' [1975]: Highlighting Wyatt's interests in township arrangements and ensemble playing, made explicit by calling a track 'Team Spirit', 'Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard' inverts the inward meditations of 'Rock Bottom' outwards. 'Nothing Can Stop Us' [1981]: Signing to Rough Trade in the early 80s, on the understanding from his former label Virgin that he wouldn't release any LPs for a while, Wyatt released a series of singles of cover versions. these tracks highlighted his incredible gift as an interpreter of other people's music and set his thoughts on contemporary politics in a highly considered and beautifully restrained context. 'Old Rottenhat' [1985]: Wyatt's first LP in ten years arrived in the mid-80s and was unsurprisingly poignant in its analysis of the selfregarding destruction meted out by Thatcherism. Played almost entirely by Wyatt himself, the record captures the sound of an artist in sel-imposed exile brimming with melodic purpose. 'Dondestan Revisited' [1991 / 1998]: Originally released in 1991, 'Dondestan' was remixed and reappraised in the studio in 1998 as 'Dondestan Revisited'. Wyatt claimed he "ran out of words" so by basing half of the album's tracks on her beautifully fragmented lyrics, began a song writing collaboration with wife Alfie Benge that flourishes to this day. 'Shleep' [1997]: Featuring long term collaborators and friends like Brian Eno, Phil Manzanera, Annie Whitehead, Evan Parker and newer accomplices such as Paul Weller, 'Shleep' is as exuberating and immediate a record as Wyatt has ever recorded. 'EPs' [1998]: 'EPs' rounds up the various one off singles, soundtracks and EPs Wyatt recorded from 1974 onwards. Among the highlights are 'I'm A Believer' and 'Shipbuilding', the two singles Wyatt cut that, although recorded nearly 10 years apart, thrust him into the spotlight and onto Top Of The Pops. 'Cuckooland' [2003]: Now into his fifth decade of recording, Wyatt had done whatever is the polar opposite of mellowing. Hearing Wyatt combine such inspirational common sense thinking, with what was now his trademark intuitively baleful voice and beguiling arrangements, was to hear an artist at the height of their powers. 'Robert Wyatt & Friends, Theatre Royal Drury Lane 8th September 1974' [2005]: Convening something of a supergroup to play through 'Rock Bottom' upon its release in 1974, the cast Wyatt assembled is testament both to the high regard he has always been held in – along with his natural ability to blur boundaries between such constraints as the mainstream and the avant-garde. Here heavyweights like Mike Oldfield and Pink Floyd's Nick Mason lock with the avant jazz sensibilities of Mongezi Feza, Julie Tippetts and Fred Frith. 'Comicopera' [2007]: The 16 track 'Comicopera' was produced by Robert himself, and is initially more diverse and live sounding than its predecessor 'Cuckooland'.

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