Tuesday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]


DJ YODA 'How To Cut & Paste: The Thirties Edition' [Release Date 17/08/2009]

CD: Responsible for spreading his name across the globe, DJ Yoda's 'How To Cut & Paste' mixes have become the stuff of legend. Injecting a necessary dose of humour into the UK's Hip-Hop scene without ever taking his eye off the dancefloor, DJ Yoda AKA Duncan Beiny's unique ability to mix and scratch theme tunes, adverts and comedy skits with some of the rawest beats around, gaining both commercial and critical success, is without equal. Following hot on the heels of his barnstorming '…Country & Western Edition', the fifth instalment in the series delves deep into the past, to the advent of swing for '…The Thirties Edition'. The decade that gave the world the first LP, the first 'All-Talking All-Colour' wide-screen movie and the Zoot suit, the 1930s was a hotbed of musical creativity that DJ Yoda has mined with his trademark ear for a funky beat turning up some surprising musical treats. Kicking off with a heavy dose of turntable trickery before dropping into Danny Kaye's appositely titled 'Beatin' Bangin' Scratchin'', Yoda gets busy on the ones and twos traversing the era's gems, mixing stone cold classics of the time with tracks you didn't know you knew and some real digger's delights. Underpinned with crushing 808s, slick breaks and a dazzling array of vocal samples, the latest edition of 'How To Cut & Paste' brings each and every track bang up to date, mixing up the Hip-Hop, Dubstep, B-More and Drum n Bass beats with Thelonious Monk, Robert Johnson, Jeri Southern and Cecil Anderson. Throwing out the musical lead, DJ Yoda's 'How To Cut & Paste: The Thirties Edition' guarantees a ring-a-ding-ding at the speakeasy.

BLACK EYED PEAS 'I Gotta Feeling' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

C5: "On 'I Gotta Feeling' Will.I.Am is reinvented as a robotic James Brown, taking it beyond the bridge to a future-funk Emerald City" – Times "Pure 80s-era Madonna-inspired pop brilliance" – Observer "Grips you like a half-nelson on the dancefloor" – Metro Fresh from blowing the brains of Glastonbury revellers on the Sunday night of the festival and the runaway success of hit single 'Boom Boom Pow', the Grammy-Award winning, multimillion selling Black Eyed Peas release the soaring summer anthem 'I Gotta Feeling' on August 10th. The second song from the album 'The E.N.D', 'I Gotta Feeling' is five life-affirming minutes of euro-dance-pop packed with contagious rave beats and euphoric, goose-pimple synths, with über-producer Will.I.Am behind the helm and steering the Black Eyed Peas' intergalactic party-sound closer to the Balearics than it's ever been. The video to 'I Gotta Feeling' captures this uplifting, brightly hedonistic mood as the neon-painted Peas buoyantly bounce around a Day-glo dancefloor.


THE KILLERS 'A Dustland Fairytale' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

Ltd 7"PD: The 4th single from the 'Day & Age' album

CHARLOTTE HATHERLEY 'White' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

Strictly Ltd 7": **Strictly Limited to 500 Copies ** Charlotte hatherley [ex-Ash and currently playing with Bat for Lashes] releases her first single 'White' from her forthcoming album 'New Worlds' due for release October 09.


SERGIO MENDES 'The Best Of' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

CD: In the 60s he was known as the Swinger From Rio. Now his music is reaching new audiences through collaborations with artists such as the Black Eyed Peas. This 24-track collection features the huge hit 'Mas Que Nada', plus other collaborations [with Will.I.Am and Stevie Wonder] plus the coolest of Sergio Mendes' 1960s recordings. Latin grooves meet hip hop production, all held together with some of the coolest vocals and piano playing this side of Rio. The definitive summer album.


THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS 'Doll Domination 3.0' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

CD: 'Doll Domination 3.0' is the definitive album format from The Pussycat Dolls – it has been re-worked to include 'Jai Ho', 'Painted Windows' and 'Hush Hush; Hush Hush' so that a one-stop format is available for fans. This will take the place of The Mini Collection and the original version of the album.


EMMY THE GREAT 'First Love' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

CD: An updated version of Emmy's debut album of savage observations and stark admissions, cloaked in arrangements of disarming simplicity and beguiling melody. The album now includes 4 new songs, two of which are early songs never released but are tour staples.


JUDY DYBLE 'Talking With Strangers' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

CD: Judy Dyble's story and place in modern music folklore is interesting and unquestioned, with combined career sales in excess of 100 million records. From the original vocalist of Fairport Convention to the beginning of the King Crimson story; one half of revered acid duo Trader Horne, crossing paths with Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis, Cat Stevens et al, to thirty years of almost complete silence. And that was a gap that saw the world change beyond all comprehension, to a 2009 album – this album – which breaks ground in terms of production, but most importantly brings a contemporary slant to a body of work created by legendary musicians. So what of these old and new friendships, and what of 'Talking With Strangers?'. Judy's first tentative steps back into the world of recording and releasing began with three cult albums produced by Marc Swordfish between 2004 and 2006. A top 10 UK indie chart position ensued in 2008, with Judy backed by Yorkshire headturners, The Conspirators. Then the embryo of an album, this album, took shape. Judy, No-Man's Tim Bowness, and Cromer Museum's Alistair Murphy, together wrote the majority of this stunning body of work, hand picking friends – old and new – to contribute. The end result is a compendium that draws influence from the fields of prog rock, acid folk, jazz, and contemporary pop music. Judy's vocal performance is heart stopping: occasionally uncomfortable, as she divulges vital autobiographical moments from her career so far. The album ebbs and flows with dark and light, from the melancholic but beautiful 'Grey October Day', to the inspirational, optimistic 'Jazzbirds'. The album was recorded remotely, contributions raining in from all over the world. From the USA, King Crimson's Ian MacDonald and Pat Mastelotto; stunning vocals offered in London by All About Eve's Julianne Regan, and from France by acid folk legend, Trees' Celia Humprhis. There was more from home, on location in Oxfordshire by Fairport's Simon Nicol, and Pentangle's Jacquie McShee. Robert Fripp added lush guitar soundscapes from both Spain and the UK. Major contributions in Norfolk came from Tim Bowness, and Alistair Murphy, and via various machines in studios and garden sheds in the East Of England, with mastering taking place in Nashville, USA. One of the most vital and important studio albums of the decade shone brightly from the most unlikely beginnings. It's hard to imagine how 'Talking With Strangers' could have come together in the manner, and with the quality, that it has. The fact that it has is something to be grateful for, by the old and the new. Judy feels it's the best album she's ever produced. Her listeners will undoubtedly agree.


EUROPE 'Last Look At Eden – Mini Album' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

CD: Conceived as a gift to the fans and a way to introduce the upcoming new studio album of the same title, the EP 'Last Look At Eden' features two brand new songs: the title track 'LLAE' and 'U Devil U' as well as 3 live tracks: the classic 'Superstitious' and 'Start From The Dark' in electric version and a great Led Zeppelin cover 'Since I've Been Loving You' taken from a live concert with a symphonic orchestra the band played at the 'Apollo Hammersmith Theatre' in London. The EP also includes the 'Last Look At Eden' video [which will only be available on this release]. Presented in a deluxe digipak sleeve.


ROGER CHAPMAN and the SHORT LIST 'Riff Burglar' / 'Live At Munster Hall' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

2CD: * 'Riff Burglar' was originally released in 1982 and features musicians from Shortlist such as Mick Moody and Tim Hinkley. The tracks on 'Riff Burglar' are a mixture of classic soul and rock'n'roll covers, the inspiration being the singles on Roger Chapman' home jukebox. * Also included is a hitherto unreleased 2 x CD set, 'Live At Munster Hall'.


ADRIAN BELEW 'Lone Rhino' / 'Twang Bar King' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

2-on-1 CD: * These two albums were originally released on the Island label in 1982 ('Lone Rhino') and 1983 ('Twang Bar King') * Adrian Belew has played with some of rock's biggest names: he did the guitar work on Talking Heads' classic album 'Remain In Light' and on offshoot group Tom Tom Club's albums. He played on King Crimson albums 'Discipline', 'Beat' and 'Three Of A Perfect Pair' as well as David Bowie's 'Lodger' album, and appeared on Paul Simon's 'Graceland' single and Nine Inch Nails' 'The Downward Spiral' and 'The Fragile'. More recently, Belew put together a solo album with Primus bassist Les Claypool and Tool drummer Danny Carey lending a hand. * Review of 'Lone Rhino' from AMG: "The first solo album from monster alternative guitarist Belew comes in the middle of Robert Fripp's early-80s reformulation of King Crimson, so it's no surprise that many a Crimson-esque herky-jerky guitar run and melody line pops up among Belew's other trademark sound, that of the animal-turned-guitar wail." * Review of 'Twang Bar King' from AMG: "Diversified and relentlessly creative – giving space to new artistic and emotional expression – this second solo album from guitarist Adrian Belew expands upon his already remarkable solo debut… Belew's inventiveness, both as a guitarist and as a songwriter, keep this album fresh and exciting at nearly every turn."


RICK ROBERTS 'Windmills' / 'She Is A Song' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

2-on-1 CD: * The album's supporting cast and guests include Bernie Leadon, Don Henley, Jackson Browne, Rusty Young, Chris Hillman, David Crosby, Al Perkins, Dallas Taylor, Byron Berline, Joe Lala, Paul Harris and Joe Walsh * Rick was a member of the chart-successful Firefall and played with Emmylou Harris and The Fallen Angels * Rick Roberts was born in Florida, later moving to Washington D.C., South Carolina and Colorado, where he performed in clubs. At 19, he hitchhiked to LA and after a year of knocking on doors, came to the attention of Ed Tickner, at that time manager of the Flying Burrito Brothers. Tickner introduced Roberts to the Burritos, who had been working as a four-piece since the departure of Gram Parsons. Rick had sung (unaccredited) on The Byrds' 'Untitled' LP earlier that same year. With Roberts in the Burritos, they recorded their albums 'The Flying Burrito Bros' (June 1971), and 'Last Of The Red Hot Burritos' (February 1972) * After a tour of Europe with the Burritos, Roberts then embarked on a solo career, releasing the albums 'Windmills' (1972) and 'She Is A Song' (1973). 'She Is A Song' was produced by Chris Hillman and Rick's songs were published by Stephen Stills' publishing company. Reviewers at the time commented on Hillman's "cool" original production style and how the songs jumped off the vinyl and grabbed you.


CLIVE GREGSON & CHRISTINE COLLISTER 'Love Is A Strange Hotel' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

CD: * Originally released in 1990 on the Rhino Record Label and now reproduced on BGO Records with new notes from Clive Gregson, new artwork and finished off with a stylish slip-case. * A departure from the expansive arrangements of the previous two albums, 'Love Is a Strange Hotel' is a low-key acoustic collection of covers. * Even unlikely choices, like Aztec Camera's 'How Men Are' and 10cc's 'Things We Do For Love' are pulled off in their own subtle and charming way.


EARTH WIND & FIRE 'Open Our Eyes' / 'That's The Way Of The World' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

2CD: * 'Open Our Eyes' was a US Top 20 album featuring the hit singles 'Mighty Mighty' and 'Devotion' * 1975's 'That's The Way Of The World' was a US No.1, with the single 'Shining Star' also topping the charts. It was these albums that really kickstarted the huge worldwide success that EW&F went on to enjoy.


LES DUDEK 'Ghost Town Parade' / 'Gyspy Ride' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

2-on-1 CD: * Guitarist Dudek has played with the likes of the Allman Brothers, Steve Miller and Boz Scaggs, and yet also found time for a solo career * These, his third and fourth albums, come from 1978 and 1981 respectively.


GEORGE DUKE 'From Me To You' / 'Reach For It' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

2CD: * Jazz keyboardist Duke's first two albums for CBS from 1977 * 'Reach For It' is his most successful album to date chartwise, making the US Top 3. * Both of these albums take him away from his jazz roots and into an R&B groove


TAJ MAHAL 'Oooh So Good 'N Blues' / 'Mo' Roots' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

2-on-1 CD: * Taj Mahal is now rightly acclaimed as being one of the blues greats, his work firmly influenced by Delta blues with a bit of Hawaiian music thrown in! * 'Mo' Roots' dates from 1974 and has a subtle reggae influence, whilst 'Oooh So Good 'N Blues' is from 1973.

UFO 'Headstone' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

CD: Hard rock pioneers UFO are one of the UK's most prolific and influential rock bands – their musical influence can be seen across a host of modern metal groups and during the course of nearly four decades they have built up an extremely loyal and dedicated fan base. The UFO album reissue campaign now concludes with 'Headstone'. Taken from the Hammersmith Odeon leg of their 1983 'farewell' tour, tracks 1-5 originally featured in a Chrysalis compilation and are presented here for the first time on CD, finally reunited with 6 bonus tracks taken from the same show which are previously unreleased on any format.


ROBERT CRAY 'This Time' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

CD: Five-time GRAMMY® award-winning singer / songwriter and world-renowned American blues guitarist Robert Cray will release his eighteenth album with The Robert Cray Band entitled 'This Time' on Nozzle/Vanguard Records, August 11, 2009. Since their 1980 album debut 'Who's Been Talkin', Cray's unique playing style and distinct sound has become the bridge between traditional and contemporary-a signature blend of rhythm and blues, pop, rock, soul and traditional blues helping introduce old and new fans to a more contemporary blues sound. Robert Cray has released seventeen award-winning multi-platinum albums, received 13 GRAMMY® nominations and performed thousands of sold-out shows worldwide. The Robert Cray Band just completed an extensive tour of Brazil and Japan, and will be starting a US Tour in late June 2009.


DJ PREMIER 'Originals' [Release Date 17/08/2009]

CD: All the breaks that helped Premier to make perhaps the greatest beats, hip hop has ever heard. From the rare and unknown to the famous, this CD has them all. DJ Premier has produced so many classic tracks he must have one of the deepest catalogues in hip hop. The man known as Primo needs little introduction, with the most credible CV in the history of hip hop, clocking up almost two decades as producer / DJ for Gang Starr, alongside a parallel career as beatmaker for the likes of Nas, Rakim, KRS1, Jay-Z, Common, Jeru, and many, many more. Even his most die hard fan couldn't possibly own all of the tracks produced under his 'Works Of Mart' banner, but now they can actually own all the breaks he took the samples from. What we have here is a celebration of that art, with over a hundred original breaks and beats from soul, funk, jazz and beyond, cut together in a musical journey covering many of the Primo produced hip hop gems we know and love. Well known as not liking the breaks and beats collections that name his sources, there's no tracklisting here to let students of his sound in on Premier's secrets too easily, but listen out for the likes of The Blackbyrds, Crusaders, Cameo, James Brown, Esther Phillips, Fred Wesley, Billy Cobham, Bob James, The Meters, Pointer Sisters, Jean Jaques Perry, S.O.U.L, and many, many (many) more. Funk fans, hiphop heads, and break-fiends should not miss this.


SHE KEEPS BEES 'Nests' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

CD: Formed in 2006, Brooklyn's She Keeps Bees are a couple / band you won't want to slap the crap out of. Their music is bluesy, but not what you're thinking. Jessica sings 'til her stomach hurts while Andy holds down the rhythm – lumberjack style. The music is simple, gritty and downright sexy. Howlin' Wolf and Millie Jackson to start, but you'll probably hear PJ Harvey in there too. This homemade recording keeps it real simple: drums, guitar and little else. Recorded over the course of 2008, eMusic hailed Nests as "absolutely astonishing… every song is great". Other Music NYC described Nests as "packed with straightforward, rocking electric guitar…a shoo-in for one of the new music highlights of the year".

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NEIL YOUNG Digitally Remastered Reissues  [Release Date 10/08/2009]

Neil Young I Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere I After The Goldrush I Harvest

Rhino UK is pleased to announce the release of Neil Young's first four albums, all newly re-mastered from the original analogue master tapes and all featuring upgraded booklets incorporating lyrics and photo elements of the original LP packaging; 'Neil Young' (1968), 'Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere' (1969), 'After The Gold Rush' (1970) and 'Harvest' (1972) – some on his best-loved albums, three of which feature the talents of his legendary backing band Crazy Horse.


GODFLESH 'Box Set: Pure / Cold World / Slavestate' [Release Date 10/08/2009]

3CD: * Three long out of print releases from the Godflesh catalogue housed in one value packed set, retailing for the price of a normal full price CD. * Featuring sought after music from the band's prolific early 90's period – the band's 1992 classic album 'Pure' together with the rare 1991 EP 'Cold World' and the 1991 remix / re-interpretation album, titled 'Slavestate'. All music has been remastered. * 'Pure' adds 2 tracks not on the original release; 'Love, Hate (Slugbaiting)' and 'Pure II'. * 'Slavestate' adds 2 tracks not on the original release; 'Slateman' and 'Wound '91' which originally featured on a Sub Pop Singles Club 7". * A total of 23 tracks across 3 discs, housed in a smart slipcase sleeve. Total running time of almost 3 hours.


MEMPHIS SLIM 'Fip Fil And Fim' [Available Now]

CD: Until his death in Paris in 1988 at the age of 73, Memphis Slim was one of blues major exponents. Born and raised in Memphis, he moved to Chicago in the late 1930's, where he began recording as a leader for the Okeh label, and throughout the 40's and the 50's cut sides for Chess, Mercury and United Records, before landing at Vee-Jay and recording definitive versions of his best-known songs. Slim exhibited his perpetually independent mindset by leaving the US for good in 1962. A tour of Europe in partnership with bassist Willie Dixon a couple of years earlier had so intrigued the pianist that he permanently moved to Paris, where recording and touring possibilities seemed limitless and the veteran pianist was treated with the respect too often denied even African-American blues stars at home back then. He remained there until his death, enjoying his stature as expatriate blues royalty.


LP: CRADLE OF FILTH 'Cruelty And The Beast' [Available Now]


YNGWIE MALMSTEEN 'Live In Budokan' [Available Now]

DVD: Grammy award winner Yngwie Malmsteen is a Swedish guitarist, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and bandleader. Malmsteen became notable in the mid-1980s for his technical fluency and neo-classical metal compositions, often incorporating high speed picking and arpeggios. Four of his albums, from 1984 to 1988, 'Rising Force', 'Marching Out', 'Trilogy' and 'Odyssey', ranked in the top 100 for sales! 'Live in Budokan' captures his superb live performance in 1994 in Japan, with never seen before interviews and live performances.


MICHAEL JACKSON 'Moonwalking – The True Story Of Michael Jackson' [Available Now]

DVD: The hard-hitting film of how a celebrity lifestyle conspired to destroy Michael Jackson. This sensational film reveals how in the last years of his life, an unbearable psychological pressure built up on Michael and his inner demons took control. In the wake of his criminal trial, money worries mounted, golden friendships turned to acrimonious slanging matches and business deals which seemed made in heaven resulted in bitter lawsuits. The DVD draws on rare footage of the king of pop with the most famous people on the planet, including Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela and Uri Geller and candid interviews with Elizabeth Taylor and La Toya Jackson. Also included is a fully illustrated book, with a complete biography of Michael.


THE THIRD DEGREE 'Mercy' [Release Date 03/08/09]

C5 I 7": Featuring big heavy horns, a driving funky beat and a crisp and clear soulful vocal, it's what Mark Ronson would have done and Duffy should have done. Originally released by iconic east London label, Acid Jazz as a strictly limited edition 7 inch single in March, the record hit number two in the indie charts before being picked up by the Tri-Sound team as their debut release. This modern take on a classic soul sound encapsulates the ethos of Tri-Sound, the new label founded to showcase the best in contemporary soul music.

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