Tuesday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]


YUSUF ISLAM 'Roadsinger' [Release Date 20/07/2009]

7" : http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=476458

**The B-side features PAUL MCCARTNEY and DOLLY PARTON** Following up 'Thinking 'bout You', Yusuf continues the journey to re-engage his intimate relationship with his audience with the release of the second single from the Top 10 album 'Roadsinger (To Warm You Through The Night)'. The title track, 'Roadsinger,' unfolds the tale of an outcast who revisits his old hometown; along the empty street a child peeks from behind a store window and gives an innocent smile out of the shadows of prejudice. "The theme of a journey has always been big with me," says Yusuf. With a recent Top 10 record, an incredible performance as part of the Island 50 shows, and The Very Best Of Cat Stevens making a re-entry into the Top 20 it is clear to see that the man behind hits such as 'Wild World', 'Peace Train', 'Moonshadow', 'Morning Has Broken' and 'Father And Son', is still very much wanted. 'Roadsinger' is released on July 20th and includes 'Boots And Sand', and comes with very special ltd edition 'comic strip' artwork.

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2 x SOFT MACHINE REISSUES: [Release Date 20/07/2009]

The roots of Soft Machine lay in the city of Canterbury in Kent and the circle of bohemian friends with Robert Wyatt at their core. Gathering at the large Georgian house owned by Robert's mother, Honor, Wyatt shared the company of Kevin Ayers, Hugh and Brian Hopper, Mike Ratledge and a drifting Australian beatnik, Daevid Allen spending many hours listening to modern jazz and being exposed to the world of beat poetry and Dadaist art.

* The Soft Machine: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=476463

The debut album by The Soft Machine was originally released in October 1968 and features the original line-up of Robert Wyatt on drums and vocals, Kevin Ayres, bass guitar and vocals and Mike Radledge on keyboards. Now digitally remastered and expanded with the pre-album single 'Love Makes Sweet Music' and 'Feelin' Reelin' Squeelin''

* Volume 2: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=476465

The second Soft Machine album from September 1969 has now been digitally remastered and sounds better than ever. 'Soft Machine Volume Two' was released in September 1969 and became the band's first album release in the UK. Critically greeted with enthusiasm, the release of the album would close one chapter of the bands history. By October 1969 Soft Machine had evolved into very different musical unit with their emphasis on free and progressive jazz influences and with the inclusion of Alto saxophonist Elton Dean, trumpet player Marc Charig, Trombonist Nick Evans and saxophonist and flautist Lyn Dobson into their ranks. For the next few months Soft Machine toured extensively, building a large and enthusiastic following in France in particular. 1969 ended with the band signing with CBS Records, the British division of American major label, Columbia. Over the next four years the band would record five albums for the label, including the legendary double album 'Third', although they would also endure many line-up changes. The albums Soft Machine recorded for ABC Probe in 1968 and 1969 remain inspirational and unique artifacts of an era when experimentation and creativity were the watchwords. With this release of 'Volume Two' and its companion 'The Soft Machine' it's fitting to experience this wonderful music once more.


KID BRITISH 'It Was This Or Football…First Half' [Release Date 20/07/2009]

CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=476470

Kid British are well poised to lift off the gloom this year. Having drawn on the street smart sound of pop heavyweights Blur and Madness, the four piece have allied their songwriting craft to a ballsy hip hop production. The results are a rude boy mix of club-friendly beats and bedroom-styled harmonies as evidenced by their recent sold out limited edition 'Leave London EP' and this year's debut album, 'It Was This or Football'. Meanwhile, a riotous live sound has them earmarked as one of the must see new bands of 2009. The band have recently been in the studio with the production talents of Steve Dubb [Chemical Brothers], Stephen Street [Blur] and the mix talents of Steve Power to put the finishing touches to their debut album 'It Was This or Football', which has been split into two parts; the 'First half' and the 'Second half'. the first half is due for release in July 2009. They have been touring solidly since the Summer 08 and have recently supported The Enemy on their national academy tour and The Specials on their sold out UK Tour.


RHYTHMS DEL MUNDO / VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Classics' [Release Date 20/07/2009]

CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=476481

The biggest stars in the music industry have joined forces on the latest Rhythms Del Mundo album, 'Classics' produced to raise awareness and funds for climate crisis projects and natural disaster relief. The sublime talent of Cuba's finest musicians together with the unmistakable vocals of artists including Amy Winehouse, The Killers, Jack Johnson, The Rolling Stones, Kaiser Chiefs, Fall Out Boy, and many others, results in a unique album merging Afro-Cuban rhythms with some of the most memorable songs of the last 40 years. With brand new recordings from The Killers, Editors, KT Tunstall, The Zutons and OneRepublic, through to special recordings from contributing artists such as Amy Winehouse and Jack Johnson, this album is set to be the soundtrack to the summer! 'Rhythms Del Mundo – Classics' is the latest project from UK climate change charity, Artists Project Earth (APE) which was formed in 2005 following the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami. This album follows in the footsteps of their first release Rhythms Del Mundo – Cuba! [ft. Coldplay, U2, Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys and others] which went platinum and gold in many countries across the globe.


CLINT MANSELL 'Moon OST' [Release Date 20/07/2009]

CD: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=476491

LP: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=476493

"One of Hollywood's most exciting film composers" – DAZED & CONFUSED Clint Mansell's emotionally gripping and melodically thrilling score for psychological luna-drama 'Moon' is released on July 20th on Black Records. Directed by Duncan Jones, starring Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey, 'Moon' is a science fiction thriller about a solitary lunar employee who finds that he may not be able to go home to Earth so easily. Having premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, Moon opens in the UK on July 17th. Sam Bell [Sam Rockwell] is an employee contracted by the company Lunar to mine on the Moon the natural gas Helium 3, which could reverse Earth's energy crisis. Stationed alone on the lunar base Sarang with only a robot named Gerty [voiced by Kevin Spacey], Sam is two weeks away from completing his three-year assignment, when he begins feeling out of place… Former 'Pop Will Eat Itself' frontman Clint Mansell [now based in Los Angeles] has become the go-to composer for independent Hollywood cinema. Producing peerless soundtracks to award winning Darren Arronofsky films 'Requiem For A Dream', 'The Fountain' and most recently 'The Wrestler'. Clint brings his award winning film scores to the UK for the very first time at the Union Chapel on 20th July. In a truly unique live event, he will be joined by a live band and the Sonus Quartet playing the highlights of his burgeoning composing career.

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5 x ZAKK WYLDE & BLACK LABEL SOCIETY REISSUES: [Release Date 20/07/2009]

* PRIDE AND GLORY 'Pride And Glory': http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=476519

Pride & Glory was the first band fronted by legendary guitarist Zakk Wylde and is the first of the mid-price reissues of Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society on Armoury Records. Pride & Glory's eponymous debut album proved to be their only recording and the band itself only lasted for a year. The album was originally released in May 1994 and this reissue includes the second disc of rare recordings that was added to the album in 1999, making all the Pride & Glory material available in one set.

* ZAKK WYLDE 'Book Of Shadows': http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=476522

Following the demise of the short lived Pride & Glory, Zakk Wylde started work on his first (and so far only) solo album 'Book Of Shadows'. Originally released in 1996, it is now reissued on Armoury Records and includes the 3-track bonus disc that was added in 1999. 'Book Of Shadows' finds Zakk Wylde in a much more introspective mood than on his other recordings and contains a substantial amount of acoustic material and includes 'Throwin' It All Away', Zakk's elegy for his friend Shannon Hoon of the band Blind Melon who had recently died of a drug overdose.

* BLACK LABEL SOCIETY 'Sonic Brew': http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=476525

'Sonic Brew' was the first Black Label Society album. Musically it still has a distinctly 'southern rock' feel although there are signs of the much heavier style that was to follow on subsequent BLS albums. Originally released just in Japan in 1998, it was remixed and remastered and had two further tracks added before its US release in 1999 and had to have a new cover done following legal action from Johnnie Walker over the original cover's likeness to a bottle of their Black Label Whisky. It is this version of the album that is now reissued on Armoury Records.

* BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Stronger Than Death: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=476528

'Stronger Than Death' was Black Label Society's second album, originally released in April 2000. It sees Zakk Wylde taking the band in a much heavier direction and developing the sound that everyone associates with BLS today. The overall imagery of the band based around the distinctive skull logo (taken from drummer Phil Ondich's illustrations) is also much more in keeping with their later style.

* BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Alcohol Fueled Brewtality: http://991.com/buy/productinformation.aspx?StockNumber=476530

'Alcohol Fueled Brewtality' was recorded on Black Label Society's Penchant For Violence tour in the summer of 2000 and originally released in early 2001. The tour had seen the debut of the band's new line-up. This was BLS' first live release and the two disc set was completed by five previously unreleased studio tracks including a new acoustic version of 'The Beginning…At Last' from their debut 'Sonic Brew' album. This full two disc set is now reissued on Armoury Records.

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