Wednesday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]


MATTHEW SWEET & SUSANNA HOFFS 'Under The Covers Vol. 2' [Release Date 27/07/09]


Power-pop sensation Matthew Sweet and Bangles vocalist Susanna Hoffs, otherwise known as "Sid & Susie," will unveil their newest project July 27th on Shout! Factory, titled 'Under The Covers Vol. 2'. This delightful collection features 16 of the duo's favorite tunes from the 1970's, and is the much anticipated follow up to the highly-praised 60's compilation 'Under The Covers Vol. 1', released in 2006. Produced and recorded by Sweet and Hoffs in Sweet's Lolina Green Studios in Los Angeles, Sweet and Hoffs treat the songs with reverence, showing their appreciation for this captivating decade of music. 'Under The Covers Vol. 2' features the pair's perfectly harmonized voices on favorites from the genres of power-pop, glam, classic rock and even prog-rock. The pair get a little help from Lindsey Buckingham on their cover of Fleetwood Mac's 'Second Hand News,' Dhani Harrison played on George Harrison's 'Beware of Darkness,' and Steve Howe guests on their version of the Yes song 'I've Seen All Good People: Your Move/All Good People.' The tracks on 'Under The Covers Vol. 2' cover a diverse range of music, including huge hits such as Carly Simon's 'You're So Vain', Rod Stewart's 'Maggie May', and Mott The Hoople's 'All The Young Dudes', as well as lesser known cult favorites, including Big Star's 'Back Of A Car' and Todd Rundgren's 'Couldn't I Just Tell You' (one of two Todd Rundgren songs included on the disc). Other treasured songs given the Sid & Susie treatment include John Lennon's 'Gimme Some Truth', Derek & The Dominoes' 'Bell Bottom Blues', The Grateful Dead's 'Sugar Magnolia', The Raspberries' 'Go All The Way', Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers' 'Here Comes My Girl', Little Feat's 'Willin'', Todd Rundgren's 'Hello It's Me', and Bread's 'Everything I Own'.


PORTUGAL. THE MAN 'The Satanic Satanist' [Release Date 27/07/09]


Mixed and produced by Paul Q. Kolderie [Radiohead, Pixies, Dinosaur Jr.], Adam Taylor [The Lemonheads, The Dresden Dolls] and Cornershop sitarist / keyboardist Anthony Saffery Within days of Alternative Press including 'Censored Colors' on its list of 10 Essential Albums of 2008, the members of Alaska's Portugal. The Man were trekking through the Boston snow to start work on their fourth release in four years, 'The Satanic Satanist'. John Baldwin Gourley explains the pace at which his band has turned out any number of the decade's more inspired moments, "Honestly, I think we should be putting out more music. It keeps you thinking, keeps you growing and progressing. If you stop and let it sit for too long, I feel like you start to lose track of where you were going." 'The Satanic Satanist' is unmistakably Portugal. The Man, as the group has returned to working with loops and samples once more, certainly the most they have since their 2006 debut, 'Waiter: You Vultures!'." "We played all the songs live to begin with," Gourley recalls, "then went back and tweaked them. But I've always loved loops and samples. I think they have such a cool vibe and such a specific sound that you can only get from sampling."


TARA BUSCH 'Pilfershire Lane' [Release Date 27/07/09]


From the dark, sweet, blizzard-driven imagination of Tara Busch comes her analog synth drenched, electro-orchestral pop album, 'Pilfershire Lane'. It is an album based on a young girl's lonely, melancholic childhood in the 1970's, surrounded by the music of Bowie, Zeppelin, ABBA and Janis Joplin. We journey in the seat of her rocket ship in 'Over the Radio'… through the tantrum-stamp of her high school marching band in 'Superfriends'… We then tunnel to the depths & fill our lungs with day old wine and cigarette ash to find the deep sadness of 'Get Drunk & Fuck' until we are thrown a lifeline of sweetness, resurfacing with 'This is Love'…finally, we return where we start- in her bedroom window wishing on stars & distant planets in 'We Can See Mars'. We never leave her head.


STREET SWEEPER SOCIAL CLUB 'Street Sweeper Social Club' [Release Date 03/08/09]


"A little bit of Rage, a little bit of The Clash, and a whole lotta classic Led Zepplin stomp, today's set … is a great taste of something different. Political, body-movin', uproarious … SSSC is catchy, good time music with a protest edge." – Kerrang live review **** Tom Morello and Boots Riley have joined forces to form Street Sweeper Social Club. The group's anticipated self-titled debut album, which will be released on Monday 3rd August, was produced by Tom Morello and features Boots Riley on vocals, Morello on guitar and bass, and Stanton Moore (Galactic) on drums. Tom Morello is a founding member and guitarist of the rock bands Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave. The two bands are responsible for multiple Grammy Awards and a combined 30 million albums sold worldwide. Morello has also received critical acclaim as a solo artist known as The Nightwatchman. Widely celebrated for his unique voice as a master electric guitarist, he is recognized by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the "100 Greatest Guitar Players of All-Time (#26)" .With System of a Down's Serj Tankian, Morello formed Axis of Justice, an organization whose purpose is to bring together musicians, music fans, and grassroots political organizations to fight for social justice. Boots Riley is best known as the leader of The Coup, the seminal Hip-Hop group from Oakland, CA. As a producer and lyricist, Riley has crafted critically acclaimed albums for The Coup that have graced the year-end Top 10 lists of Rolling Stone, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times. Born in Chicago and raised in East Oakland's Funktown neighborhood, Boots became a teenage community organizer. From his history of student organizing in Oakland's public schools, serving on the central committee for the Progressive Labor Party, being the President of Youth InCar (Youth International Committee Against Racism), organizing to build California's Anti-Racist Farm Workers' Union, to developing "guerrilla hip hop concerts" (mobile concerts on flatbed trucks); Boots Riley has been an integral part of the progressive struggle for radical change through culture.


REVEREND AND THE MAKERS 'A French Kiss In The Chaos' [Release Date 27/07/09]


Reverend and the Makers new album, 'A French Kiss In The Chaos', is to be released on the 27th July and is the follow up to 2007's Top 5 album 'The State of Things'. Produced by Jagz Kooner [Primal Scream/Kasabian] and mixed by Dave Sardy [The Ting Tings/Oasis/LCD Soundsystem], the album features 10 tracks covering topics such as global warming, Prozac and consumerism – "but with an abiding and persistent sense of optimism and positivity."


MICHAEL JACKSON 'A Life' [Release Date 20/07/09]


Michael Joseph Jackson was born on the 29th August 1958 in Gary, Indiana. Michael's musical career began at the age of five performing with his brothers Tito, Jackie, Marlon and Jermaine. Having auditioned for Motown impresario Berry Gordy in 1968 the group then known as The Jackson 5 were signed to the Motown label where they stayed until 1976. Having teamed up with Quincy Jones, Michael released his first solo album for Epic records titled 'Off The Wall' in August 10th 1979 – this was the beginning of What was to become the Michael Jackson phenomenon. This DVD chronicles the life of the King of Pop the world's most creative and talented top selling artist.

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Kill I Live Cannibalism

Since their beginning almost 20 years ago as a small band out of Buffalo, NY, Cannibal Corpse has not only managed to go platinum for combined worldwide sales of all albums, but in the process also gained one of the strongest and most loyal of all Death Metal fan bases in the genre's history. Cannibal Corpse will never ever be dethroned as the ruling leaders of Death Metal. Once banned in Australia, New Zealand & Korea… Censored in Germany, where they are still banned from performing any material off their first three albums… One would think this would hurt sales and inhibit the band's availability to grow, but not Cannibal Corpse! Just recently it has been discovered that the band is now officially the top selling Death Metal band of the SoundScan Era!


MANOWAR 'Thunder In The Sky' [Release Date 03/08/09]


**Includes a BONUS CD containing alternate versions of the track 'Father' recorded in 16 different languages** Manowar's new album, 'Hammer Of The Gods', which is the first installment of 'The Asgard Saga', the band's unique multimedia fantasy adventure with best-selling author Wolfgang Hohlbein, is tentatively due this fall. An EP, 'Thunder in the Sky', will precede the full-length CD! The self-proclaimed Kings of Metal have long crusaded to keep the spirit of true metal alive. In 2009, the crusade blazes through Europe armed with allies, Holyhell, and the legions of faithful metal warriors following the call to raise their arms, lock their wrists and sound the cry hail and kill!


NAZARETH 'The Anthology' [Release Date 03/08/09]


One of Britain's hardest working bands, Dunfermline's Nazareth are road warriors par excellence. For nigh on four decades they have performed in front of fervent audiences across the globe and they are currently in the midst of a major world tour taking in several continents. Just like the trends they have outlasted, various musicians have come and gone. Original guitarist Manny Charlton helped to get the band off the ground but his involvement ended as the 1990s dawned. Nine years ago, the band was rocked by the tragic death of co-founding drummer Darrell Sweet, but opted to keep things in the family by handing the drum stool to Lee Agnew, son of bassist Pete. Current guitarist Jimmy Murrison has been with Nazareth for 15 years, making him the group's longest serving six-string servant outside of the original line-up. Barring the very occasional blip, the band's music has also stayed true to its origins. Bluesy and muscular, but characterised by strong, hummable hooks, with honourable mention for Dan McCafferty's near-superhuman lead vocals, Nazareth has now amassed 21 studio albums, notching such hits as 'Broken Down Angel', 'This Flight Tonight', 'Love Hurts', 'Bad, Bad Boy', 'My White Bicycle', 'May The Sun Shine', 'Dream On' and 'Star' along the way. Here you'll find the very best of Nazareth; superb singles, outstanding album tracks, acclaimed originals and cracking covers – all loud, proud and remastered!


YNGWIE MALMSTEEN 'The Genesis' [Release Date 10/08/09]


In 1978, Yngwie Malmsteen formed a group around himself as the lead guitarist, lead vocalist and as the SOLE composer, song writer / lyricist. At that time it was called Powerhouse soon thereafter Yngwie Malmsteen named it Rising and consequently Rising Force. From the years 1978 – 1983, the line up changed all the time i.e. drummers, bass players, singers etc. came and went with Yngwie Malmsteen being the only constant throughout. Yngwie Malmsteen also always recorded his music relentlessly to try to improve all the time. In January 1980, Yngwie Malmsteen went into an 8-track studio for a couple of days and put down the first six tracks that you will hear on this album. It was very primitive and mostly live [Yngwie Malmsteen have since re-recorded the bass], 'The Genesis' album has never been released before, and includes Live footage from that time period.


AC/DC 'Hells Bells' [OUT NOW]


The Bon Scott Years DVD: This is the ultimate critical review of a legendary band in the crucial years when Bon Scott was in the band and AC/DC rose from playing obscure clubs to conquering the world. For many fans Bon was a legendary front man without equal and his leather lunged power was the key to a host of classic hits from 'Whole Lotta Rosie' to 'Let There Be Rock'. Featuring rare footage, this powerful film draws together a team of leading critics and working musicians to review the legacy of one of the greatest frontmen in rock. The DVD features highlights from: 'Highway to Hell', 'Whole Lotta Rosie', 'Rock 'n' Roll', 'Damnation', 'Let There Be Rock' and more. Back In Black The Ultimate Critical Review DVD: The year was 1980, and AC/DC had just lost legendary frontman Bon Scott. This would have been the end of the line for most, however, Brian Johnson was recruited and the band produced their most popular album Back In Black, selling over 40 million copies worldwide. A dedicated team of professionals review the key factors in the creation of the album, and along with rare archive performance and interview footage, this film is an uncompromising and complete review of one of the best Rock n' Roll albums ever made! The DVD features highlights from: 'Hells Bells', 'Back In Black', 'You Shook Me All Night Long', 'Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution' and more.


TENPOLE TUDOR 'Made It This Far' [Release Date 10/08/09]


Tenpole Tudor enjoyed a number of UK Hit Singles between 1979 and 1981 with their signature Hit being 'Swords Of A Thousand Men' (UK no 6 in 1981). 'Made It This Far' is the group's first album since 1981 and is an eclectic mix of styles from rockabilly to rock'n'roll.


JEFF HEALEY BAND 'Songs From The Road' [Release Date 17/08/09]


"I've just spent a lot of time listening to the tapes of our band: from Nottoden, the big festival in Norway; the date we played in London, when Jeff's old friend Randy Bachman came onstage to join him; and some tracks recorded at Jeff's club in Toronto. Jeff was on top form, positive, well, and, as always, the rest of us gave him the support he could always rely on. You'll find some Chicago classics, some old R&B, a taste of psychedelia, and some pop classics from a bygone era – 'Teach Your Children Well', 'Come Together' and his biggest hit 'Angel Eyes'. Whenever we played [in Europe, the U.S. or at home in Canada], Jeff always gave his best, even in the last days when he was seriously ill. Around the world, thousands of fans will enjoy this CD. I believe Jeff was one of a kind and it's doubtful there will ever be another one like him. At the very end of the last song, 'Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me', Jeff can be heard saying "That was fun, and that's what it's all about". And so it is.


BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS 'Trench Town Rock' [Release Date 10/08/09]


Bob Marley is indisputably the single most important figure in the evolution of reggae from humble Jamaican roots to its acceptance as a global force in popular music. These 95 digitally-remastered tracks represent the most comprehensive collection yet of Marley's recordings from the late 60's and early 70's, which many consider his most creative period. The set comes in a clam box with a lavishly-illustrated, 36 page colour book contains detailed track-by-track commentary, along with an authoritative introduction to the background to the music scene in Jamaica at the time. Each of the four themed discs in the set has been carefully sequenced for listening purposes. The first two discs gather together predominantly rastafarian reggae, whilst the third and fourth discs comprise that titles with their roots in gospel, spirituals, soul and folk rock which reflects the Wailers' eclecticism. This deluxe set will be an essential purchase for all Bob Marley's many fans, as well as for anyone interested in the roots of reggae music.


COLIN HAY 'Topanga' [Release Date 10/08/09]


"[Hay] has been attracting new fans with gentle, ruminative acoustic songs." – The New York Times Colin Hay first landed on American shores as the frontman and principal songwriter of the pop sensation Men at Work. With Hay's wry songs and burnished vocals leading the way, they were responsible for a series of massive hits, such as 'Down Under', 'Who Can It Be Now?' and 'Overkill', that defined pop music of the early eighties. Since Men at Work's demise, Hay has released a series of solo albums, reunited his old band with astonishing success, and watched as his songs continue to connect with new fans the world over through his musical appearances on the hit TV shows 'Scrubs', 'JAG' and 'The Larry Sanders Show'. 'Topanga', Hay's fourth solo release, features his finely tuned songwriting and straight-foraward guitar playing backed by a full band. Highlights include the uplifting 'Waiting For My Real Life To Begin' and the entire album benefits from Hay's experienced but insightful observations on the world and himself.


AMY BELLE 'Lost In The Shortcut' [Release Date 10/08/09]


Glasgow-born singer / songwriter. After the split of the Alice band she continued songwriting and returned to her beloved busking pitch in Glasgow where she was discovered by Rod Stewart, himself a former busker. This led to Rod inviting her to sing a duet with him at the Royal Albert Hall 'I Don't Want To Talk About It', which was seen by millions on TV (and DVD) around the world.


BLACKFIELD 'Blackfield II' [Release Date 10/08/09]


Over the past few years Steven Wilson's Porcupine Tree have made the transition from a solo project to genuine international stars. Aviv Geffen is Israel's leading counter culture rock musician.. In recent years Aviv has worked with various other artists including Elbow and Belle And Sebastian but it has been his partnership with Steven that has proved the most fertile. Aviv and Steven reunited in 2007 for this follow up to 2004's hugely acclaimed debut. Recorded in Tel Aviv and London and produced and mixed by Steven Wilson, it continues and expands on the band's orchestrated melancholic rock sound; combining great hooks, sweeping strings, explosive guitars, and lush vocal harmonies.


STEVEN WILSON 'Nsrgnts Rmxs' [Release Date 10/08/09]


New release featuring remixes of tracks from Steven Wilson's 'Insurgentes' album remixers include David A. Sitek [TV On The Radio] and Engineers. Insurgentes, the debut solo album from Steven Wilson, was released earlier this year on Kscope. The album immediately received a rapturous reception from not just fans and critics but also from fellow artists. Several of these artists have remixed tracks from the album and NSRGNTS RMXS is a collection of some of these remixes. The CD features a mix of the albums opening track 'Harmony Korine' by David A. Sitek, currently enjoying massive critical acclaim for the new TV On The Radio album. It also features mixes of tracks by Engineers, Pat Mastelotto [King Crimson] and Fear Falls Burning.


HAWKWIND 'In Concert – Out Of The Shadows' [Release Date 10/08/09]


14 track live DVD from Hawkwind filmed at Newcastle Opera House on the 4th December 2002 Totalling 141 minutes, this DVD also includes an exclusive interview with Hawkwind supremo Dave Brock.


IAN HUNTER 'All The Young Dudes' [Release Date 10/08/09]


Mott the Hoople's front man filmed live at the London Astoria with Mick Ralphs on Guitar. Previously issued through Snapper, as 'The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nuthin' But The Truth' but has been out of stock for a long while.


THE MICK FLEETWOOD BLUES BAND 'Blue Again!' [Release Date 17/08/09]


Mick Fleetwood, the iconic co-founder of Fleetwood Mac, is celebrating his blues heritage with his new band, The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band. As well as their own material, the band pays tribute to the original Fleetwood Mac, the all-male blues band that started it all in 1967. Bringing together four stellar Blues and Rock musicians, Mick Fleetwood presents a live album which is as current as it is nostalgic. At the front of the group, is Rick Vito, veteran Bluesman and former Fleetwood Mac vocalist and lead guitarist. Rick adds his personal touch while staying true to the styling of early Fleetwood Mac front man Peter Green. "A lot of guys can play the licks but Rick has the tone and that's so important in real blues," says Mick Fleetwood. The band is led, of course, by the legendary Mick Fleetwood, providing a backbone with his unmistakable power-house percussion and persona. The band pays tribute to the Mac's early days, when it drew heavily on American blues music and produced hits such as 'Albatross', 'Oh Well' and 'Black Magic Woman' (which was covered by Santana).


ELVIS PRESLEY 'From Elvis In Memphis' [Release Date 27/07/09]


After returning from service in the US Army, Elvis Presley spent the next several years focusing on his acting career, yielding hit films and blockbuster soundtracks. It was, however almost a decade away from the stage and recording proper studio albums. In January 1969, seeking to gain back some artistic control, Elvis produced some of his most significant work ever during a two week long series of recording sessions at American Studios in Memphis. These were the first recording sessions after his triumphant comeback TV special ELVIS that aired in December of 1968 and the first recording sessions in Memphis since he left Sun Records for RCA in 1955. A total of 32 masters were cut, the first release was the LP 'From Elvis In Memphis' featuring the hit single 'In The Ghetto', followed by three hit single releases; 'Suspicious Minds', 'Don't Cry Daddy' and 'Kentucky Rain'. A second album was released as one half of the double album 'From Memphis To Vegas-From Vegas To Memphis', which features the utterly brilliant Percy Mayfield blues 'Stranger In My Own Home Town' and 4 additional tracks were later released on different LPs. In a career that was full of triumphs, Elvis' recordings at American Studios stand as one of the absolute highlights. This is the Legacy Edition of one of Elvis' most significant albums, the critically acclaimed June 1969 release, 'From Elvis In Memphis'. This brand new 2-CD set contains all tracks from the sessions recorded at American Studios in Memphis in January and February of 1969, newly remastered for optimum sound quality.


BOB DYLAN 'The Collection'


JOHN FARNHAM 'Greatest Hits'






JAPAN 'The Collection'


M-PEOPLE 'The Collection'


LOU REED 'The Best Of'


SCORPIONS 'Hot & Slow – The Best Masters Of The 70s'


THE STRANGLERS 'Decade: The Best Of 1981 – 1990'


SANDI THOM 'The Best Of'

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