Les Paul Passes Away at 94


Today we mourn the passing of a truly unique individual, Les Paul, who sadly succumbed to complications with pneumonia yesterday at New York's White Plains hospital, at the ripe old age of 94. Ultimately, one word can surmise this legend's life – music.

Some may think it quite tragic to have your life reduced to one word, but what a life! A string of hit singles and television series with his wife Mary Ford; revolutionising guitar playing and building with the introduction of the iconic Gibson Les Paul in 1952 (Les often seen with the prototype 'The Log') and developing innovative studio techniques: multi-track recording, close mic-ing and tape echo, all of which form the basis of modern studio practice. A consummate performer, Paul continued to play twice a week with the Les Paul Trio, and found time to record a collaboration album with a veritable who's-who of guitarists .

It is only fitting that Gibson, the brand so closely associated with Paul, offer a great tribute to the icon, containing a great account of his life and touching words from many of the industry's big names. Read the full story on Gibson.com

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