Monday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]


JET 'She's A Genius' [Release Date 24/08/2009]

7": Monday 7th September – Jet, the Australian rockers, will release their third studio album 'Shaka Rock' on their newly created Real Horrorshow Records. Shaka Rock was recorded between Miami, Brooklyn, Austin, Sydney and Melbourne, with the band working side by side as co-producers with Chris 'Frenchie' Smith to ensure that Shaka Rock would live up to their own expectations. Having established themselves on the international stage as a multi-platinum selling band with 4 million albums sold world wide, 'Shaka Rock' closes the gap between the raw roots of 'Get Born' [2003] and the grace and melody of 'Shine On' [2006]. 'Shaka Rock' captures the charisma and energy of classic rock and roll with just enough swagger and contemporary flair to create something distinctively Jet. When talking about Jet's three studio albums, Nic Cester says, "For better or worse every album is a real and accurate window into how we are reacting to our lives in that point in time which is why every album is uniquely different, and I think Shaka Rock is the most honest so far." While Chris Cester says, "I can say that the band is thrilled with Shaka Rock in every conceivable way. We've had a don't think twice attitude throughout the making of this record which continues as we get ready to release it. I think 'Shaka Rock' is like when TV went colour. It's our musical equivalent. There are moments on this record that are just pure…and moments that just rock harder than we ever have before." 'She's A Genius' will be the lead single from Shaka Rock and will be premiering on BBC Radio 1 with Zane Lowe on 7th July and available both digitally and physically from August 24th. In a sea of modern rock bands, Jet are something uniquely different embracing all that was and is rock n roll.


DOLLY ROCKERS 'Gold Digger' [Release Date 31/08/2009]

C5: "[They] bring to the table what the best girl groups always have; oodles and buckets of shambolic fun… Their off-key vocals remind us of the effervescent magic of Bananarama and their unpolished, cartoonish qualities have the punch of '90s duo Shampoo" – The Guardian "The Dollies are gloriously undiplomatic and make Johnny Borrell seem a paragon of tact… like Blondie's 'Rip Her To Shreds' rewritten by the editorial team at Heat" – Manchester Evening News "Britain's next inescapable girl group are almost upon us, cackling like a never-ending hen night" – Evening Standard "They're funny, gritty and usually drunk with a great manifesto while their massive tunes are destined to rattle Aftershock off the shelves at a thousand glitzy nitespots" – Popjustice Dolly Rockers, the girl band everyone is talking about from Radio 1 to The Times, Observer Music Monthly to News of the World, Perez Hilton to Holy Moly, finally announce the release of their first proper single on August 31st. 'Gold Digger' follows on from last month's rush-released and free download of the girls' signature tune 'Je Suis Une Dolly', which did close to 20,000 downloads in the short time it was available. 'Gold Digger' is a barn-storming and truly inspired collision of the Tom Tom Club's 'Wordyrappinghood' and Kid Creole's 'Stool Pigeon', taking that musical backbone and creating one of the greatest pop tunes of 2009. Topped off with a vicious lyric about the kind of kiss-and-tell girl who's all "refurb tits and turned-up nose… stick on nails and plastic hair" it's both a social diatribe and bangin' floor-filler, especially with Dave Bascombe's brand new radio mix.


JAMIE T 'Chaka Demus EP' [Release Date 31/08/2009]

C5 I 12": Some two and a half years after the release of his Mercury nominated debut album 'Panic Prevention', Jamie Treays is set to cement his status as one of the UK's most genuine and exciting young musicians. His return this year kicked off with the release of the 'Sticks'N'Stones EP' in May. The rabble-rousing title track was adopted as the unofficial anthem of the summer and has gone on to sell over 50,000 copies to date. A sold-out UK tour with his band The Pacemakers segued straight into a stand-out performance at Glastonbury. He recently announced his biggest tour to date in October, culminating in a show at Brixton Academy which has already sold out. In keeping with his intention to release a series of EPs, August 31st sees the release of the 'Chaka Demus EP' on Virgin Records. It features four new tracks; 'Chaka Demus', 'Forget Me Not (The Love I Knew Before I Grew)', 'Planning Spontaneity' and 'When They Are Gone (For Tim)'. Described by Q as "an irresistible, Black Grape-sized invitation to party", 'Chaka Demus' looks set to conquer the airwaves alongside his other big hits 'Sheila', 'If You Got The Money' and 'Calm Down Dearest'. It will be available on CD and 12". 'Sticks'N'Stones' and 'Chaka Demus' offer a glimpse of the eleven tracks that make up 'Kings & Queens', Jamie T's second album which will be released on Sept 7th. Already awarded five stars in Observer Music Monthly, and four stars in Q, MOJO and Uncut it is one of the most eagerly awaited albums of 2009. It was recorded largely in Jamie's garden shed-cum studio and is exactly the album that Jamie T's admirers hoped he would make… full of the gutter poetry, anger and humour of the first album. But tougher, more focused, more confident… and with even better tunes.


ELVIS PRESLEY 'Elvis – Love Me Tender: The Love Songs' [Release Date 24/08/2009]

DVD: Elvis Presley was known as the undisputed King of Rock and Roll, but his true stealth weapon was his arsenal of love songs. A new documentary, narrated by Golden Globe nominated actress Ashley Judd, looks at this warm side of the The King in 'Love Me Tender – The Love Songs of Elvis'. This new documentary is the first-ever in-depth look at the love songs recorded by Elvis Presley. Love Me Tender explores the remarkable music that sparked such phenomenal devotion in the hearts of fans worldwide with 21 performances and interviews. Millions of words have been written attempting to analyze, explain, decipher and translate Elvis Presley's unique hold over his audience – especially his female audience. But it cannot be charted on a graph. Elvis reached into the heart of the listener and made an immediate and lasting impact. Elvis' impact on the women of the world has never been truly measured or calculated. But the anecdotal record of his effect on female music fans around the world showed a lasting and overwhelming Elvis love tsunami. He struck an immediate chord in the hearts of his female followers. Women loved him, and still do. "After living with this project for six months," said executive producer Bill Carter, "I clearly understand why Elvis had such appeal to women worldwide. The focus on love songs reveals the sensitivity and tenderness of his personality and the passion he expressed in the delivery of these songs came straight from the heart." 'Love Me Tender' is produced by Coming Home Television Productions, in conjunction with Elvis Presley Enterprises – the same people who brought Elvis fans 'He Touched Me: The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley' and 'Elvis Lives: The 25th Anniversary Concert'. It is produced and directed by Michael Merriman. Executive producers are Barry Jennings and Bill Carter.


DAVID GUETTA 'One Love' [Release Date 24/08/2009]

CD I 2CD: As an internationally respected artist / producer / remixer / DJ, David Guetta's track record has been impeccable for nearly two decades. Now, in mid-2009, his career is reaching new peaks: 'When Love Takes Over' featuring the lead vocal of multi-platinum pop-R&B songstress Kelly Rowland, is taking off as a world-wide smash, hitting #1 spot here in the U.K singles chart. David's also the track producer of Black Eyed Peas' rousing new #1 US single, 'I Gotta Feeling,' in whose video clip he makes a cameo appearance. And his upcoming fourth studio album, 'One Love', scheduled for August 24th release on Virgin Records, is an ambitious, ingeniously crafted album that sets forth nothing less than a bold and beautiful manifesto for the global pop and dance domination. "Making this record with so many talented artists was such an amazing experience and the end result is an album infused with all the best flavors of contemporary pop music that will appeal to such a broad audience both on and off the dancefloor," noted Guetta. Significantly, it was Guetta's own defining and assured musical viewpoint as a DJ and producer that attracted the A-listers who make 'One Love' one of 2009's most diverse and star-studded album projects. Kelly Rowland, for example, moved to tears at first hearing the instrumental work-in-progress that became 'When Love Takes Over' on the dance floor at Guetta's famed 'F*** Me I'm Famous' party in Cannes, greeted him in the DJ booth, and was later given the track to write to., similarly, had first approached Guetta to contribute to a club-inspired album planned by Black Eyed Peas (the just-released 'The E.N.D.') – and their collaboration snowballed to include two tracks on 'One Love': the out-of-control 'I Wanna Go Crazy,' and 'On the Dancefloor,' joined by, a fresh evocation of the hip-hop/house fusions of the late 1980s. Throughout the agenda-setting 'One Love', Guetta serves up a body-rocking, all-embracing blend of hip-hop, soul and electro – an audacious fusion that's been sorely missed ever since rap and dance audiences became polarized at the turn of the 1990s. With a global following of nearly five million celebrants at over 200 DJ performances just last year attesting to his musical authority, it's no wonder that Guetta has emerged as a catalyst and a curator of an exciting new musical hybrid, his magical producer's touch bringing out the best in all his collaborators, even as accomplished a hook-meister as Akon, who sings the album track 'Sexy Bitch.' A rare dance album spotlighting its vocalists as well as its beats [each singer cast flawlessly in tracks tailored to their individual qualities], every one of 'One Love's vocal collaborations is marked by arresting hooks, inventive musical development, and compelling humanistic messages. Notable among the guests who leave true personal stamps on each song is Chris Willis, the longtime lead vocal collaborator with whom Guetta has shared no less than seven top 10 chartings around Europe, who lends his larger-than-life, testifying vocals to the funky house of 'Gettin' Over' and 'Sound of Letting Go.' Recent Grammy winner Estelle imbues the title track with a rich, luminous emotional grace; and Kelly Rowland turns in another vibrant and melodic lead vocal in 'It's The Way You Love Me' worthy of the most stirring of Donna Summer's dance anthems. Breakout stars Kid Cudi ('Memory') and Novel ('Missing You Anymore') also share surprisingly personal stories in a dance format; and, rounding out an album full of high points, Wynter, fresh off a worldwide hit with Flo Rida ('Sugar'), stars in the outrageous 'Toy Friend;' and Makeba delivers 'If We Ever,' a unique electronic confessional ballad.


MAGAZINE 'Play+' [Release Date 31/08/2009]

2CD: After leaving Buzzcocks in early 1977, Howard Devoto formed Magazine who were to become one of the most important and pioneering English post-punk bands. Establishing a loyal following with fans and fellow musicians alike, Magazine songs have been covered by artists such as Radiohead and Morrissey – with the former acknowledging them as an important influence on their work. Following on from 2008's sell out tour, Magazine have announced more live dates in August/September of this year, culminating in a Royal Festival Hall show on 1st September. Play + is being released to coincide with these gigs and is an expanded edition of their classic 1980 live album. Now comprising of 2 discs, Play + features their 1980 Melbourne Festival Hall gig in its entirety for the first time and a bonus disc of their Buzzcocks double header 1979 Manchester Lesser Free Trade Hall show, which is all also previously unreleased.


KATE WALSH 'Light & Dark' [Release Date 31/08/2009]

CD: Kate Walsh returns to follow up 2007's 'Tim's House' with 'Light & Dark' on 31st August 2009 Kate's career took a roller coaster ride back in 2007 after her second album 'Tim's House' hit no.1 on the itunes album chart in the UK. Still being the only unsigned artist to achieve such a feat, she subsequently licensed her album to Universal. As the word began to spread, the Brighton-based artist continued to tour solidly throughout 2007 and 2008 playing just under 150 shows in a 12 month spell. Her follow up to 'Tim's House' is produced once more by Tim Bidwell, but with a budget surpassing the £500 spent last time out, Kate has been able to expand her sound whilst still keeping her trademark vocal style and introspective view of modern love and loss intact. 'Light & Dark' has a distinctly more up-beat feel to it. First single 'June Last Year' and the follow-up track '1000 Bees' should see her hit many a playlist around the country as we head towards the close of 2009 and into 2010. Kate has been joined on the record by Turin Brakes who guest on two songs, and also long time idol Crispin Hunt [formerly of the Longpigs] who sings backing vocals on 'On The Stage'.

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