Thursday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]


BANANARAMA 'Viva' [Release Date 14/09/2009]

CD: Bananarama's story starts a new chapter this summer with the release of 'Viva Bananarama' an exciting, modern new album with both feet planted on the dancefloor. 2009's new self-penned material is, once again, the result of Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward identifying the right collaborators for the right point in their career – something that they did so successfully in the 80s with Jolley & Swain ('Shy Boy', 'Cruel Summer', 'Roberts De Niro's Waiting') and Stock Aitken & Waterman ('Venus', 'Love In The First Degree', 'I Heard A Rumour', 'I Want You Back'). In 2009, they've found a perfect foil in Ian Masterson, a producer whose credits range from Pet Shop Boys to Girls Aloud and whose instinctive grasp of the Bananarama spirit has resulted in some extraordinarily good music on this new album. Sara says "working with Ian has been a revelation – we did a couple of tracks with him on the last album and he's really in tune with what we're into and with what's happening in the outside world. Some producers hit a formula and just churn out the same old stuff; with Ian it's been so enjoyable." Indeed, working with just one producer is in itself remarkable in the modern pop landscape. Bananarama are now signed to Fascination, meaning that Keren and Sara are labelmates of Girls Aloud and The Saturdays on an imprint which has become the unofficial home of the UK girlgroup. It's a great fit, but while Bananarama's style filters through the pop generations, Sara's right to feel a sense of distance from what she helped inspire. "I never looked at us as a 'girl band'," Sara remembers. "We were just a band in the same way as The Cure were a band or Wham were a band." To this end Bananarama appeared in NME as frequently as Smash Hits – a double-pronged attack on the public's sense. Of the new tunes, 'Seventeen' is an undulating, low-slung electro number which pleads "kiss me like you do in my dreams, make me feel like I was seventeen", then there's the seductive, ice-cold 'Extraordinary' and the single 'Love Comes' – a dancefloor belter with no strings attached.


THE CRIBS 'Cheat On Me' [Release Date 31/08/2009]

C5 I 7" I 7": The Cribs have confirmed the release of their fourth album 'Ignore The Ignorant'. Produced and mixed by Nick Launay [Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Pil, Arcade Fire, Nick Cave] at Seedy Underbelly Studio, Laurel Canyon, LA and British Grove in London the album is the band's first as a four-piece with the relatively new addition of guitarist Johnny Marr – and heralds a marked leap for the band on their continued upwards trajectory. Preceding the album is a track that was road tested earlier this year on the band's short run of UK dates and is called 'Cheat On Me', again on the ever reliable Wichita Recordings, it kick starts The Cribs into action on August 31st. All formats feature "exclusive" B-sides.


VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Super Breaks: Back To The Old School' [Release Date 28/09/2009]

CD I 2LP: * The compilation features many of the biggest cuts such as James Brown's 'Give It Up Or Turn It Loose', the fake live version from the 'Sex Machine' album that was the original B-Boy album. * Records such as Cheryl Lynns 'To Be Real' and Captain Sky's 'Super Sporm' which were virtually contemporary releases when the DJs picked up on them and mix them with records such as Funkadelic's 'Good Old Music' or Jimmy Castor's 'Its Just Begun' which were rescued from obscurity by the early hip-hop community. * Previously under-acknowledged records such as Freedom's 'Get Up and Dance' which Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five used as the basis of their hit 'Birthday Party'. Rock records such as Thin Lizzy's 'Johnny The Fox' and the Monkees' 'Mary Mary' show the lengths to which the hunt would go to create a unique sound. BGP's top-selling Super Breaks series returns on the 30th Anniversary of the release of the first hip hop singles. The music captured on those early records [by the Sugarhill Gang and the Fatback Band among others] was the result of a street level culture that had grown up in the wasteland of 1970s Bronx that had spread throughout New York's black communities. While MCs created the vocal hooks based on increasingly complicated rhymes, the musical beat was created by pioneering DJs cutting up old and new funk and soul records in ways that allowed them to play the bits of the records that the crowd responded went wildest to. 'Super Breaks Back To The Old School' gathers together some of the hottest tracks from those original block parties. The compilation is inspired by the likes of DJ Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaatta, Grandmaster Flash and Charlie Chase and is a homage to the early breaks compilations such as Paul Winley's 'Super Disco Breaks' and 'Original Breaks and Beats'. They spread the message of the top DJs to a wider world of house parties and bedroom DJs by gathering up the most sought-after breaks and making them easily available. The clandestine nature of these releases gave them a glitter that added to the new music's aura, and 'Super Breaks' hopes to reflect this.


THE SHIRELLES 'Swing The Most' / 'Here & Now' [Release Date 28/09/2009]

2-on-1 CD: * Includes several Shirelles hits that never appeared on their Scepter albums, including 'What Does A Girl Do' and 'Sha-La-La' (covered in the UK by Manfred Mann). * 'Swing The Most' and 'Hear And Now' were originally issued in mono only, but we have done our best to locate all the stereo masters that still exist for these tracks and present them here wherever possible in full stereo. * This is another valuable addition to a series that will conclude in early 2010 with the pairing of The Shirelles 'Sing the Golden Oldies' and their live album, 'Spontaneous Combustion'. The penultimate pairing in Ace's series of 2-On-1 reissues of the original Scepter albums of the Shirelles brings together two highly acclaimed, and very rare, albums that came out on Scepter's budget label, Pricewise, during a time that the group was in litigation with the company and refused to record any new songs. 'Swing The Most' and 'Hear And Now' were budget only in name, as the repertoire is of the same high quality as anything found on their official Scepter albums. In fact, many Shirelles fans consider these to be two of the very best albums of the girls' entire career. Many of the tracks were unissued prior to their appearance on this album – including their original versions of 'Oh Not Not My Baby' [Maxine Brown], 'Get Rid Of Him' [Dionne Warwick], 'That Boy Is Messin' Up My Mind' [the Orchids] and 'His Lips Get in The Way' [Bernadette Castro].


BRENDA HOLLOWAY 'Early Years: Rare Recordings 1962 – 1963' [Release Date 28/09/2009]

CD: * A longstanding pipedream of compiler Mick Patrick, this collection gathers together all of those extremely collectable pre-fame recordings, most of which are making their CD debut. * All in all, where it all began for one of the most spectacular female vocalists ever to record for Motown. Although Brenda Holloway was aged just 17 when Tamla Records issued her 'Every Little Bit Hurts' in 1964, she had been releasing 45s in Los Angeles for over two years by then. The set includes solo sides, duets, singles made by Brenda as a member of a girl group known variously as the Watesians and the 4Js and the ultra-rare 'Do The Del Viking' by her younger sister Patrice, which features Brenda on back-ups. Some of these were issued on familiar labels like Donna, Era and 4J, while others were pressed on impossibly obscure logos such as Minasa, Snap, Catch, Taste and Brevit and others are previously unissued; what might otherwise have been a rather brief CD is bolstered by the inclusion of tracks from the vaults of Class Records and producer Kent Harris.


SHOWADDYWADDY 'Hey Rock N' Roll: The Very Best Of' [Release Date 24/08/2009]

2CD: * A full 2CD totally comprehensive collection of the band's career * Features all ten of the band's Top Ten hits, including the chart-topper 'Under The Moon Of Love' * Compiler and sleeve note writer is band member Dave Bartram. Throughout the mid-late 70s, the Leicester 8-piece known as Showaddywaddy amassed a hits catalogue that saw them have ten Top Ten hits, seven successive Top Five entries and a Number 1 single that itself sold little short of 1 million copies. Now Music Club Deluxe presents a definitive collection of 37 of the band's greatest hits in a fabulous 2 CD package.


THE FARM 'All Together Now: The Very Best Of' [Release Date 24/08/2009]

2CD: * A full 2CD totally comprehensive collection of the band's career * Features the Top 5 smash 'All Together Now' as well as the Euro 2004 version of the song. * Includes no fewer than nine tracks from the chart-topping hit album 'Spartacus'. * Compiler and sleeve note writer is legendary Uncut and Guardian music writer Paul Lester. Contemporaries of Happy Mondays, The Stone Roses, The Charlatans and The Inspiral Carpets, The Farm were Liverpool's contribution to the "Madchester" era of the early '90s. During the first three years of that decade, the band enjoyed 10 hit singles, including two Top 10s, as well as a Number 1 album, 'Spartacus', in 1991. With their memorable melodies propelled by easy, loose-limbed dance rhythms, The Farm rode the crest of the "baggy" wave, their songs such as 'All Together Now' and 'Groovy Train' capturing that heady, optimistic time when indie bands made gently euphoric sounds for dancefloors and encouraged a generation of guitar fans to embrace rave music and club culture.


JOYCE SIMS 'Come Into My Life: The Very Best Of' [Release Date 24/08/2009]

2CD: * Includes a CD of original studio mixes and a second CD of especially selected extended mixes. * Includes the Top Ten classic hit 'Come Into My Life' and all her other singles 'All And All', 'Lifetime Love', 'Walk Away' and 'Looking For A Love'. * The only readily available Joyce Sims definitive collection in the marketplace. * Compiler and sleeve notes by writer for Record Collector, Mojo and Wax Poetics magazine Charles Waring. In late 1987, native New Yorker Joyce Sims unleashed a monster club anthem in the shape of her mesmeric self-penned groove ballad, 'Come Into My Life.' Produced by Kurtis Mantronik, the song became a huge global hit, reaching the Top 10 in both the UK and US charts. This collection chronicles the singer / songwriter's all-too-brief moment in the spotlight and includes the UK hits 'All And All', 'Lifetime Love' and 'Looking For A Love' as well as a raft of dance floor remixes.

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LEO SAYER 2-CD ALBUM REISSUES [Release Date 07/09/2009]

Thunder In My Heart / Leo Sayer: When the album 'Thunder In My Heart' [#8] was recorded Richard Perry and Leo had the best players in their USA studio, so every track was a forceful performance. Released in 1977 in the height of the Disco mania, Tom Snow co-wrote the title track with Sayer. The single 'Thunder In My Heart' peaked at # 22 in the UK and later became a UK #1 hit in 2006 when it was remixed by dance outfit Meck. Notable album tracks include 'Easy To Love' and 'Fool For Your Love' which was later covered by Dolly Parton. The self titled album 'Leo Sayer' [#15] was the third and final album produced by Richard Perry and has a more organic flavour than its predecessors. Released in 1978 UK chart and two chart hits on both sides of the Atlantic 'I Can't Stop Loving You (Though I Try)' which reached # 6 in the UK and the # 28 hit 'Raining In My Heart'. Album tracks include a cover of Jackson Browne's of 'Something Fine' which features Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac on guitar on and Ray Parker Jr. [Ghostbusters OST Theme] co-wrote and performed on the folk/funk number, 'Frankie Lee'. There are two bonus tracks per album + a booklet featuring brand new sleeve notes by Leo himself for each album, as well as photos from his own collection.

Here / Living In A Fantasy: This is the fourth of five Edsel packages that reissue the ten albums recorded by Leo Sayer for the Chrysalis label between 1973 and 1983. After three albums with producer Richard Perry, in 1979 Leo reunited with his original collaborator David Courtney to produce 'Here', which features Leo's cover of the Chi-Lites' 'Oh Girl'. For 'Living In A Fantasy', Leo teamed up with Cliff Richard's future producer Alan Tarney, resulting in the huge hit 'More Than I Can Say'. There are two bonus tracks per album and the booklet features brand new sleeve notes by Leo himself for each album, as well as photos from his own collection.

'World Radio / Have You Ever Been In Love': This is the fifth of five Edsel packages that reissue the ten albums recorded by Leo Sayer for the Chrysalis label between 1973 and 1983. Leo started 1982 with his tenth Top 10 hit, 'Have You Ever Been In Love', followed by 'Heart (Stop Beating In Time)', written for him by the Bee Gees, and the album 'World Radio', produced by Arif Mardin. Leo teamed up with producer Christopher Neil for the next album which features the hits 'Orchard Road' and ''Til You Come Back To Me'. There are two previously unreleased bonus tracks per album and the booklet features brand new sleeve notes by Leo himself for each album, as well as photos from his own collection.


TONY HADLEY 'The State Of Play…Plus' [Release Date 07/09/2009]

CD: When Spandau Ballet disbanded at the end of the '80s, lead singer Tony Hadley decided to pursue a solo career, signing to EMI and recording his first album 'The State of Play' in 1992. Long deleted, second-hand copies change hands for large amounts of money. Produced by top '80s producer Ron Nevison, the album is a mix of songs by established pop writers like Diane Warren and Climie Fisher, and Hadley originals. The seven bonus tracks are the hard-to-find non-album b-sides of the singles taken from the album, and one track that was only released on the Japanese edition of the album.

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