Thursday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]


BIFFY CLYRO 'That Golden Rule' [Release Date 24/08/2009]

C5 I 7P I 7": The first single to be taken from their 5th studio album 'Only Revolutions'

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801 ALBUM RELEASES [Release Date 07/09/2009]

'Live' 2CD: A deluxe 'collectors edition' of this landmark live album recorded in 1976, it now comes with a bonus disc of rehearsal recordings. – Housed in a book style format it includes a 52 page booklet with reminiscenses from all of the players inc. Brian Eno & Phil Manzanera. – The original album was hailed at the time due to the recording quality and the performance itself, on this remastered edition the sound is even better In 1976, while Roxy Music had temporarily disbanded, 801 (also referred to as THE 801) got together as a temporary project and began rehearsing at Island Studios, Hammersmith, about three weeks before their first gig. The name of the band was taken from the Eno song 'The True Wheel', which appears on his 1974 solo album 'Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)'. The refrain of the song, "We are the 801, we are the central shaft", reportedly came to him in a dream. The original sextet included Manzanera, Brian Eno, Bill MacCormick, Francis Monkman, Simon Phillips and Lloyd Watson, and after a warm up show in Cromer in Norfolk, that line-up played just two gigs – at the Reading Festival [with John Peel acclaiming them "the musical high point of the weekend"] and at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall. This memorable concert was subsequently released as '801 Live'. The music consisted of more or less mutated selections from albums by Manzanera, Eno, and Quiet Sun, plus a full-scale rearrangement of Lennon-McCartney's 'Tomorrow Never Knows' and an off-the-wall excursion into The Kinks' 1964 hit 'You Really Got Me'.

Live In Hull CD: Digitally remastered and repackaged with extras. Originally released in 2000. Line-up: Phil Manzanera [guitars], Dave Skinner [keyboards & vocals], Paul Thompson [drums], Bill MacCormick [bass & vocals], Simon Ainley [guitars & vocals]. For the Hull concert, at the University, Eddie Jobson [electric violin] made a guest appearance; Jobson was in Roxy Music at this time but later left the band to join Frank Zappa. Jobson's performance of 'Out Of The Blue' is one of the many highlights on this album.

'Latino' CD: Phil Manzanera has had a lifelong love and empathy for Cuban music and the country of his childhood. Over the years he has played several concerts in Cuba with some of the country's leading musicians, and in 1999 there was an opportunity for an 801 Latino project in the UK. The concept was the same as the original 801 – assemble a band from a wide musical spectrum for a limited period and record a live show. The result is '801 Latino', a fireball of Latin energy intertwined with Manzanera's distinctive, fluid guitar lines.

'Live In Manchester' CD: Digitally remastered and repackaged with extras. Originally released in 2001. Line-up : Phil Manzanera (guitars), Dave Skinner (keyboards & vocals), Paul Thompson (drums), Bill MacCormick (bass & vocals), Simon Ainley (guitars & vocals). 801 'Live at Manchester' was recorded in November 1977 and joining the band on stage at Manchester University, was Roxy Music's Andy MacKay and 10CC's Kevin Godley and Lol Crème. Features covers of Lennon & McCartney's 'Tomorrow Never Knows' and The Kinks' 'You Really Got Me', plus Quiet Sun and Roxy Music songs.


NICK DRAKE & SANDY DENNY 'The Roots Of' [Release Date 07/09/2009]

CD: 20 folk, blues, jazz and country songs that inspired Britain's late, lamented folk icons. Featuring Billie Holiday, Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, Blind Boy Fuller and more.


PAUL WELLER 'The Roots Of' [Release Date 07/09/2009]

CD: 20 blues, jazz, folk and rock 'n' roll songs that inspired one of Britain's great songwriters. Featuring Little Richard, Buddy Holly, Howlin' Wolf, Jimmy Reed and more.


FRANK ZAPPA 'The Roots Of' [Release Date 07/09/2009]

CD: 20 Doo Wop, R&B, Blues and Experimental moments that inspired the legendary guitarist. Featuring Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Johnny Guitar Watson and more.


AC/DC 'The Roots' [Release Date 07/09/2009]

CD: 20 Rock 'N' Roll, Blues and stomping Jazz classics that inspired the legendary Australian rock band. Featuring Chuck Berry, Louis Armstrong, BB King, Jerry Lee Lewis and more


TWIGGY 'Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance' [Release Date 14/09/2009]

CD: 'Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance' celebrates Twiggy's 60th birthday with a brand new compilation of some of her finest recordings. Twiggy celebrates the music of the Twenties, Thirties and Forties with this impressive collection of melodies from the golden age of song. Performing the songs of Noel Coward, Cole Porter and Richard Rodgers in her own inimitable style, Twiggy recaptures the essence and originality of these timeless classics. Released to coincide with Twiggy's 60th birthday – this album showcases Twiggy as a song stylist and torch singer. Featuring 7 unreleased songs this brand new compilation has been put together by Twiggy herself to acknowledge a period in music that she herself has a great affinity for and is often associated with. From being the face of the sixties to Tony nominated Broadway star, Twiggy has encompassed all aspects of show business in a glittering career that shows no signs of stopping!


JON LORD & FRIENDS 'Windows' [Release Date 14/09/2009]

CD: Jon Lord's early experiments at bringing together rock and classical music are at last becoming to be appreciated for the pioneering works they are, and his latest albums 'The Durham Concerto' and 'Boom Of The Tingling Strings' have garnered excellent reviews and much airplay on Classic FM. 'Windows' takes the story back to the early seventies. It was Jon Lord's third solo album, following the famous 'Concerto For Group & Orchestra' in 1969, and 'Gemini Suite' in 1971. As a result of these albums, Lord had been invited to perform a special concert in Munich in June 1974, and got together with conductor Eberhard Schoener to compose two new pieces. 'Window' comprised three movements, including a reworked section from his earlier 1971 album 'Gemini Suite'. The second piece, 'Continuo On Bach', saw Lord having his stab at finishing a composition which had been left uncompleted upon Bach's death. Jon Lord, fellow Deep Purple musicians David Coverdale [vocals] and Glenn Hughes [bass], and a host of rock luminaries including Ray Fenwick, Pete York and Tony Ashton took part, alongside The Munich Chamber Opera Orchestra. 'Windows' is at times a demanding album, but the ever-changing musical textures, and the sheer quality of the performances, have delighted and intrigued listeners for thirty five years now. The original vinyl album is a very collectable artifact but it is ten years since the album was released on CD. This reissue has been newly remastered from original quarter inch production tapes and is accompanied by the usual detailed 12 page colour booklet carries with notes, cuttings and memorabilia.


TRIGGER 'Trigger' [Release Date 14/09/2009]

CD: Feted by the cognoscenti, including then Sounds journalist and now Classic Rock Editor At Large, Geoff Barton, Trigger's lone major label album [originally released in 1978] is regarded by many as one of the greatest hard rock records to have been recorded during the 1970's. That it didn't sell a bean is no refection of its creative power or its unyielding ability to impress. Signed to the prestigious Casablanca label [on the recommendation of Gene Simmons], the Trigger sound was cut from very much the same cloth as fellow label stable mates Kiss and Angel, as well as other great American hard rock institutions such as Starz, Aerosmith and Ted Nugent. Melodic, yet rough hewn, their sound relied on killer hooks, razor sharp guitar playing, pummelling rhythm work and songs that told road-weary stories of hard livin', dangerous deeds and late nights. It was a party-hard sound tailor made for the era and one that out-performed fledgling rivals by a considerable margin. Sadly, despite delivering a near masterpiece of triumphant shout-it-out-loud rock, Trigger's fortunes were dashed by the economic cruelties of a label that was fast running out of both track and cash. Sinking with the ship, Trigger's time may have been short lived but their legacy continues to exert considerable influence. And, like all the great loud and proud records, it is a sound that, come rain or shine, sounds as fresh today as it did on the day of release.

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KILLING JOKE 'Requiem' [Release Date 14/09/2009]

DVD I DVD/CD: Heavy and slow, Killing Joke (at least early in their career) was a quasi-metal band dancing to a tune of doom and gloom. They eventually became less heavy and more arty (the latter seems almost impossible) – more danceable even – but early on they made some urgent slabs of molten dynamite that oozed with the power of thick guitars, thudding drums, and over-the-top singing. Formed in late 1978, the group's sessions for John Peel's highly-influential BBC Radio shows were ecstatically received and by the end of 1979 they had signed with Island Records, who allowed them to set up their own label, Malicious Damage. The group began playing shows regularly throughout England and gained a reputation for being controversial. Their artwork often featured repulsive or inflammatory images, and after one of their concert posters pictured the Pope blessing legions of Nazis, the group was banned from performing a concert in Glasgow. Despite the controversy, the group began amassing a following of both punk and disco fans with hard-edged but danceable singles like 'Psyche' and 'Follow the Leader'. During the Eighties, Killing Joke continued to release albums, all of which failed to regain the audience they had in the early '80s. After 1988's 'Outside The Gate' the group broke up, only to reunite two years later. In 1994, after a further break of four years, Killing Joke once again re-formed, this time as a trio. Killing Joke are featured on this DVD in a concert they gave at The Lokerse Festival in the Summer of 2003.


GREEN DAY 'The Album Reviews' [OUT NOW]

2DVD: American Idiot The Album Review: Featuring rare concert footage and the reflections of the band alongside the views of a leading team of music critics and studio insiders, this is the independent critical review of the album that rocked the world… the how and why of 'American Idiot' and how it works its magic. Dookie The Album Review: Larry Livermore, the man who discovered Green Day and nurtured the band to the verge of its commercial breakthrough, speaks about life inside the world of Green Day, and his early experiences with the band he first met as sixteen year olds when they were known as Sweet Children. These documentaries will delight long term fans, collectors and new comers discovering Green Day for the first time.


BOB MARLEY 'Natural Mystic' [OUT NOW]

CD [+Book]: This classic CD and book set investigates the man behind the myth. Set around a swathe of classic recordings. * CD Includes interviews from those closest to the man, including his eldest son Ziggy Marley, Rita Marley, Judy Mowatt and Marcia Griffiths (The I-Threes, Marley's backing band from 1974), his charismatic manager Don Taylor & Bruno Tilley, the creative director of Island Records. * The 72-page book features in-depth interviews with Don Taylor, Lloyd Bradley and more. Possibly the most iconic figure in modern music, Bob Marley will always be the man that brought reggae to the mainstream. Exodus was released over 30 years ago, and was Time Magazine's 'Greatest Album of the Century', and the Island compilation. This documentary CD and book will delight long term fans, collectors and new comers discovering Bob Marley for the first time.

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