Tuesday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]


JET 'Shaka Rock' [Release Date 07/09/2009]

CD: On Monday 7th September – Jet, the Australian rockers, will release their third studio album 'Shaka Rock. 'Shaka Rock' was recorded between Miami, Brooklyn, Austin, Sydney and Melbourne, with the band working side by side as co-producers with Chris "Frenchie" Smith to ensure that 'Shaka Rock' would live up to their own expectations. Having established themselves on the international stage as a multi-platinum selling band with 4 million albums sold world wide, 'Shaka Rock' closes the gap between the raw roots of 'Get Born' [2003] and the grace and melody of 'Shine On' [2006]. 'Shaka Rock' captures the charisma and energy of classic rock and roll with just enough swagger and contemporary flair to create something distinctively Jet. When talking about Jet's three studio albums, Nic Cester says, "For better or worse every album is a real and accurate window into how we are reacting to our lives in that point in time which is why every album is uniquely different, and I think Shaka Rock is the most honest so far." While Chris Cester says, "I can say that the band is thrilled with 'Shaka Rock' in every conceivable way. We've had a don't think twice attitude throughout the making of this record which continues as we get ready to release it. I think Shaka Rock is like when TV went colour. It's our musical equivalent. There are moments on this record that are just pure…and moments that just rock harder than we ever have before." In a sea of modern rock bands, Jet are something uniquely different embracing all that was and is rock n roll.


NIGEL KENNEDY 'Vivaldi: The Four Seasons' [Release Date 07/09/2009]

CD/DVD: "Floppy hair for the 1984 Elgar Concerto sessions, spikey and gelled for Vivaldi some years later. The trademark yee-haw footstamp, already part of Nigel's Vivaldi roadshow was, however, yet to make its recorded debut – for which the engineer Mike Clements and I breathed a soft prayer of thanks. Nevertheless there were fireworks. At Nigel's request, we returned to the un-soundproofed St John-at-Hackney one evening some months after the original sessions to record his new thoughts on the slow movements, and industrial-strength bangers and catherine wheels in a nearby park vied with Nigel's sul ponticello and distant dive-bomber effects. We just about managed to work around the firework noises, though one got under the wire to achieve everlasting life on the finished disc. Since then, radical takes on Vivaldi's hardy perenniel have hit us from all sides. But Nigel's new look was among the first. Like it or loathe it, the cobwebs didn't know what had hit them. Wish I'd thought to bid for a producer's royalty". – Andrew Keener, producer In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Nigel Kennedy's landmark recording of Vivaldi's Four Seasons, EMI Classics presents the 20th Anniversary Luxury Edition. The set includes the original recording, award winning film, images not previously issued, memorabilia and a specially written account of the unfolding event. Nigel Kennedy's recording was released 25 September 1989 on vinyl, cassette and CD and went on to become the biggest selling classical album in the illustrious history of EMI. Originally recorded in November 1986 in the Church of St John-at-Hackney, London, it was a recording that would achieve unprecedented public and media attention and change the course of music history. It wasn't until March 1989, after the slow movements had been recorded, that the master was completed. Vivaldi's work, 12 movements in short three-minute bursts, was tailor-made for commercial radio. It was the first time that commercial pop marketing techniques had been used in the classical world and the first time that Nigel was unleashed on the media. The album shot to No.1 in the UK classical chart but, more importantly it punctured the Top 75 pop album chart. Typically for an international classical artist of his stature, Nigel was obliged to fulfil a concert tour of the USA, booked two years previously. The artist was out of the country and EMI needed to support the album in his absence. Manager, John Stanley and famed producer, Chips Chipperfield, contacted director, Geoff Wonfor, and the innovative, award winning film was made. Its TV broadcast in the Christmas break catapulted the album to the top end of the album charts. Within weeks, Nigel and his Four Seasons could be heard and seen everywhere. It was reported that a copy was bought every 30 seconds of every day. A sell-out UK Four Seasons tour gave audiences the first chance to see Nigel, accompanied by the English Chamber Orchestra, in person. These were no ordinary classical concerts. Here, the virtuoso spoke to his audiences – younger and more diverse than usual – and genuinely engaged them every step of the way.


HANNAH MONTANA 'Hannah Montana 3 OST' [Release Date 07/09/2009]

CD/DVD: Special edition of the hugely succesful HM3 OST, which entered the chart in Top 5 compilations when released early July. This edition contains the following: CD (as original), DVD featuring 8 music videos, poster and a Push Enhancement, which will allow the buyer to exclusively access and download a Hannah Montana filmed Q&A.


BAT FOR LASHES 'Two Suns – Special Edition' [Release Date 07/09/2009]

CD/DVD: Bat for Lashes will release a special edition of the acclaimed album Two Suns on 7 September. The double CD and DVD includes a 48 minute documentary shot at varying locations across the world from the Joshua Tree desert in California, to New York and the Welsh countryside offering an extraordinary insight into the making of Two Suns. In addition to the full album track listing, the special edition will also contain seven bonus tracks, including the popular stripped back version of hit single 'Daniel', a reworking of The Cure's 'A Forest' and Natasha's chilling version of Kings Of Leon's 'Use Somebody'. Other highlights include David Sitek's drum-heavy 'In DarkTimes' remix of upcoming single 'Sleep Alone' (also due out on 7 September) and the previously unreleased track 'Wilderness'.


JAMIE T 'Kings & Queens' [Release Date 07/09/2009]

CD I CD/DVD I LP: Some two and a half years after the release of his Mercury nominated debut album 'Panic Prevention', Jamie Treays is set to cement his status as one of the UK's most genuine and exciting young musicians with the release of his new album 'Kings & Queens' on September 7th 2009. But why the long-hiatus? Burnt out after a hectic period of touring following the success of his debut release, Jamie decided to take his time with his follow-up and explore different musical avenues. Originally starting down a folk direction, he quickly scrapped this because, to quote the man himself: "it was just a bit boring." What followed was an intense eighteen month period for Jamie and his production partner Ben Bones, where the sole mission was to create music that would make people excited. It was a tough period for Jamie, who put himself on creative lock-down, with the only music surfacing being the blistering Sub-Pop inspired punk-rap of 'Fire Fire', which came with a home-made video that felt like a late-80s Powell-Peralta skate movie. It was a track that exploded all over the blogs but left his fans split down the middle about what direction the Wimbledon born lad was taking. They shouldn't have been concerned. By alternating between his garden shed studio and a higher-spec East London recording space, plus the decision to not release any music until he was 100% satisfied, Jamie has completely avoided the second album trap. In his words, "I didn't do my second album. I did my third one instead." 'Kings & Queens' features eleven songs. And what songs they are. Short, sharp and punchy, mainly. Slow, dreamy and haunted, occasionally. Still pungent with the whiff of London streets and messy times, but less celebratory, more troubled and increasingly poetic, veering suddenly from the in-your-face facts of life, to cultural comedy and, inevitably, to surreal, anxious night-time imagery. It often sounds like the connection between the darkness and street violence of the early '80s and the obvious similarities to the tense, recession-hit Now, as a generation of kids raised to expect abundance and money find themselves thrown out of work by obscure mistakes in distant financial institutions. Nothing as direct or as dull as protest rock, you understand. Just snapshots of stressed young England from a precocious talent who has quickly evolved into an acute, self-possessed artist. 'Kings & Queens' is exactly the album that Jamie T's admirers hoped he would make… full of the gutter poetry, anger and humour of the first album. But tougher, more focused, more confident… and with even better tunes. Jamie is happy with his work, and typically defiant and self-deprecating in his ambitions for it. 'I made Panic Prevention four years ago. If this one doesn't sound different then it's a shame. This album was a process of freak-outs, then confidence, and then just… getting through it. If this album could achieve any one thing, it would be that it forces people to fuck off and let me get on with what I do. And for people to accept that I'm not going to do the same thing over and over again. There are artists that we all trust to do that, and I want to win the right to be one of those artists.'


EMILIANA TORRINI 'Love In The Time Of Science' [Release Date 07/09/2009]

LP: Emiliana Torrini's 1999 debut album 'Love In The Time Of Science' remains one of the most underrated gems in recent memory. Lushly produced by Tears For Fears' Roland Orzabal, the album was a sumptuous piece of techno-pop, the gorgeous arrangements acting as a perfect backdrop to the young, eccentric Italian- Icelandic singer-songwriter. This release is strictly limited and housed in a plastic wallet. Direct Metal Mastering uses the most advanced technology in vinyl manufacturing. The groove is cut directly in copper metal, transient response is greatly improved so DMM yields better detail resolution and a lower noise ratio. Remastered direct from the original master and pressed on heavy weight 180g vinyl audiophile discs.


RODRIGO Y GABRIELA '11:11' [Release Date 07/09/2009]

CD/DVD: Rodrigo y Gabriela will release their new studio album, entitled '11:11' on Rubyworks, on Monday 7th September. '11:11' was recorded in Ixtapa, Mexico. The album has been produced by Rodrigo y Gabriela, with John Leckie co-producing one of the tracks. The album was mixed in Wales and London by Colin Richardson, best known for his work with Slipknot and Trivium. Comprising 11 new self-written compositions, '11:11' is Rod & Gab's personal "Gracias" to a first XI of musicians, both past and present, who have inspired them along the way. Alex Skolnick of metal gods Testament guests on the album, as do widely respected acoustic veterans Strunz & Farah. The album was produced by Rodrigo, mixed by Colin Richardson (Slipknot, Trivium), and includes a bonus DVD with 60 minutes of exclusive footage.


TAKEN BY TREES 'East Of Eden' [Release Date 07/09/2009]

CD I LP: "Of course, I could have gone to India to do this, but where's the mystery in that?" – Victoria Bergsman Victoria Bergsman wanted to travel to record in a mysterious, relatively uncharted area, avoiding the usual clinical studio experience which she has always disliked and found to be an uncreative environment. She chose Pakistan. The rhythm, drums and flutes of Pakistani music had long captivated Victoria and this, coupled with a deep admiration for singers Abida Parveen and the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, helped her choose Pakistan as the place to record her new album. Another attractive factor was her interest in Sufi musicians who play in order to enter a trance like state, using music to transport themselves to another time and place. Victoria is one of very few Western women, if not the only one, to record in this region, and the bureaucracy, cultural differences and prejudices she had to overcome to see this project through almost beggar belief. It's therefore little short of a miracle that this album turned out the way it did. Victoria, previously best known for her work with The Concretes and Peter Bjorn & John's worldwide smash hit single 'Young Folks', now works under the nom de plume Taken By Trees. This new offering follows in the footsteps of Taken By Tree's debut album 'Open Field' (2007). The album also includes a cover of Animal Collective's 'My Girls', which Victoria has re-interpreted as 'My Boys'. She has been a long standing fan of band member Noah Lennox' voice and upon hearing their new album 'Merriweather Post Pavilion' was so struck by the song she felt compelled to record a version for her album. Consequently, Noah was also invited to sing vocals on another track on the album, 'Anna'.


YO LA TENGO 'Popular Songs' [Release Date 07/09/2009]

CD I 2LP: 'Popular Songs' demonstrates that everything said about Yo La Tengo in the past is still true, only more so. Now, almost any song can sound like Yo La Tengo, provided it's Yo La Tengo playing it: The strings-and-keyboards orchestrations of the opener, 'Here To Fall', on which Ira offers the new best articulation of what it means to love; the Clean-feeling pop of 'Avalon or Someone Very Similar', unburdened by gravity or friction; Georgia's aching 'By Two', a dream-machine in motion, a warm shiver for your cold, still nights. And that's just the first three tunes! What of the garagey rave-up of 'Nothing To Hide', the funky but unfunklike 'Periodically Double Or Triple', and the classic-pop duet, 'If It's True'? Which isn't to even mention the gently ambling 'I'm On My Way', containing some of the album's smartest, simplest lyrics, which rolls into a duo of romantic wedding-ready tunes alternately fronted by Georgia ('When It's Dark') and Ira ('All Your Secrets'). Then fans of Yo La Tengo's well-established habit of stretching out will be enthralled by the simmering, sultry 'More Stars Than There Are In Heaven' and the hypnotic ebbing flow of 'The Fireside', these two epics totalling 20+ minutes of the most beautiful, obsessive Yo La Tengo music ever put to tape.


LORD NEWBORN & THE MAGIC SKULLS 'Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls' [Release Date 07/09/2009]

CD I LP: Esteemed sound scientists Money Mark, Shawn Lee & Tommy Guerrero get together for this album of funk-inflicted beats & breaks smothered in jazz, prog-rock & soulful psychedelia. The paths of these three prolific producer-musicians have crossed in many ways and yet this is the first time they've all worked together. Good times had in the studio transferred to tape on this witty, concise, and experimental collection of tracks. The long overdue Magic Skulls chemistry was right on the money. With the trio having so much experience of writing for film it's no surprise that many tracks on this album have a strong emotive soundtrack vibe. At times the sound is vintage; it crackles with the buzz and ring of lo-fi gear that chugs away behind funkschooled melodies. However, the album also points forward, with a genremarauding blur of freaky beats, worldly percussion and slick studio trickery. Money Mark is known as the trusty keyboard guy the Beastie Boys turn to. Having released numerous solo albums, he has worked with countless internationally acclaimed artists, appeared in the Moog documentary, and written the soundtrack for the 2008 documentary 'Beautiful Losers'. As with Mark, Tommy Guerrero had early releases on the influential UK-based Mo Wax label. He began his career as a pro-skating member of the Bones Brigade in his hometown of San Francisco and was one of the founders of Real Skateboards and Deluxe. He also delved into the music business and was in the early 1980's skate rock band Free Beer and the collaborative / conceptual band Jet Black Crayon. In addition Guerrero is a member of the all-star skate band Blktop Project (alongside Ray Barbee, Chuck Treece and Matt Rodriguez), and has released multiple solo albums. Shawn Lee, Guerrero and Mark have all released records on the Rush label in Japan and, like his fellow Magic Skulls, Shawn Lee was also picked up by UK labels early in his musical career. After releases on the Talking Loud and Wall Of Sound labels, he found a home back in the USA at Ubiquity where he has released eight records including his collaboration album with the mysterious Clutchy Hopkins.


THE USED 'Artwork' [Release Date 07/09/2009]

CD I CD/DVD: Released on August 31st on Reprise, The Used's new album 'Artwork' finds the quartet pushing forwards with their self-declared brand of 'gross pop' that melds jarring riffs with immediate pop hooks. Recorded primarily at Los Angeles studios The Lair and NRG between June 2008 and February 2009 with producer Matt Squire [Panic At The Disco, Thrice], 'Artwork' features eleven new songs that mostly focus on The Used's raw, visceral power. 'Artwork' is The Used's fourth album and their first since 2007's 'Lies For The Liars'. The album's first single 'Blood On My Hands' is confined chaos, brutally thrashing one moment and proffering a pop-driven, sing-along chorus the next, 'Empty With You' surges with passion and gripping honesty, while 'Cut Yourself' balances the album's predilection for propulsive rage with its quieter, piano-driven exploration of what it means to have someone to lean on. "This record is more sincere" says guitarist Quinn Allman. "It's got a sound more reminiscent of the first record. Lyrically, it completely engulfs you and makes you feel safe but it's all about feeling alone and empty and knowing there's always a light". "This record is about coming together" adds vocalist Bert McCracken. "Whether it's through positivity or negativity, it's about coming together through anything". The Used's career has already encompassed two million albums sales in America alone, two Gold records (2002's self-titled debut and 2004's 'In Love And Death') and festival dates including the Warped Tour, Ozzfest, Projekt Revolution, Give It a Name and Reading and Leeds. 'Artwork' represents a new chapter for a band that's constantly sought to redefine the bounds of their music and have always successfully done so.

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