Tuesday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]


CLIFF RICHARD & THE SHADOWS 'Singing The Blues' [Release Date 14/09/2009]

C5 I 7": The brand new single is a fantastic cover of 'Singing The Blues' – both formats of the single feature 'b' sides unavailable anywhere else.


CLIFF RICHARD & THE SHADOWS 'Reunited' [Release Date 21/09/2009]

CD I 2-CD: It was in 1959 that Cliff first recorded and performed with The Shadows. In 2009, exactly 50 years later, Cliff & The Shadows have Reunited to release a new single, album and they also go back on the road on a massive tour. Cliff & The Shadows dominated the British popular music scene in the late 50's and early 60's, enjoying both solo and joint success. Between them they achieved no less than 19 No.1 hits, including: 'Living Doll', 'It's All In The Game', 'Travellin' Light' & 'Bachelor Boy'. They appeared together in the movies 'Summer Holiday' and 'The Young Ones' from which came million-selling hit singles and albums. From 1968 both artists pursued individual careers & throughout the 70's and 80's The Shadows toured regularly and enjoyed Top 10 successes, often competing with Cliff for the number one spot. Cliff went on to achieve huge worldwide success as a solo artist, scoring the most Top 10 and Top 20 hits in the UK singles Chart. He remains the only UK artist ever to achieve a Number 1 single in five consecutive decades! 50 years on Cliff Richard, Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch and Brian Bennett take to the stage together for the very last time on this tour. Taken from Wikipedia: "In 2009 Cliff & The Shadows will bring their partnership to an end with the "Golden Anniversary concert tour of the UK". A new album by Cliff Richard and the Shadows will be released, titled 'Reunited' it will be their first studio project in forty years. The 28 tracks recorded will comprise of 25 re-recordings of their earlier classics, with three 'new' tracks, originally from that era (and earlier), the single 'Singing the Blues', along with Eddie Cochran's 'C'mon Everybody' and the Frankie Ford hit 'Sea Cruise'. The tracks are to be spread across the single and its bonus tracks, a limited edition version of the album, as well as a standard CD release."


ARCTIC MONKEYS 'Humbug' [Release Date 24/08/2009]

CD I LP: Arctic Monkeys' third album is ready to further consolidate them as one of the greatest young bands on the planet. Arctic Monkeys new album 'Humbug', which was produced by Josh Homme in the Mojave desert and by James Ford in Brooklyn, showcases a brooding and majestic new sound for the band. The CD will be beautifully packaged in card gatefold and the LP will also be in a gatefold sleeve.


COUGAR 'Patriot' [Release Date 24/08/2009]

CD I LP: * Stunning album from new emergency rock signing to Counter Records, hailed as "Fugazi Meets Fourtet". * Cougar has toured extensively in support of their debut album, including dates with Maximo Park and U.N.K.L.E. amongst others. * Maximo Park are massive fans of the band, and Paul Smith has collaborated with Cougar on a bonus track. * Cougar have been described as "Fugazi Meets Four Tet", and their first album (mixed by John McEntire of Tortoise) made it onto numerous best of 2007 lists, leading to them developing a very strong fan base. * New album mixed at Smart Studios in Madison, home of Nirvana's 'Nevermind'.


THE FIERY FURNACES 'I'm Going Away' [Release Date 24/08/2009]

CD I LP: * 'I'm Going Away' is the 8th album from The Fiery Furnaces, written together by Eleanor & Matthew Friedberger. Eleanor wrote most of the lyrics; Matt wrote most of the music & produced the album. * 'I'm Going Away', the eighth album from The Fiery Furnaces, was recorded by and mixed with Jason Loewenstein at the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009 in New York City. Jason also played bass and Robert D'Amico played drums. * The LP version – exclusively available to independent retailers – is limited to 200 copies pressed on high quality 180gm virgin vinyl. * It is presented in an old-style tip-on gatefold jacket with MP3 download coupon. * The CD version is presented in a four panel mini-LP style jacket.


REUBEN 'We Should Have Gone To University' [Release Date 24/08/2009]

2CD/1DVD: A comprehensive 2CD + DVD collection of all rarities, b-sides, radio sessions, previously unreleased tracks with a DVD including main stage set at Download. This great collectors release includes everything that Reuben have ever done – alongside the tracks from their studio albums. The 2CD is comprised of rarities, b-sides, radio sessions and previously unreleased tracks spanning their eight year career. The DVD includes all of the promo videos to each single, plus full coverage of their main stage set at Download Festival 2007. Also included in this box-set is the never before released "single" 'Blitzkreig'.

KING CREOSOTE 'No One Had It Better' [Release Date 24/08/2009]

LTD 7": "Anderson takes us on a journey from folk to Krautrock, […], all of it delivered in that soul-mending falsetto." – Sunday Times Culture. "KC's lyrical nous and gift for melody ensure it all makes perfect, post-modern sense" – Mojo. "He deserves all the plaudits he gets" – Independent On Friday. "'Flick the Vs' finds the Fence Records founder reinventing himself again" – NME. This is the first 7" to be taken from King Creosote's much lauded new album on Domino, 'Flick The V's'. New hotshot producer Bullion remixes one of the album's highlights 'No-One Had It Better' and twists the song into some new, fresh and summery shapes. On the B-side in a surreal twist on the cover version, King Creosote himself covers the remix. Both tracks are exclusive to this release.


SALLY SHAPIRO 'My Guilty Pleasure' [Release Date 24/08/2009]

CD: Sweden's disco queen Sally Shapiro returns with her second album. 'My Guilty Pleasure' is about 80s Euro synth disco and big eyed pop, once again produced by her musical partner Johan Agebjörn. Subsequent to her first releases on the labels Diskokaine and Permanent Vacation, Sally Shapiro suddenly found herself in the midst of the ultra-hip Neo / Italo-Disco movement, which is especially big in Scandinavia. Why of all things on the Northern peninsula, where one traditionally listens to black metal and indie rock played with legs spread apart, the peculiar, yet sunny disco music became such an export hit, stays one of the mysteries of the pop business. Her fast rising career is almost as exciting as one of the love adventures Sandra always sang about. Even though references to Sandra are not as obvious on the new album 'My Guilty Pleasure' compared to her double 12" 'He Keeps Me Alive' (whose cover was a detailed replica of the Sandra cover 'Into A Secret Land'), Sally Shapiro's latest record is still clearly dedicated to 1980s La Boum disco. Once again Johan Agebjörn has crafted his gorgeous soft disco hymns, which escape cheesiness by the skin of one's teeth, and Sally gilds tracks such as 'Swimming Through The Blue Lagoon' or 'Moonlight Dance' with her aerial schoolgirl voice and pure big feelings.


SUGABABES 'Get Sexy' [Release Date 13/08/2009]

C5: Sugababes, Britain's unquashable premiere girl band are back with a new look and sound that is guaranteed to BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF! New tunes, new style, new hair cuts and new attitude. GET ready to see SEXY! Partnering with Red One (Rihanna, Lady Gaga ), Stargate (Beyonce), Ne-Yo and Ryan Tedder (One Rupublic) the new record is a new direction that feels unmistakably Sugababes but unquestionably fresh. Keisha, Heidi and Amelle have worked with an entirely new team in the US for the release of their SEVENTH studio album later this year on November 23rd. CD single format will also a include an exclusive poster of the girls.

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