Wednesday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part II]


LENNON & McCARTNEY Collectors Box [released 14th September 2009]

3-CD: With an ongoing popularity based largely on a body of work created more than 35 year ago, there is no argument that the Beatles are the most significant artists of the popular music era. The Lennon and McCartney Collectors Box is a 3 CD set celebrating the lives and music of John and Paul via audio biographies, interviews, posters, booklets, photo postcards and more. Certain to achieve the status of Collectors Item this superb limited edition package is a must for the millions of Beatles fans around the world.


KORN DVD Collectors Box [released 7th September 2009]

2-DVD: They all but pioneered, dominated and led the mid-1990s Nu-Metal scene through its duration, and it was them who ushered the genre into the mainstream via the enormous crossover success of their 1998 record, Follow the Leader. But unlike the majority of their contemporaries from the time, Korn have moved on from that now somewhat passé form to remain one of America's premier league rock bands and a vital force in the ongoing development of Metal. The Korn DVD Box Set is a 2 disc collection which celebrates the huge commercial and critical success of Korn for well over 15 years. Featuring 2 separate, full length documentary films on the band, the first telling their story chronologically with the aid of rare footage, exclusive interviews and contributions form their closest confidantes, the second film concentrates on the fans, Korn's place in the Nu- Metal scene, the story of how that scene unfolded and the band's music and performances throughout their working life. All told this limited edition set will prove a delight for Korn fans everywhere as it documents this perennial act's music, career and life through a quite extraordinary journey.


ELVIS PRESLEY Vs JOHNNY CASH The Clash Of The Titans [released 14th September 2009]

DVD: Elvis held the Rock N Roll Heavyweight title for many years, but in recent times Johnny has been seen as his true rival to during the 1950s, when the performances on this disc were recorded. And now The Man In Blacks own Rock N Roll credentials have been reassessed and ranked alongside those of The King. This DVD contains a whopping 33 tracks 17 by Presley and 16 by Cash all recorded live during the 1950s. So place your bets, take your seats and judge for yourself exactly who was the greatest of them all.


JANES ADDICTION The Lowdown [released 21st September 2009]

2-CD: Almost 25 years after they initially formed, and despite two lengthy hiatus, Janes Addiction still retain a reputation as one of the most influential American bands since the breaking of New York Punk. Dynamic, adventurous and with a strongly political message, Perry Farrell and the group not only define second wave punk better than just about any other group to have emerged in the 1980s, they continue to walk the walk and talk the talk too, and to this day remain convicted, passionate and hugely popular. This 2 CD set features lengthy interviews with Perry Farrell during which the man himself speaks with enormous intelligence and undeniable wit about the issues and themes that interest him most. A second disc features a spoken word biography about the band and tells their story from inception to the point at which they were at their highest profile ever. Completed with booklets, poster and rare photographs, all housed in a deluxe slipcase, this set will prove a delight for both the hundreds of thousands of fans still around from the early days, and those just catching on to the ever lasting appeal of these mavericks of US rock music


PLACEBO The Sun Also Rises [released 21st September 2009]

DVD: Still as popular as they ever were despite having been around 15-plus years, Placebo have a fan-base so dedicated and faithful that to this day their every release sells in the millions and the extraordinary live shows they still perform sell out in minutes. This film tells the story of Placebos rise to fame and their career as the quintessential Glam act of the nineties and noughties. Includes archive footage of the group, contributions from those who have known them best, exclusive interviews, location shoots, news reports and a host of other features which all together make for the finest document on Placebo in existence.


MOTT THE HOOPLE The Whole Story [released 28th September 2009]

CD+DVD: DVD – This 90 Minute documentary review charts the entire career of Mott The Hoople from their roots in the 1960s midlands music scene to the break up of the band when Ian Hunter left in 1975. Now, 40 years on from their first incarnation, the classic line-up are back, playing new gigs and revitalising their profile to its highest level since their mid-1970s glory days. This film features rare footage of Mott, archive interviews plus new contributions from Morgan Fisher, mega-fan Mick Jones from the Clash, former fanclub president Kris Needs, Mott producers Mick Glossop and Tony Platt, and numerous others. CD – Almost an hour of audio interviews with Mott and the individual members, recorded throughout their career and after the event talking in retrospect. 8 tracks in all during which the story of the band is recalled from the different members, including original vocalist Stan Tippens and CBSs Clive Selwood – the man who worked most closely with Mott at the label


TOM WAITS The Document [released 28th September 2009]

CD+DVD: He is quite probably the most original and unique artist of the rock age, and with close to 40 years in the business, can still astonish and amaze his ever-growing army of fans with every new record he makes; Tom Waits does not tread water! This 2 Disc set celebrates the incredible career of Waits, via a superb 100 minute DVD documentary film about the man and his work, and a 65 minute interview disc featuring never previously released recordings, during which he shows himself to be a raconteur of quality and one of the sharpest brains in show business.


ASIA featuring JOHN PAYNE [released 7th September 2009]

CD: John Payne has more than paid his dues in the rock business over the last twenty five years having worked with a number of high profile artists such as Roger Daltrey singing backing vocals on Roger's album Under A raging Moon. He was also briefly the vocalist with ELO II. However for fifteen years John Payne was perhaps best known as the vocalist and bassist with British Rock Band Asia. In that time John wrote and produced seven studio albums that found success across the world including the albums Aqua, Aria, Arena, Aura and Silent Nation. He also played countless concerts with the band in Europe America, South America and Asia. Asia featuring John Payne released their new Military Man EP in September. The five track EP features re recordings of the tracks Military Man, Long Way From Home, Neurosaur and Radio edits of Military Man and Long Way From Home. The band which features John Payne alongside Guthrie Govan, Jay Schellen and keyboardist Erik Norlander are also playing selected American dates throughout the summer of 2009. The Military Man EP is the first studio recordings from the band and released to coincide with the American tour dates.


COLIN RILEY & BILL BRUFORD Skin And Wire [released 7th September 2009]

CD: Skin and Wire blends electronica, jazz and the avant-garde into a set of high-energy and ambient tracks. Designed to harness the remarkable power and range of the performers, Colin Riley's music is quite unlike anything you've ever heard before. Having been Associate Composer for the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestras in the mid 90's, and been commissioned by many of the leading performers of new contemporary classical music, British composer Colin Riley's current work explores the integration of both improvisation and electronic components. It also engages with many contemporary issues from popular music and has led him away from straight scored music into more unexpected avenues. Stylistically, Colin takes the sound-world, gestures and techniques from classical, rock and jazz, and makes no apologies for inhabiting the cracks between all three. Pianocircus, the original six-piano ensemble, was formed in 1989 to bring high quality, dynamic new music performance to a wide audience. The group uses either six acoustic grands or six digital pianos, together with specially designed lighting, live MIDI, video and amplification. Pianocircus combines the best rock and electronica with the precision of the contemporary classical tradition in performances with wide appeal. From its initial performance of Steve Reich's classic Six Pianos at the 1989 Edinburgh Festival, Pianocircus has since created a varied repertoire of over 100 pieces. The group has recorded seven CDs for Decca/ARGO, including a performance of Les Noces (Stravinsky) conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy; In 1998 the group released the first CD on its own label, the Mazuzu Dream EP and more recently the critically acclaimed CD Transmission. By the tender age of 27, Bill Bruford's musical character had already been forged in the fiery furnace of four of the biggest progressive rock groups of the 1970s; Yes, King Crimson, Genesis, and UK. This early success propelled Bill, by nature a restless innovator uncomfortable with the well-worn path, into a fascinating 40-year search for the innovative, the unusual, and the unpredictable with groups such as Bruford, Earthworks, and the Bruford-Borstlap Duo. This collaboration with Colin Riley and PianoCircus will be Bruford's final CD of fresh material.


PATRICK MORAZ & BILL BRUFORD In Tokyo [released 7th September 2009]

CD: On reflection, keyboardist Patrick Moraz and drummer Bill Bruford had obvious commonality. By the mid 1980s both were Yes alumni, both were tiring of big-stadium excess, both had roots and influences that lay closer to jazz than progressive rock, and both were looking for a more flexible music, stripped of the trappings and associated costs of their regular day-jobs. The duo recorded two albums of drum-and-keyboard based music, suffused with upbeat invention and peerless skill. Both Music For Piano And Drums'(1983) and Flags' (1985) were well received and retain a resonance that still rings loud and true, and is being discovered anew by an eager audience for whom it is as fresh and exciting as it was for those who discovered it the first time around. The original albums are now accompanied on Winterfold Records by In Tokyo', an A+ quality 1985 recording from Laforet Museum, Akasaka, Tokyo, and the only official Winterfold live album available from the duo. 10 tracks capture Moraz- Bruford at the peak of their game. As commentator Sid Smith remarks: Though there's an undeniable jazzy vibe to much of what's going on, there's also more than a hint of the symphonically-inclined prog-rock in which both players cut their professional musical teeth. Principally this is most evident in the framework provided by Moraz's likeable and accessible tunes. Though clearly well-structured they offer plenty of opportunities to display the lightning-quick reactions and sharp dynamics best exemplified on the racy epic and original album closer, Hazy'. In Tokyo' offers an excellent opportunity to re-assess the group's work which remains, as Smith points out, marvellously spiky and capricious…closer to the jazz-based material that Bruford would explore more fully in Earthworks a few years later'. The group's music is…the perfect juncture between Bruford's progressive leanings and his future jazz interests'. John Kelman, All About Jazz.


QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE Live At The Quarter Note Lounge [released 14th September 2009]

2-CD: Quicksilver Messenger Service is considered to be one of the most important bands to come from the San Francisco music scene of the sixties along with their contemporaries The Grateful Dead and The Jefferson Airplane. The band initially came together in 1965 and proceeded to play a great many gigs across America. The bands debut album the self title Quicksilver Messenger Service was released in May 1968 and was an eclectic affair including key songs that still stand up to scrutiny forty years later. The album includes Pride of Man, Dino's Song (Written by Valenti), Gold and Silver and the extended song The Fool. The following year the band released what many consider to be their best album. Entitled Happy Trails the album broke into the top 30 and included a side long suite of songs based around the Bo Diddley song Who Do You Love. Happy Trails also included another Diddley song Mona and also the Gary Duncan composed Calvary. The album set the seal on the bands reputation as one of the key bands of the time and certainly one of the key bands to come from the San Francisco music scene. Shortly after the release of Happy Trails however Gary Duncan departed and he was replaced by English keyboard player Nicky Hopkins. With this line up the band recorded Shady Grove which was another top thirty success for the band. By the time of the 1970 release Just For Love Gary Duncan had returned and Dino Valenti also joined up. Further albums including What About Me (1970), Quicksilver (1971) and Comin' Through (1972) were released although by the time of the Quicksilver album both Frieberg and Cippolina had gone.


BONZO DOG BAND Songs The Bonzo Dog Band Taught Us [released 21st September 2009]

CD: Ever wondered where the Bonzos got some of their crazy songs? Well this great CD answers all the questions! Featuring the original 1920's and 1930's recordings that were covered by the band here you can find the original wild versions of My Brother Makes The Noises For the Talkies, Ali Baba's Camel, Hunting Tigers Out In India (Yah), Button Up Your Overcoat, Mickey's Son and Daughter, Jollity Farm and more! Many of these recordings have never been re-issued since the days of the Gramophone! The CD also includes tunes the Bonzos performed but never recorded, songs they should have recorded (such as the ludicrous Cave Of Omar Khayyam and the follow up to Jollity Farm – Misery Farm!) Detailed sleeve notes, original sheet music artwork and liner notes by Legs Larry Smith himself! Top Hole!


GRAHAM BONNET The Day I Went Mad [released 21st September 2009]

CD: Graham Bonnet is considered one of the finest Rock vocalists of his generation. Beginning his career in the sixties Graham was one half of the pop duo The Marbles who scored a worldwide hit single with the Bee Gees written song Only One Woman. Following on from the Marbles Graham embarked on a solo career in the seventies and was one of the first signings to former Beatle Ringo Starr's record label Ringo records. Following one self titled album Graham was approached to replace Ronnie James Dio in Rainbow. Graham featured on the album Down To Earth and also the hit singles Since You've Been Gone and All Night Long before he left Rainbow in late 1980 following Rainbow's performance at the first Monsters of Rock festival at Donnington. Graham then recorded his third solo album Line Up which featured many guest artists such as Cozy Powell and Micky Moody. The album also spawned the hit single Night Games which became a staple of Rock radio stations worldwide. Following the release of Line Up Graham then joined the Michael Schenker Group recording just one album entitled Assault Attack and the hit single Dancer. Graham then formed his own American based rock band Alcatrazz with whom he would record three studio albums and a live album. Graham left Alcatrazz in 1987 when the band folded and he picked up his solo career once more which has continued to this day. The Day I Went Mad was originally recorded and released in 1999 in Japan and includes performances from a wealth of special guests including g Slash, Vivian Campbell, Danny Johnson, Bruce Kulick, Tim Bogert, Tony Franklin and Kevin Valentine. The album also includes the tracks, The day I Went Mad, Oh Darling, This Day, Flying Not Falling and Spiked.


THE GILES BROTHERS 1962-1967 [released 28th September 2009]

CD: The Giles Brothers are famous for being founders of the band Giles Giles and Fripp, which eventually metamorphosed into King Crimson, one of the giants of Progressive rock. Mike Giles would be a founder of King Crimson along with Robert Fripp, Ian McDonald and Greg Lake. Peter Giles would also join King Crimson briefly in 1970. The recordings on this album however come from a period when the Giles brothers were members of a number of pure pop, R n B and soul influenced bands. Whilst the material is quite unlike anything the Giles brothers were subsequently involved in these recordings are of a historic nature and as individual singles all the tracks are incredibly collectable. All the tracks come from the personal archives of Peter and Mike Giles and as such are an interesting look into a period of time during the Giles brother's careers that has previously been less than well documented. The recordings have all been re mastered for this release giving them the best possible quality and this release is the first release that gathers together all of these historic performances on one disc.

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