Friday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]


SHAKIRA 'She Wolf' [Release Date 14/09/2009]

C5: The first single to be taken from the 'She Wolf' album. Includes a spanish version of the track.


MCINTOSH ROSS 'The Great Lakes' [Release Date 28/09/2009]

CD: The Great Lakes, the new album from McIntosh Ross, aka Lorraine McIntosh and Ricky Ross of the multi-million selling Scottish group Deacon Blue. After more than two decades in and out of Deacon Blue, the pair decided they wanted to make an album – together. Not an album as part of Deacon Blue. Not a Ricky Ross album with Lorraine popping up on backing vocals. But an album which the two of them could call, justly and equally, their own. The rules of engagement were kept to a minimum. They would both write and both sing. The songs would be beautiful, meaningful and simple – no unnecessary chords or complicated changes. And the couple would go somewhere other than Scotland to record them. "We knew what we'd get if we did it here in Glasgow," Ricky says. "We thought if we go somewhere else and get different people to work with we'll come up with something that will surprise us. We wanted to record music together that was completely fresh." The result is 'The Great Lakes' by McIntosh Ross, an album of supreme melodic grace and spiritual purity which combines echoes of the duo's Celtic homeland with the twang of the American south – a seamless blend of Caledonia and California, if you will. "I don't think we consciously thought of Scotland or America," Ricky says. "It was more to do with the kind of songs we wanted to sing. These became more folky as the writing went on, while the more mainstream pop songs got disregarded. The main thing was that if it didn't seem like a genuinely significant song to both of us then it didn't get on the record."


KRIS KRISTOFFERSON 'Closer To The Bone' [Release Date 28/09/2009]

CD I 2CD I LP: Kris Kristofferson returns to the essentials of his finely honed craft on his new album 'Closer To The Bone'. Like the master singer-songwriter's 2006 New West bow 'This Old Road', this album is produced by Grammy(r) Award winner Don Was. The previous collection was hailed by critics as "one of the finest albums of his storied career" (Rolling Stone), "a stripped-down stunner" (Esquire), and "a return to his best work" (Q). Kristofferson says of the new album, "I like the intimacy of the new album. It has a general mood of reflecting on where we all are at this end of life." 'Closer To The Bone' is a deftly observed, honestly executed work about love, separation, loss, and mortality. The subject matter ranges from the musician's family ['From Here to Forever', 'The Wonder'] to Kristofferson's late friend Johnny Cash ['Good Morning John']. Deluxe version includes a 2nd CD with 8 live tracks recorded at the Dublin Olympia plus a poster.

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