Monday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part I]


THE SATURDAYS 'Forever Is Over' [Release Date 05/10/2009]

C5: The Saturdays strike back with a brand new single and album for autumn. First up is the power-pop anthem-in-the-making, Forever Is Over, released on October 5th through Fascination Records. Forever Is Over is the lead single from The Saturdays' as-yet-untitled second album. The single, written by James Bourne [ex-Busted] and Sam Watters and Louis Biancanielle, is a change in direction for the girls and its sophisticated sound signals a definite progression, while still showing off the girls' voices to the maximum.


LOU BARLOW 'Goodnight Unknown' [Release Date 05/10/2009]

CD I LP: In the four years since Lou Barlow's career-redefining, mostly acoustic record 'Emoh', he has reunited with Dinosaur Jr. and reissued three of Sebadoh's classic albums. But as the brilliant new 'Goodnight Unknown' illustrates, he's hardly living in the past. Borrowing the live band energy of Dinosaur Jr. and the stylistic reach of Sebadoh, Barlow has built on 'Emoh's full production and written a set of immediate, melodic pop songs that Lou describes as, "a cross between my later work with Folk Implosion and my earlier work with Sebadoh…". From the surging opening track 'Sharing' to the surprisingly soulful performances on 'The Right', 'Goodnight Unknown' benefits from Barlow's tunefulness and his decision to record the record relatively quickly, with old friends and new. The Melvins' Dale Crover adds inspired drum work throughout, and the albums' urgent sound owes just as much to frequent collaborator Imaad Wasif [Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Alaska!]. The record's considerable power also stems from the new talents on board, including producer Andrew Murdock and Lisa Germano.


MOUNTAIN GOATS 'The Life Of The World To Come' [Release Date 05/10/2009]

CD I 2LP: "The Mountain Goats' John Darnielle has been one of the best songwriters of the '00s" – Rolling Stone "Mountain Goats auteur John Darnielle continues to write songs that could inspire a season's worth of TV movie melodramas… The results can be extraordinary. Get the man an orchestra, now" – Entertainment Weekly. 'The Life Of The World To Come' is The Mountain Goats' 6th album for 4AD, and is less a profession of religious faith than an immersion in Biblical poetry and imagery. With John Darnielle remaining The Mountain Goats' creative hub – this time flanked by Peter Hughes and Jon Wurster – 'The Life Of The World To Come' was recorded in three studios across three states and features string arrangements from Owen Pallett [Final Fantasy], who has also worked in a similar capacity with the varied likes of Arcade Fire, Fucked Up and The Pet Shop Boys.


NERINA PALLOT 'The Graduate' [Release Date 05/10/2009]

CD: Third album from Gold-selling artist Nerina Pallot. 'The Graduate' is an album of clever, classy pop featuring a series of radio bound singles. More than three years after the gold-selling 'Fires', a #1 radio and chart hit with 'Everybody's Gone To War', a sold out show at London's Scala and being nominated for a Brit Award and an Ivor Novello Award, Nerina Pallot has shaken up her sound, shrugged off the spectre of singer / songwriter and produced an album of clever, classy pop, all written and produced by Nerina herself.


DJ TIESTO 'Kaleidoscope' [Release Date 05/10/2009]

CD I 2LP: With some amazing colaborations, the world's biggest DJ returns with one of the dance crossover albums of the year. 'Kaleidoscope' is a mixture of sounds, with collaborations with Sigur Ros, Kele from Bloc Party, Emily Haines from Metric, Nelly Furtado, Calvin Harris, Tegan & Sarah, and Sneaky Sound System, amongst others. The album has elements of techno, electro, funky house, pop and straight out trance, with Tiësto aiming to broaden out from his core dance / clubbing audience.


THE TWILIGHT SAD 'Forget The Night Ahead' [Release Date 05/10/2009]

CD I LP: Hotly anticipated new album from The Twilight Sad. Expertly articulate, brooding songwriting from Scotland; a brilliant meshing of increased pop sensibility with devastating guitar noise. 'Forget The Night Ahead' was produced by The Twilight Sad guitarist Andy MacFarlane with the assistance of the Delagados' Paul Savage at Scotland's legendary Chem19 Studios. Andy McFarlane's distinctive tremeloed guitar creates startling shifts between melancholy introspective and explosive tension, the cacophony broadening to accommodate the band's most melodic and also thrillingly discordant moments yet. 'Forget The Night Ahead' features the violin work of My Latest Novel's Laura McFarlane. The band have recently recruited fifth member Martin Docherty – formerly of Aereogramme – for additional live keyboards and guitars.

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MUDHONEY VINYL REISSUES [Release Date 05/10/2009]

Superfuzz Bigmuff I  Mudhoney I Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge: Just in time for three UK live shows Sub Pop re-issue the first three classic Mudhoney albums on lovely new vinyl, celebrating 21 years of making music. These three albums have been lovingly remastered and pressed on coloured vinyl, sounding as fresh as they did on release. Aside from a brief re-release of 'Superfuzz Bigmuff' in 2000, none of these albums have been available on vinyl since the early 1990s. Each is remastered from the original tapes, as the original masters have been lost. 'Superfuzz Bigmuff' and 'Mudhoney' will include posters and improved graphics. The 'Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge' LP sleeve will feature the two paintings that accompanied the original CD and vinyl covers.


"The Jesus Lizard always had the trajectory of a band that was always going to matter" – Steve Albini "Every generation has its exciting band, and the Jesus Lizard are it. They make Elvis Presley look like a kewpie doll" – Timothy Leary. The Jesus Lizard's Touch & Go era albums remastered for 2009 by Steve Albini & Bob Weston, reissued with bonus tracks on deluxe digipack CDs & heavyweight virgin vinyl. Each album is reissued on CD and heavyweight vinyl [with the exception of the 'Pure' EP, which is re-released individually on vinyl but included on the CD format of 'Head']. The CDs are packaged in a deluxe digipack with a 14"x20" double sided colour folder including never before seen photos and extensive liner notes by the band and by journalists who were there when it was all happening. The CD also includes bonus tracks. The LPs are packaged in deluxe gatefold album jackets with 12"x24" double sided colour inserts. The vinyl formats include a digital download coupon for the entire LP and the bonus tracks [the bonus tracks themselves DO NOT appear on the vinyl].


Down: CD I LP: 'Down' was the last of the Touch and Go era Jesus Lizard albums – classic Jesus Lizard in many ways, captured when the band were playing at their absolute tightest, filled with odd, unpredictable turns and nuances. 'Down' reveals one of the band's greatest strengths: their skill at inventive arrangements.


Liar: CD I LP: 'Liar' is the best selling of all The Jesus Lizard's albums. 


Goat: CD I LP: 'Goat' is the second best selling of all the Jesus Lizard albums. 'Goat' delivers on the Jesus Lizard promise in ways almost too numerous to mention: it was noisy yet controlled, dark but humorous.


Head: CD I LP: 'Head' was the first full length album by The Jesus Lizard. The band was by now a very direct, laser guided unwavering bolt of light. The guitars are bracing, bass bruising, drums galloping and vocals sounding as if sung from inside a leather mask.


Pure: [The CD edition appears on the 'Head' album]

LP: The 'Pure' EP was the first ever record by The Jesus Lizard. 'Pure' reveals an opening bone-crushing trifecta – 'Blockbuster', 'Bloody Mary' and 'Rabid Pigs', which became classics in The Jesus Lizard's cannon, featuring some of the band's most endearing characteristics: Duane Denison's guitar frenzy, David Yow's garbled vocal hysterics and David Wm. Sims' uncanny precision on bass.


ANDY WILLIAMS 'The Very Best Of' [Release Date 05/10/2009]

CD: The golden voice of Andy Williams has been entertaining audiences for over seven decades! In the UK, it would be fair to describe him as the epitome of easy listening, MOR, smooth or lounge. During the 1960s, Williams became one of the most popular vocalists in the US and was signed to what was at that time the biggest recording contract in history. From 1962 to 1971, Andy also had his own popular TV variety show which attracted huge audiences world-wide. Andy Williams releases his first Autobiography called 'Moon River and Me' which highlights his amazing life and career and to accompany this, Sony are releasing a brand new 'Very Best Of'.


MUMFORD & SONS 'Sign No More' [Release Date 05/10/2009]

CD: 'Sigh No More' is the eagerly anticipated debut album from London four piece, Mumford And Sons. Formed from the same West London scene that has given rise to the likes of Laura Marling, Jay Jay Pistolet and Noah and The Whale, yet with a much broader and wider spread, Mumford & Sons have built up a rabid and loyal fanbase through touring the country relentlessly.


FRANK SINATRA 'Live At The Meadowlands' [Release Date 05/10/2009]

CD: 'Live At The Meadowlands', recorded March 14, 1986, features 18 previously unreleased tracks. For this now-legendary hometown show, Sinatra showcased songs from every phase of his stellar career, mixing standbys such as 'One For My Baby', 'You Make Me Feel So Young' and 'I've Got You Under My Skin' with late-period classics such as 'L.A. Is My Lady' and 'Theme From New York, New York'. The long-anticipated release of 'Live At The Meadowlands' holds special significance among Sinatra fans as it's one of the most sought-after and hard-to-find concert recordings of his career. Hank Cattaneo, Sinatra's long time production manager and confidante, wrote the set's liner notes.

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