Wednesday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part IV]


BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST Sea of Tranquility: The Polydor Years 1974-1997 [released 26th October 2009]

3-CD: Esoteric Recordings are happy to announce the release of this extensive compilation which covers the career of BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST during their twenty three year tenure with Polydor Records, beginning with material from the album EVERYONE IS EVERYBODY ELSE, including tracks from albums such as TIME HONOURED GHOSTS, OCTOBERON, GONE TO EARTH, XII and ending with tracks from the German only album RIVER OF DREAMS. Including such classic tracks as MOCKINGBIRD, GALADRIEL, SHE SAID, CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE, JONATHAN, ROCK N ROLL STAR, HYMN, POOR MANS MOODY BLUES, BERLIN, IN MEMORY OF THE MARTYRS, this extensive history of the bands most successful recorded work is a long overdue reappraisal of their music. Sea of Tranquility is a fine overview of the finest music produced by the band. The release of the 3CD set coincides with John Lees BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST tour of the UK and Europe in October and November 2009. * 3CD DELUXE REMASTERED COMPILATION COVERING THE BANDS ENTIRE CAREER WITH POLYDOR RECORDS FROM 1974- 1997 * FEATURES LAVISHLY ILLUSTRATED BOOK WITH PHOTOS, MEMORABILIA & ESSAY * BACKED BY AN EXTENSIVE UK & EUROPEAN TOUR BY JOHN LEES BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST


TOMMY JAMES Tommy James [released 26th October 2009]

CD: From the childlike psychedelia of the cover, with it's upward dripping colours, to the tough sound of the tracks, this is a new departure for Tommy James, as he waves his 3 album restless farewell to his label of many years, Roulette Records. The album was cut at music business hub 1650 Broadway, backed partly by the Shondells and partly by "Neon", a group Tommy was producing for Paramount Records, who were to become his new studio and touring band. Their hard, gutsy style was perfect for Tommy's new musical persona which now relied more heavily on rhythm and a grittier guitar sound. The result was a masterpiece of underground New York pop, in the same ballpark as The Velvet Underground's "Loaded"…despite producing a couple of hit singles, this excellent album has had nowhere near the currency of Tommy's work with The Shondells…until now…. * Beautifully mastered by the lovely Nick Robbins at Sound Mastering * Superb packaging by Mr Andrew Morten * Wonderful liner notes by Miss Tiffany Anders * Includes as a bonus Tommy's breakthrough solo hit, Draggin' The Line


THE COWSILLS The Cowsills [released 26th October 2009]

CD: The Cowsills possessed one of the most pleasing vocal blends in all of popular music. In addition, they created without proper credit the blueprint for countless other singing family bands, including, the TV-created Partridge Family, who were actually based on The Cowsills. Released in 1967, The Cowsills self-titled eponymous album was the perfect long-playing launch pad, blending soft pop buoyancy with psych pop excursions and sunshine pop sensibilities. The thread that tied these elements together was their undeniable vocal dexterity. * This first-ever legitimate CD issue of THE COWSILLS from the ORIGINAL MONO MASTER * Includes the Top 10 hit The Rain, The Park And Other Things. * Also included are EIGHT bonus tracks, including all the material that comprised THE COWSILLS PLUS THE LINCOLN PARK ZOO album. All sourced from ORIGINAL MASTERS * The full-colour booklet also includes rare, unpublished photos and extensive liner notes that feature the participation of original band members


CAMEL Pressure Points: Live In Concert [released 26th October 2009]

2-CD: Unlike many bands whose careers had begun in the 1970s, CAMEL continued to enjoy much success in the 1980s, producing fine studio albums such as Stationary Traveller. Although destined to be Camels final studio album for Decca Records, it was a fine effort. The subsequent tour to promote the album was equally memorable and was captured by Decca at Hammersmith Odeon on 11th May 1984 and released as the album Pressure Points later that year. The concert saw CAMEL joined by former member PETER BARDENS for certain songs during the set, including a rousing version of Lady Fantasy, not featured on the original album. Long unavailable on CD, this newly re-mastered Esoteric Recordings reissue has been expanded to a 2CD set to include songs not featured on the original album. * NEW REMASTERED & EXPANDED CD RELEASE FOR CAMELs 1984 LIVE ALBUM RECORDED AT HAMMERSMITH ODEON * BOOKLET WITH PHOTOS & LINER NOTES


CAMEL Nude [released 26th October 2009]

CD: Unlike many bands whose careers had begun in the 1970s, CAMEL continued to enjoy much success in the 1980s, producing fine studio albums such as Nude. A conceptual work, the album featured many fine songs such as Lies, City Life and Drafted, along with excellent instrumental pieces such as Captured. An international success, Camel toured globally to promote the album, with their concert at Hammersmith Odeon recorded by the BBC for the In Concert programme. This re-mastered and expanded release includes the lengthy medley Excerpts from Nude from that radio broadcast as over 30 minutes of bonus material. This new release also includes an extensive booklet with copious photographs, memorabilia and a new essay. * NEW REMASTERED & EXPANDED CD RELEASE FOR CAMELs 1981 ALBUM * BOOKLET WITH UNSEEN PHOTOS & LINER NOTES


CAMEL I Can See Your House From Here [released 26th October 2009]

CD: Unlike many bands whose careers had begun in the early 1970s, CAMEL still continued to enjoy much success at the close of the decade. I Can See Your House From Here was a revitalised work that included many fine songs such as Ice (featuring Phil Collins on Percussion), Hymn To Her and Your Love is Stranger Than Mine. Produced by Rupert Hine, the album was a chart success and spawned an extensive World tour. This Esoteric Recordings edition has been remastered from the original tapes and features two bonus tracks, including a live version of Ice recorded by the BBC in 1981. The accompanying CD booklet includes copious photographs and memorabilia and a new essay. * NEW REMASTERED & EXPANDED CD RELEASE FOR CAMELs 1979 ALBUM * BOOKLET WITH PHOTOS & LINER NOTES

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