Clapton + Beck = Expensive

With regards to Julians earlier post this week, I was one of the people in the office who was mildly excited by the prospect of Clapton and Jeff Beck sharing a stage together, however the excitement soon turned to anger and frustration on the discovery of the ticket price – £125!!
Now I could understand such a price tag if they were playing a nice intimate venue such as Beck did when he graced the stage of Ronnie Scotts, I could have even forgiven them charging such an amount for a venue such as Shepherds bush, but a 20,000 seat capacity arena? No thanks.
I don't know why but Clapton, along with U2 and Madonna seem to be at the forefront of artists pushing the prices of tickets through the roof, making them unobtainable for the average fan. A decent pair of tickets for Madonna's recent o2 gigs would set you back over £300 plus a further additional £35 in hidden fees. When you factor in food, drink, transport etc, you can kiss goodbye to another £100. Personally I'd rather spend £450 on a week somewhere hot and sunny than one night at a gig, but that's my opinion….

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