Folk me!

home last Wednesday evening I happened to catch on the radio the last 15
minutes of The Mike Harding Show.  Mostly
I remember Mike Harding as a comedian but it turns out he’s a bit of a folk
legend. Coincidentally he’s also Lancastrian and I was actually driving back
from Manchester
so there could have been some kind of weird folk cosmic waves in play.  Anyhow, I’m not usually one to listen to folk
music whilst driving – it’s a bit too soporific, and I didn’t have a bale of
hay in the back of the van – but before I could channel-hop to something less
fiddle-de-dee the Rochdale cowboy cued up The
Lazy Boy Chant by an Orkney band called The Chair.  And a right good stomping tune it was
too.  So I bought their album ‘Huinka’ and
have now played it three times in as many days – and there was not a beer
festival in sight (more’s the pity) – I think this means I’m becoming a bit of
a folker.


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