Good News

For those of you that have been waiting [and for those of you that so far have missed out], there is a new shipment of the amazing books by Yuri Grishin on the way & we should soon have them all back in stock again.

For those that don't know, Yuri has written & released four incredible books on the great British Record Labels of the last thirty years. Each book is an encyclopaedic reference with label designs, sleeve pictures & interviews with key people that had a hand in the label, making then an essential for the library of any serious collector.

The books available so far are for Island, Harvest, Charisma & the recently published Vertigo, which also includes singles for the first time.

Yuri plans to also publish pocket books in the future for ease of use & also to include any updates to his main works.

As someone that has purchased one of each, I can recommend them !


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