Reformation = Money

Loads of bands have jumped on the reunion/reformation bandwagon in the last few years, Cream, Genesis, Take That and The Police among the most high profile, but the one band I thought I'd never see live (again) is Spandau Ballet.

 After a decade together and a very acrimonious split which led to all the band members fighting in the high court they remained one of the bands that people though would not share a stage together again. So why 19 years after they split are they back together? The answer MONEY!

The Police toured the World, publically showing solidarity whilst on stage but behind the scenes the old tensions were clearly still there as revealed recently by Copeland in an interview. I wonder what the atmostphere is like off stage in the Spandau Ballet camp?

These bands reform for one reason only, the huge amount of money they make from the tour, the merchandise and the obligatory live DVD, while we (the audience) attend mainly for nostalgic reasons, remembering a time when the band's music was new and exciting, glossing over the fact that the band are now either fat, bald, old or just weren't as good as we remembered.

The Spandau Ballet gig last night at the O2 was for me a trip down memory lane but a lot of the material hasn't aged well. Of course there were classics and the band executed every song professionally – Hadley can still hit the notes and sang them in the same key as he did back in the 80's, but as I left the venue I saw the advert for the DVD (which will be released in just 5 weeks) and realised I'd been suckered into attending another money making exercise for a band that belonged in the 80's and perhaps should have stayed there. But that's just my opinion, they have after all sold out 3 nights at a 20,000 seat arena in London and numerous other citys accross Europe.

I vow to (try) and stay away from reformed, washed up recently reformed 70's and 80's bands from now on – unless someone can persuade Mr Weller that a Jam reunion might be good?!

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