Wednesday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part II]


RUSH ‘Working Men’ [Release Date 16/11/2009]


On November 16th, Atlantic Records release 'Working Men', the first 'best of' live performance compilation from renowned rock trio Rush.

Culled from Anthem Entertainment and Zoë Vision's three other Rush releases – 'Rush in Rio', 'R30' & 'Snakes & Arrows Live', the 'Working Men' album features live recordings of the band's greatest hits as well as one previously unreleased track, 'One Little Victory'.

Rush, comprised of Geddy Lee [vocals, bass, keyboards], Alex Lifeson [guitar, vocals], and Neil Peart [drums and percussion], are, without question, one of the most inventive and compelling groups in rock history, equally famed for both their virtuoso musicianship and provocative songwriting.


THE VERONICAS ‘The Secret Life Of’ [Release Date 16/11/2009]


The Veronicas' 'Untouched' has proved to be an enduring summertime hit. Debuting at #8, the single spent five weeks in the Top 10 and a further three in the Top 20. 'Untouched' also hit the Top 20 of both the TV and radio airplay charts and continues to sell strongly as it approaches 200,000 sales. The Veronicas released the follow-up '4 Ever' on September 27th on Warner Bros. Records, preceding the October 12th release of their new album 'Hook Me Up', and the catalogue release of 'The Secret Life Of…'

Already the biggest name in new Australian pop and now based in Los Angeles, The Veronicas are proving to be a global phenomenon. 'Hook Me Up' and the debut album 'The Secret Life Of…' both hit #2 on the Australian album charts and reached multi-Platinum status in the process and they've proved to be similarly successful in the singles charts with a #1 single and a further four Top 5 hits to their name. Their growing popularity is reflected with over 92 million Myspace plays – over 48 million of which were for 'Untouched'.


JETHRO TULL ‘The Jethro Tull Christmas Album’ [Release Date 23/11/2009]


A fantastic double album which is bound to get you in the festive spirit! A combination of two superb Christmas albums including the original 'Jethro Tull Christmas Album' released in 2003. And the more recent recording 'Jethro Tull – Live At St Brides'. 'The Jethro Tull Christmas Album' features 16 uplifting Christmas songs with a twist only Jethro Tull could achieve!

Last Christmas, Jethro Tull performed and recorded a live concert at St Bride's Church in London. The profits from all tickets sold for the service, went to The Connection at St Martins – a charitable facility for the care of London's homeless community. Ian Anderson's view is that "we all have a duty of care and responsibility to help the less fortunate."

"Christmas – an aspirin for the soul or cold-turkey celebration of the birth and life of Christ? It has to be a measured bit of both doesn't it? And, if you can cope with it, a Happy New Year."


VERA LYNN ‘Vera Lynn At Christmas’ [Release Date 16/11/2009]


Vera Lynn at Christmas was originally recorded in 1976 and has been remastered for 2009. This is the debut release on CD for this album and many of these tracks are appearing on CD for the first time. Vera needs no introduction as she is known as 'the forces sweatheart' and has recently become the oldest person ever to have a number 1 album.

image010.jpg image009.jpg image008.jpg

TALKING HEADS REISSUES [Release Date 16/11/2009]

Little Creatures:

True Stories:



PAUL OAKENFOLD ‘Greatest Hits & Remixes’ [Release Date 16/11/2009]

2CD:  - Originally released in 2007, have just updated the stock card!

Paul Oakenfold's influences on dance & electronic music span two decades and this collection showcases these bringing together Paul's greatest hit productions and remixes


THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT ‘Final Conversation Of Kings’ [Release Date 16/11/2009]


"Here's to one of the best finds this year!!!" – Bronwyn Thompson, Rolling Stone

Three records into a career, The Butterfly Effect have always been about pushing their progressive sound to the limit, the Australian four-piece have opened up further sonically than ever before. The results are invigorating and cathartic!

'Final Conversation Of Kings' is a bold, expansive and career-defining statement, often fragile but always epic – a comprehensive evolution that builds on their signature style but doesn't lose track of the things that have made The Butterfly Effect one of Australia's favourite bands. Fans expect a hard-driving sound offset by fragile emotions, consummate musicianship and intimate vocals that sweep and soar. None will be disappointed – those aspects have been refined by a group that refuses to compromise, while the band continues to grow as both songwriters and players.

"The one thing you realise as a band progresses is that there's a formula there – it's just the sound of the way you play," explains drummer Ben Hall, speaking about the giant leap the band have made even since their last release, the progressive and pulsating Imago, which debuted at number two on the ARIA chart in 2006. "It gets to the point where you hear a song on the radio and think, 'That's a different genre of song for that band, but that's them – it's that singer and that guitarist.' You can tell it's them just by the way they lock together. You can try to step away from the band that you sound like, but the four pieces fundamentally are going to sound like the way you play anyway."

Those words sum up 'Final Conversation Of Kings' perfectly. There's no other band around that any of the ten songs here could be mistaken for, yet the record will surprise even die-hard fans with its depth, intensity and passion, revealing new layers and nuances with every listen. 'Final Conversation Of Kings' isn't an album to play politely in the background while heating up leftovers. It's an album that needs to be savored. Soak it in. Feel it breathe. It's alive and it will continue to grow.

Proving they're more than willing to take risks if necessary, 'Final Conversation Of Kings' opens with the band's most ambitious effort yet, the majestic seven-minute masterpiece 'World's On Fire', which ebbs and flows with sublime subtlety, veering fluidly from a gentle, cascading rhythm into an orgasm of crash and clatter and back. "That's the longest song we've ever written," Ben explains. "We're pretty proud of it – the trumpet and the vibraphone in the middle made it a journey. Lyrically, it tells a good story, the vocal melodies are fantastic, and the playing is really cool. I liken it to Radiohead – the way they put songs together."

'Final Conversation Of Kings' was recorded over five weeks at 'Grove Studios' on the Central Coast in NSW, Australia with acclaimed producer Forrester Savall, who has previously worked with Something For Kate & Karnivool – stands as The Butterfly Effect's crowning achievement and has already been certified gold status for sales in Australia, marking the band’s third consecutive ARIA gold selling album!

Originally released in June via SuperBall Music in Europe, this special 'Tour Edition' re-launch of 'Final Conversation Of Kings' on November 16th is meant to enhance the band's second 2009 European/UK tour in November-December. The Tour Edition of the record features alternative artwork and a total of 6 special bonus live tracks.


PINK ‘Funhouse Tour: Live In Australia’ [Release Date 23/11/2009]



SCORPIONS ‘Amazonia – Live In The Jungle’ [Release Date 23/11/2009]


With their new live DVD, Scorpions support the Greenpeace battle against deforestation in Brazil.

In August 2007, Scorpions, ventured deep into the Brazilian jungle to play a sold out show in front of 40,000 fans in Manaus, the metropolis on the Amazon river. The gig was a part-benefit with Greenpeace to raise the profile of the plight of the rate of Amazonian de-forestation.

The band returned to South America in 2008 and intensified their relationship with Greenpeace. Lead singer Klaus Meine recollects: "Due to the unbelievable success of the 2007 show, we returned to Manaus in 2008 and also played Rio, Sao Paulo and Recife again. During the show in Belem we accepted Greenpeace's invitation to participate in a three-hour flight across the rainforest in order to get a picture of the proceeding destruction (an area twice the size of Germany has been destroyed by fire so far). We wholeheartedly supported Greenpeace with large banners saying "Stop the deforestation" during these shows and part of the proceeds from this DVD will be given to this organisation that is committed in so many parts of the world."

For many years, Greenpeace has been fighting against the rapid deforestation of the Amazon rainforest, for the preservation of the habitat of numerous animal and plant species and also of more than 180 native peoples counting more than 200,000 people altogether. Scientists assume that the rainforest will be gone by 2050, given the constant “deforestation speed”. The consequences would be disastrous: people would lose their homes, animals and plants would become extinct and the impact on the world climate would be atom bomb-like. Scorpions have now also committed themselves to help protect this unique ecosystem.

Musically, the DVD is a highlight as well. Meine says, "During the 2008 tour we had the pleasure to perform with Brazilian guest musicians. It was a wonderful experience and demonstrated very well how music builds bridges and brings people from different cultures together."


SUSAN BOYLE ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ [Release Date 23/11/2009]


She captured the hearts of millions and became a worldwide YouTube phenomenon with over 300 million hits. An inspiration for those who have a dream, the talented Susan Boyle presents her stunning debut album. Susan surprised the world with her powerful, heart stopping voice when she walked onto the Britain's Got Talent stage. Now with a beautiful and diverse album she will, once again, defy preconceptions.

'I Dreamed a Dream', the album, crafted by world acclaimed producer Steve Mac, demonstrates Susan Boyle's extensive musical ability. Featuring her signature songs, 'I Dreamed a Dream' & 'Cry me a River' the album also includes a haunting rendition of Rolling Stones 'Wild Horses',  Madonna's 'You'll See', The Monkees' 'Daydream Believer' and 'Who I Was Born To Be' an original recording written specially for Susan. Susan enthused; "It was my greatest ambition to release an album and I have finally achieved it. There is happiness out there for everyone who dares to dream."


MILES DAVIS ‘The Complete Columbia Album Collection’ [Release Date 23/11/2009]


2009 is an historic year for jazz music and Miles Davis in particular, also being the 50th anniversary of the album that signified the birth of cool, 'Kind Of Blue'. There has been activity throughout the year to celebrate this outstanding artist and the spotlight will continue to shine on Miles Davis into 2010.

* Strictly limited edition – only one manufacturing run!

* 52 albums on 70 CDs in mini replica vinyl jackets

* Exclusive bonus DVD – Miles Davis Quintet: Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, Tony Williams / Live In Europe '67 *the only footage of this legendary group commercially released

* 250 page color book with essays, rare photographs and memorabilia

* Previously unreleased/rare audio on 'Quiet Nights', 'At Plugged Nickel Chicago', 'In Paris Festival International De Jazz' and 'We Want Miles'.

* First-time ever complete audio release of 8/29/70 Isle Of Wight festival performance

* Coincides with 'We Want Miles' – three-month exhibition on Miles' life and times, at the Museé de la Musique in Paris (October 16th through January 17th)

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