Wednesday’s Forthcoming Releases [Part II]

EIGHTH WONDER ‘Fearless’ [Release Date 25/01/2010]

The overdue reissue of this much sought after 1988 album by 1980's pop combo, Eighth Wonder. The band were fronted by singer and film star Patsy Kensit. The band went on to enjoy widespread chart success across Europe, America and Japan. This album features all the band's best loved and most commercially successful tracks including the hit singles 'I'm Not Scared' [UK#7] written and co produced by Pet Shop Boys and 'Cross My Heart' [UK#13].

This CD contains 5 bonus tracks: 3 dance mixes of the singles 'I'm Not Scared', 'Cross My Heart' and 'Baby Baby' plus the b-sides 'Let Me In' and 'J'ai Pas Peur'.

The CD booklet includes a UK Discography, sleevenotes and features sleeves and images of the band over their career spanning 1983-89.

PEKKA POHJOLA REISSUES [Release Date 25/01/2010]
Esoteric are pleased to continue their series of CD reissues of the catalogue Finnish label Love Records with this classic album from 1977, released in Britain on Virgin Records. Pekka Pohjola was bass guitarist in the Finnish Progressive outfit Wigwam, but departed the band in 1975 to embark on a solo career.

‘The Mathematics Air Display’: Classic album by Finnish progressive musician Pekka Pohjola featuring Mike Oldfield & Sally Oldfield. Mike Oldfield was a huge admirer of his work to the extent that he produced and performed on Pohjola's second album, 'The Mathematician's Air Display'. The five tracks on the album are a splendid combination of Pohjola's musical vision and Mike Oldfield's unique production and musical skills. Pohjola was later to perform on the Mike Oldfield 'Exposed' tour and album. Never before issued on CD in the UK, this Esoteric release is newly re-mastered and restores the original British album artwork.

‘B The Magpie’:
In the album 'B the Magpie', he produced a masterwork whose influence would spread globally thanks to a European release by Virgin Records. Among the album's fans was Mike Oldfield who would produce and perform on Pohjola's second album ('The Mathematician's Air Display') and recruit him to perform on the 'Exposed' tour.  A wonderful instrumental work, the album was also notably sampled in recent times by DJ Shadow. This Esoteric reissue has been newly remastered and restores the original UK album artwork.

LAURA NYRO and LABELLE ‘Gonna Take A Miracle’ [Release Date 25/01/2010]

* A sublime album of soul and motown covers from the esoteric Laura Nyro.

* This album can be seen as an exploration of Nyro's pop roots and a wistful look back at her love for early New York soul and Motown….and it can also be seen as a surprise collaboration with Labelle.

* The stark production only serves to highlight the interplay between Nyro and Labelle.

JOAN ARMATRADING ‘Walk Under Ladders’ [Release Date 25/01/2010]

Eighth LP from legendary UK singer songwriter, originally issued in 1981. Second album in her late 70s / early 80s newfound 'pop' direction, produced by the legendary Steve Lillywhite. Now with three bonus tracks previously only issued on vinyl as part of the 'Weakness In Me' EP. A set of solid, catchy and artistically respectable songs, this album established the artist as a versatile figurehead at the beginning of the decade.

JACKSON HEIGHTS REISSUES [Release Date 25/01/2010]
Esoteric are pleased to announce the reissues of the entire Vertigo label recordings by Jackson Heights, the group founded by Lee Jackson, bass guitarist and vocalist with The Nice. Upon the demise of The Nice, Jackson founded his new band, recording one album for Charisma before moving home to the legendary Vertigo label, for whom the band recorded three albums. By this time Lee Jackson had assembled a new line up of Brian Chatton (Keyboards), John McBurnie (Guitar) and Mike Giles (formerly of King Crimson) (drums).

‘Bump N Grind’:
This line-up was the band's finest with 'Bump 'N Grind' being the band's final album. The album includes the tracks 'I Could Be Your Orchestra', 'Spaghetti Sunshine', 'Public Romance' and 'Ladies In The Chorus'.

‘Ragamuffins Fool’:
'Ragamuffin's Fool' was this line-up's second album for the 'Swirl' label. The album includes a reworking of The Nice track 'Chorale' from 'Five Bridges Suite', along with tracks such as 'Be Bop', 'Catch A Thief'.

‘The Fifth Avenue Bus’:
'The Fifth Avenue Bus' being their debut for the 'Swirl' label. The album includes the tracks 'Tramp', 'Dog Got Bitten', 'Sweet Hill Tunnel' and 'Pastor Roger'.


THE GUESS WHO ‘Wheatfield Soul’ / ‘Share The Land’ / ‘Canned Wheat’ [Release Date 25/01/2010]

'Wheatfield Soul' became a collector's item over the years. The hit 'These Eyes' has the authority that the band repeated on chart songs down the line. What make 'Wheatfield Soul' so sought after is inventive themes that found their way onto later albums. 'These Eyes' remains timeless; it is the song that stands out as the masterpiece on this creative album. 1969's cleverly titled 'Canned Wheat' introduced several of the bands most remembered songs and still sounds incredibly fresh, a product from the days of classic rock. Burt Cummings great rock & Roll voice keeps the most overdone Song fresh and Randy Bachman's underrated guitar work always serving the song's needs. Recorded in the aftermath of Randy Bachman's departure, 'Share The Land' was a better album than anyone expected. It was the biggest selling original album in their career. Burton Cummings is in excellent voice and the new double lead guitar team of Kurt Winter and Greg Leskiw gave the band a greater range than they had before. The original album includes two numbers from earlier sessions, 'Palmyra' and 'The Answer', featuring Randy Bachman on guitar.

EUROPE ‘Wings Of Tomorrow’ [Release Date 25/01/2010]

Swedish band Europe's second album and a major stepping stone on the way to worldwide fame with 'The Final Countdown' Newly re-mastered with extensive sleevenotes and period photographs/memorabilia. Features the original version of the hit single 'Open Your Heart' as well as further single releases 'Stormwind', 'Dreamer' and 'Lyin' Eyes'.

ZALMAN VANOVSKY ‘Alive And Well In Argentina’ [Release Date 25/01/2010]

When Zalman Yanovsky was controversially ousted from The Lovin Spoonful in 1967, the fans took it hard…since he was both the only folkie to be a master of the electric guitar long before folk rock, and an arch humourist. Zally didn't go off and become a waiter, bizarrely, he and his replacement in the Spoonful, ex.MFQ-er Jerry Yester formed a production company, successfully working with artists such as Tim Buckley.

Then there was this…sadly his only solo album, 'Alive and Well In Argentina' was crafted by Zally and Jerry as almost a deconstruction of pop, with odd covers of boyhood favourites and Zappaesque malarkey jostling with folkpop gems….a surreal composite of psychedelic pop and wry piss-taking, it remains a vital artifact of it's time and place.


ALAN DAVEY ‘Eclectic Devils’ [Release Date 25/01/2010]

Alan Davey is probably best known as long time bassist with British rock band Hawkwind. However since leaving Hawkwind Alan has also continued with a number of other bands and projects including Gunslinger and of course Bedouin. In addition to this Alan has also released a number of solo albums including 'Captured Rotation'. Guest musicians on this new album include the great Simon House!, Isobel Morris from Bruise, Louis Davey from Gunslinger, Nigel Potter (Gunslinger founder member!), Josh Dreamspirit and James Hodkinson.

SPIN ONE TWO ‘Spin 1ne 2wo’ [Release Date 25/01/2010]

'Spin 1ne 2wo' brought together the talents of Rupert Hine, Phil Palmer, Paul Carrack, Tony Levin and Steve Ferrone. All, of the musicians had massive experience and had played on hugely successful albums by Tina Turner, Mike and the Mechanics, John Lennon, Dire Straits, and Eric Clapton. The album sees these supremely talented musicians letting off steam and having fun with a collection of rock standards including songs by Jimi Hendrix, Cream, The Who and Led Zeppelin.



* The first album of brand new studio tracks by The Vibrators since 2002's 'Energise'.

* 14 back to the roots melodic Punk tracks in the style of the seminal Pure Mania and V2 albums 

PETE SINFIELD ‘Still [Expanded Edition]’ [OUT NOW]

Pete Sinfield is best known for his contribution as lyricist for King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. His solo album from 1973 was one of the earliest releases on ELP's Manticore label and features contributions from Greg Lake, Ian Wallace, Mel Collins, John Wetton, Keith Tippet and many more luminaries. This edition adds nine previously unreleased early album mixes and two bonus tracks on an extra CD and has restored the album's artwork in a deluxe package and is issued on the reactivated Manticore label, under an exclusive license to Cherry Red Records and overseen by the people who brought you Esoteric Recordings and Atomhenge. 

CODEINE VELVET CLUB ‘Codeine Velvet Club’ [Release Date 28/12/2009]

Codeine Velvet Club is the side project from Fratellis main man, Jon Lawler. Finding himself with a slew of new songs and a new friendship with Glaswegian singer Lou Hickey, Jon decided to put together a bigger, more expansive band for his new compositions. Featuring vocals from both Jon and Lou, and produced by (Fratellis debut album) Costello Music producer Tony Hoffer, the new album should surprise and delight in equal measure.

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