Put A Strut In Your Walk

Af-TabsBox upon box of records we've stashed here at 991 since the dawn of time means that every so often we pull a wildcard out the hat. It could
be a future holy grail. It could be an undercover elephant.

Af-Tab’s. Known by few, owned by even fewer. The
Af-Tab’s were just one of countless acts in the sixties to press a record
locally, and offer a small piece of the jigsaw that made up the entire funk

Af-Tab’s did their bit to keep the continuum of the
scene alive, now it's your turn.

Currently the only copy of The Broom 7" – the original rare-as-rocking-horse… Jet label issue – available on the world wide
web, grab this and gain instant access to any number of exclusive funk 45 owners
clubs, be led VIP-style to the best funk booth in town and, generally, be a
right smug one

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