4AD 4-Pack

4ADIt's easy to fall in love with a record label. 4AD is such a label.

The Goth-lite qualities of your Cocteau Twins to your This Mortal Coils, bathed in a soft-focus, neo-psychedelia of the eighties, wrapped in Vaughan Oliver’s dreamlike imagery, the mystique and attraction was too good to resist. 4AD became a mark of quality.

Pressed exclusively in Canada, strictly promotional-only and limited to just 300 copies, this 4AD 4-CD Pack contains classic Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance and Lush albums with an otherwise unreleased Pixies live recording.

As ever, we’ve just the one copy locked away, patiently sitting in the dark, what with its colourful project text and gorgeous string-tied packaging; this really does deserve a good home

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