Beatles ’65

Beatles '65Earth shattering. History in the making. Pop music never the same again.

1964 was a particularly record-breaking year for The Beatles both sides of the pond:

– The most No. 1 Billboard albums and singles in a calendar year

– An unsurpassed total of 25 million selling records predicted in the US alone

No wonder Capitol pulled out all the stops that year to get The Beatles ‘65 album in the shops before Christmas.

Original mono copies of these appear on the collectors market many a time, but mint? Now you're talking. Sealed, even? Like gold dust!

Only first rate examples gain the highest accolade. As ever with the Fab Four, we predict the best money can buy today will bring even greater rewards in years to come. This makes a SEALED original US Beatles ‘65 mono LP a true investment grade item for the future.

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