Delightful Duran Duran Reissues Coming Soon…

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Duran Duran's eponymous debut album was originally released in 1981. The album charted at no. 3 in the UK (27 June 1981) and remained in the charts for 18 weeks. It was later re-issued in 1983 with different artwork – targeting the US market where it reached no. 10 in the US Charts & remained there for 87 weeks!
Seven & The Ragged Tiger is the third Studio album from Duran Duran released in Nov 1983.
"[Seven & The Ragged Tiger].. is an adventure story about a little commando team. 'The Seven' is for us — the five band members and the two managers — and 'the Ragged Tiger' is success. Seven people running after success. It's ambition. That's what it's about."  (Simon Le Bon)

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  1. Duran Duran’s lyrics rarely ever made sense. You could do a whole month of blog posts devoted to them. Union of the Snake? Hungry like the Wolf (I smell like I sound? What the h..?)

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