The Cry Of Love

 Just another day at the pressing plant, and the stuff of legend was born.

The year was 1971 when a crown jewel of Jimi Hendrix history on vinyl was made. So much so, only five copies are rumoured to exist!

The legend goes, as preparations were put in place for the coloured vinyl edition of The Pink Fairies' debut, and engineers slaved away at creating the perfect shade of pink for it, a test pressing was made to test the dealer reaction to vinyl colour. As the Fairies album wasn't quite ready to roll, plates from the current production run were used.

Step aside The Pink Fairies' 'Never Never Land' [1971] and enter Jimi Hendrix's 'The Cry Of Love' [1971].

In testing the dye and colour comparisons with the label designs –
A-Side a Track label for the Hendrix LP, B-Side a Polydor example label
[Bert Kaempfert] – a beautiful CRIMSON RED vinyl pressing of ‘The Cry Of Love' on record was born.

Easily the rarest thing to make its way out of a UK pressing plant for Jimi, this surely has no equal…

The Cry Of Love

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