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The Union Square Musics 30th Anniversary Madness reissue campaign continues…
Absolutely The bands second album, and the one which features the classic schooldays anthem 'Baggy Trousers'. It also contains the lighthearted instrumental 'The Return Of The Los Palmas 7' and the bands first real foray in to the realms of social comment, with the excellent 'Embarrassment'. This is classic early Madness, a snapshot of a band on the ascent from their beginnings as nutty ska boys to international pop superstars.
7 Their third album, '7', is generally considered to have cemented the bands position in the canon of truly great British pop acts. Containing singles 'Cardiac Arrest', 'Shut Up' and the epic dub masterpiece, 'Grey Day', '7' showcases Madnesss unique ability to fuse their inherent nuttiness with the sense of melancholy and foreboding that gives their music its edge and depth. Also included as a bonus track and promo video is the massive standalone single It Must Be Love.

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